Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nov.1, 2009 Topic "Achieving Sustainability"

[18:16] Cursa Charisma: Alright, good evening everyone, and welcome to the Role Play Nexus
[18:17] Cursa Charisma: Tonight, with the SL RPG Developers group, we are privileged to receive a talk from Medea Warwillow
[18:17] Cursa Charisma: The title is, "Achieving Sustainability"
[18:17] Cursa Charisma: After the talk, as usual, we will have an open discussion
[18:17] Cursa Charisma: A transcript will be kept and made available here for those who cannot attend
[18:17] Cursa Charisma grins
[18:18] Cursa Charisma: Without further ado, let us begin! Medea?
[18:18] Medea Warwillow: Hello everyone, thank you for attending, and for you interest in the topic at hand.
[18:18] Joelle Tardis wonders if its her hobby too and grins at Baroun and Allen
[18:18] Medea Warwillow: Last sunday, the topic of Sustainable Sim's was brought to the table, this is a case study of a sim I have been a part of for some time now.
[18:19] Medea Warwillow: The Sim is Upper Kingdoms. It is a part of a niche in SL, Ancient cultures roleplay. It revolves around the political turmoil surrounding Egypt and Nubia immediately prior to the 25th Dynasty.
[18:19] Medea Warwillow: THe context is not the most important part of the story of Upper Kingdoms.
[18:19] Medea Warwillow: It is a sim that has been through several transitions: ownership, management, values, and venue.
[18:20] Medea Warwillow: In its beginning days, a small group of roleplayers who had played together in a previous sim that had found its demise got together and envisioned a sim that was fair, fun, and imaginative.
[18:20] Medea Warwillow: With this core group, a homestead was found, a city was built, and it was open for business.
[18:20] Medea Warwillow: The core financier's goal was initially, to fund the sim himself, with the aid of several of the core group. Then, to have it become self-sustaining, then, possibly, to make a profit.
[18:21] Medea Warwillow: As time went on, several months down the road, the base of players was expanding, and talks of moving to a full sim commenced. By this time, several other players had become integrated into the decision making core group, and were included in these talks.
[18:22] Medea Warwillow: The decision was reached to move to a full sim. While there had been a series of productive discussions regarding new objectives, and upcoming finances...(we all know tier isnt cheap) would be found out later that too many things were left unresolved.
[18:23] Medea Warwillow: The decision was to have all those of the core group who could/were willing to, contribute 20USD every month for tier. The remainder of it would hopefully be made up with rentals from vendors, players, and donations.
[18:23] Cursa Charisma nods to Mikie and Falcon and listens to Medea
[18:23] Medea Warwillow: With this model, it was hoped that every contributing member would be given an equal say on the decisions to be made regarding the sim.
[18:24] Joelle Tardis: /menods to them and lookscompletleyconfused
[18:24] Medea Warwillow: Even now, I can see that was an optimistic goal.
[18:24] Medea Warwillow: With plans for an ambitious build, a full sim was procured and building commenced.
[18:25] Medea Warwillow: From the beginning, there were problems. While the two main factions had expected equal space and attention, the primary financier was keyed in on marketing the more well-known faction.
[18:25] Cursa Charisma: By "faction", you mean?
[18:26] Medea Warwillow: In this case factions equals two separate cultures, Egyptian and Nubian.
[18:26] Medea Warwillow: Needless to say, this did not sit well with others. It had become apparent that the tier was going to require more than was going to be given by the core group, and was therefore made up by one member.
[18:27] Medea Warwillow: This equalled perhaps an expectation of a greater say. Understandable, really, when you realize the real time and real money going into it.
[18:27] Medea Warwillow: But, after a few months passed, and a great deal of discord along the way, several contributors found themselves at a crossroads, either ceasing financial contributions, or leaving the sim altogether.
[18:28] Medea Warwillow: Eventually, the strain on the admin picking up the extra tier became too much. It was at this time, that another, emergent meeting was called, possibly, the end of Upper Kingdoms was near.
[18:28] Medea Warwillow: This time, real decisions were made. It was decided the best choice was to move back to a homestead, and rebuild. Plans were laid out for the sim, with equal space granted to each faction, and equal prims.
[18:29] Medea Warwillow: A new financial plan was set up, to grant equal say for every contributing member. A set of core values for management and roleplay was laid out.
[18:30] Medea Warwillow: With the new system, equal contributions would cover tier every month. The only rentals would be for vendors, and donations and rental fees would be held in the "bank" to cover any shortfalls in contributions (Things happen...).
[18:30] Medea Warwillow: Real values and expectations were hammered out and decided upon. A quorum number was agreed upon. While you cannot prepare for EVERYTHING that could happen, you can do your best to cover all your bases.
[18:30] MistressBrazen Bondar: How much is the monthly contribution?
[18:31] Medea Warwillow: It has been whittled down to 4000L/month among contributors.
[18:31] Baroun Tardis whispers, "The Magna Charta of the sim- a full consititution... neat, it's how gov't grow. "
[18:31] Medea Warwillow: Which more than covers tier each month.
[18:31] Allen Kerensky: and I would like to hear about the values/expectations chosen later
[18:31] Medea Warwillow: And so, with the midst of the dry-spell of the roleplay season upon us, it seems that those sims which are able to persevere through until after the holidays may be the ones that will survive another year.
[18:32] Medea Warwillow: When the pressures of making tier have been lifted, many of the worries associated with traffic, donations, rentals, etc make way for the ability to concentrate on roleplay.
[18:32] Medea Warwillow: While good things still come from high traffic, those times when the sim lies quiet don't signal a panic button in the sim owner's head. And, I've found, this tends to lead to a much happier, stress-free SL experience.
[18:32] Medea Warwillow: Which, to me, is the ultimate goal for sustainability.
[18:33] Medea Warwillow: Thank you for listening...any questions you have, more you want to know about...the floor is open!
[18:33] MistressBrazen Bondar: how many in the core group?
[18:33] Medea Warwillow: We have 10.
[18:34] Cursa Charisma: Excellent, thank you Medea, and yes, let's open it up to questions and discussion
[18:34] Joelle Tardis smiles and nods
[18:34] MistressBrazen Bondar: do you ever have any problems with the 20 avatar limit on homesteads?
[18:34] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Joan
[18:35] Joan Vhargon: hello everyone. Sorry I'm late.
[18:35] Medea Warwillow: We've only hit that limit a handful of times...So until it becomes a constant issue will we revisit the possibility of either adding another homestead, or moving to a full sim.
[18:35] MistressBrazen Bondar: partularly with two different groups sharing?
[18:35] MistressBrazen Bondar: ok
[18:35] Cursa Charisma: How about the prim limit? Do you find your build adequate for your rp?
[18:36] Medea Warwillow: Absolutely! If we had been counting on renting houses to players and providing them with 50, 100+ prim uses, it would be an issue.
[18:36] Joelle Tardis: you would be surpriseed at what can be done with a HomesteadCursa with a good builder
[18:36] Medea Warwillow: But we didn't, so we've been able to make use of it very well.
[18:37] Cursa Charisma: Excellent
[18:37] Allen Kerensky: Q: DId you manage the costs using group splits and let group rentals and sales feed back into group sharing?
[18:37] Cursa Charisma: I agree with you, Joelle
[18:37] MistressBrazen Bondar: so you restrict rezzing to group members?
[18:37] Cursa Charisma grins
[18:37] Joelle Tardis smiles and nods a welcome to Joan
[18:38] Medea Warwillow: Allen, the group rentals and sales go into a bank to be used for various things...listing the sim in search, tournament pots, and making up for any tier shortages on a given month is someone is unable to contribute.
[18:38] Medea Warwillow: If I understood the question correctly.
[18:38] Allen Kerensky: exactly understood,t hank you
[18:39] MistressBrazen Bondar: can you gve us an idea of some of the core values
[18:39] Medea Warwillow: And Brazen, No, we've left rezzing open....and several of us who are estate managers take the time to do sweeps from time to time of rezzed prims.
[18:39] Medea Warwillow: Sure.
[18:39] MistressBrazen Bondar: interestig
[18:40] Joelle Tardis grins at Medea as it sounds like a very simalar system to what she has in place
[18:40] Cursa Charisma: How many estate managers do you have? Do all contributor/owners have those privileges/responsibilities?
[18:40] Medea Warwillow grins
[18:40] Medea Warwillow: We have five...and No.
[18:40] Cursa Charisma: OK
[18:41] Medea Warwillow: Only those who either want the responsibility have them, as certain expectations, and an amount of trust are associated with those privileges.
[18:41] Joelle Tardis: and Medea I agree that I too do not worry as much about traffic as I do providing a quality rp sim toour players
[18:41] Cursa Charisma nods
[18:41] Medea Warwillow: Absolutely.
[18:41] Cursa Charisma: And having tier not an issue makes a big difference in that, right?
[18:42] Medea Warwillow: Yes.
[18:42] Medea Warwillow: As for the core values..they were all agreed upon by each contributor, and are also made known to the players.
[18:42] Allen Kerensky: examples?
[18:42] Cursa Charisma: "Dissidents will be thrown to the crocodiles"?
[18:42] Joelle Tardis: and unlike some things I have heard niether do I do this for a hobby it is my full time job and yes we have a basic set of sim rules so it sounds likesomething else very similar
[18:42] Cursa Charisma winks
[18:42] Baroun Tardis whispers, "So let it be scripted.. so let it be run"
[18:43] Medea Warwillow grins
[18:43] Joelle Tardis grins at baroun
[18:43] Medea Warwillow: Some of the core values are widespread across roleplay sims...
[18:43] Medea Warwillow: 1. We are all here to have fun; be honest, be fair, be polite.
[18:43] Medea Warwillow: 2. We are, first and foremost, a roleplay sim.
[18:43] Medea Warwillow: 3. Historical based RP...Egypt/Nubia/Libyan nomads in the year 730, BCE.
[18:44] Medea Warwillow: 4. A historically educated population makes for a better RP sim.<----reference to the classes offered.
[18:44] Medea Warwillow: Lastly...This is a privately owned sim. We make the rules.
[18:44] Cursa Charisma grins
[18:44] Medea Warwillow: Nothing shocking, pretty basic.
[18:45] Joelle Tardis: Which is cool as I deal with a avaerage of 40 new sims a month opening in the same Genre most do not survive 12 weeks so I am somewhat envious of yours
[18:45] Joelle Tardis grins
[18:45] Medea Warwillow grins
[18:45] Cursa Charisma: So, how about collaboration or other interaction with other ancient historical rp groups?
[18:45] Medea Warwillow: That is a huge number Joelle...I thought the three ancients sims opening this week was a huge influx.
[18:46] Medea Warwillow: As for collaboration, it was something that we had been somewhat hesitant with, due to the differences in timeline between ourseves and some of the other ancient sims.
[18:46] Joelle Tardis: to keep a Gorean sim going and compete with the competition is a lot of work, to do so sucsessfullyis a job
[18:47] Cursa Charisma nods
[18:47] Medea Warwillow: You start playing with an Augustian roman sim...and try telling them that in our time period their culture consisted of a series of mud huts...they aren't going to like it.
[18:47] Cursa Charisma grins
[18:47] MistressBrazen Bondar: lol
[18:47] Falcon53 Neox: smiles
[18:47] Medea Warwillow: So in comes the creative license.
[18:47] Joelle Tardis: to show a profit or even just make tier is a sucsess for most rpsims
[18:48] Medea Warwillow: Agreed, Joelle.
[18:48] Joelle Tardis: to exsistformore than a year and do either is to be commended
[18:48] Cursa Charisma nods
[18:48] Medea Warwillow: We've negotiated roleplay with a few other ancient sims, and what it comes down to is adapting to each sims time period while on their turf, and vice versa.
[18:48] Cursa Charisma: Makes sense
[18:49] Joelle Tardis: and I am sure with you there no matter what kind of influx ofcompetitorsit willdo well
[18:49] Medea Warwillow: Combat and raid rules are decided by home turf, etc. etc.
[18:49] Medea Warwillow: I hope so Joelle.
[18:49] Medea Warwillow grins
[18:49] Medea Warwillow: It's working so far.
[18:49] Joelle Tardis grins
[18:49] Cursa Charisma: Excellent
[18:49] Medea Warwillow: But, we also have the advantage of a wonderfully emotionally stable group of people who make up our core group.
[18:50] Medea Warwillow: Others are not so lucky.
[18:50] Baroun Tardis: Sounds like a good set up. I kinda like the "everyone chiips in" idea
[18:50] Joelle Tardis: I belive in you, you have the common sense and personality needed to keep it stable
[18:50] MistressBrazen Bondar: oh you dont have crazy people?
[18:50] Joan Vhargon: Emotionally Stable... does that exist in SL?
[18:50] Cursa Charisma laughs
[18:50] Mikie Rhiadra: its been a struggle, but my sim will be a year old in two weeks
[18:50] Medea Warwillow: Some crazy players..but the core group members are pretty stable.
[18:50] MistressBrazen Bondar: yeah!
[18:50] Joelle Tardis laughs
[18:50] Baroun Tardis: Is there an entry requiprement to get into the core group ? isthere a vote or something ?
[18:50] Medea Warwillow: Right on Mikie!
[18:50] MistressBrazen Bondar: Happy B'day Mikie
[18:50] Joelle Tardis: YAY
[18:50] Cursa Charisma: Looking forward to the party on Shadow!
[18:50] Cursa Charisma grins
[18:50] Medea Warwillow: Yes Baroun, a unanimous Aye is needed for entry.
[18:51] Baroun Tardis: Is there an IC tie int ot he OOC core group memberhip?
[18:51] Joelle Tardis: Mine will be 2 in April but is not the first or only one involved in
[18:51] Medea Warwillow: No, absolutely not..and we ensure that is known from the start.
[18:51] Medea Warwillow: We want to avoid a sense of entitlement.
[18:51] Cursa Charisma: That's a very interesting point, Medea
[18:51] Medea Warwillow: And also a feeling of alienation from players not in a position to contribute.
[18:52] Cursa Charisma: So the Pharaoh, for example, isn't played on the basis of ooc status or contribution?
[18:52] Medea Warwillow: No.
[18:52] Cursa Charisma nods
[18:52] Baroun Tardis: nifty
[18:53] Medea Warwillow: Most of the people in senior roleplay positions have been around for quite some time in the sim, which in most cases is how they came into their positions.
[18:53] Joan Vhargon: How is it decided then?
[18:53] Joelle Tardis raises a eyebrow and pictures Baroun in the proper garb
[18:53] Falcon53 Neox: who does the historic reseaseach for the sim?
[18:53] Medea Warwillow: Joan , are you referring to how are the players positions decided?
[18:54] Unlikely Messenger is Online
[18:54] Joan Vhargon: yes
[18:54] Joan Vhargon: Everyone wants to be the big cheese.
[18:55] Medea Warwillow: With the exception of several founding members who took on several of the larger roles, all players are allowed to choose which faction, or role interests them teh most. Then, through roleplay they can ascend to higher titles and status...
[18:55] Baroun Tardis: not everyone
[18:55] Baroun Tardis: i like being the big cracker
[18:55] Joelle Tardis: I Love my crackers with cheese
[18:55] Joan Vhargon: Ok whitey.
[18:55] Medea Warwillow: We want to avoid having the clique of people who are the impenetrable royals...leaving other players like there is no room to ascend.
[18:56] Medea Warwillow: lol Baround.
[18:56] Medea Warwillow: *Baroun
[18:56] Cursa Charisma: Excellent point, Medea
[18:56] Joan Vhargon: That's what I was wondering about (the clique of people who are the impenetrable royals)
[18:56] Medea Warwillow: Also, by not having one sim owner, who is also for example, the Pharaoh, you open up the possibility to have him overthrown, etc etc.
[18:56] Cursa Charisma nods
[18:57] MistressBrazen Bondar: very important
[18:57] Cursa Charisma: So ic position and ooc position are kept rigorously separate
[18:57] Medea Warwillow: Which keeps roleplay from getting stagnant, and yes Cursa.
[18:57] Baroun Tardis: I like that idea - the abilit to overthrow would add delicious turmoil
[18:57] MistressBrazen Bondar: what has been your biggest challenge so far with this system?
[18:58] Allen Kerensky: uh oh Joelle
[18:58] Medea Warwillow: As for the research, we have one person in particular who is a voracious learner, and loves to teach.
[18:58] Medea Warwillow: She is also one of the founders.
[18:58] Mikie Rhiadra: Thank you for inviting me over Brazen, i have to slip out now but i ahve definitely got some ideas to propose to my group
[18:58] Medea Warwillow: Thanks for coming Mikie!
[18:58] Cursa Charisma: Mikie, there will be a full transcript of the talk and discussion
[18:58] MistressBrazen Bondar: great Mikie. Glad you found it of interest
[18:58] Cursa Charisma: You can come back and get it any time
[18:58] Baroun Tardis waves to Mikie
[18:59] Cursa Charisma: In fact, everyone, let me point out that the posters for previous talks can be touched to receive transcripts
[18:59] Medea Warwillow: Our biggest challenge so far with this system is the ability to get everyone together at one time...
[19:00] Medea Warwillow: Our core group hails from all over the globe.
[19:00] Medea Warwillow: Which is why a quorum was instated..that if five members are present of the ten, they can make decisions for the group, any less and it has to wait.
[19:01] Medea Warwillow: So far though, we have found it to be working exceptionally smoothly.
[19:02] Cursa Charisma: Makes sense. The membership is self-selected, and has a stake in things working smoothly
[19:02] Medea Warwillow: Each member has a strength he/she brings to the group, whether it be personality, education, time, or roleplay skills.
[19:02] Joan Vhargon: I don't know if this was covered before I came but What about the owner of record of the sim. Is the whole thing rented or does one of your players own it?
[19:02] Medea Warwillow: It is rented.
[19:02] Joan Vhargon: Ok
[19:03] Medea Warwillow: It is interesting, to have a group in an evironment such as this working in this way.
[19:03] Mikie Rhiadra: thats one point thats different than the situation of our sim, I actually own the land its on, its not rented, though i do liek the system and may see if it can be adapted to work
[19:04] Medea Warwillow: Ahh, interesting Mikie.
[19:05] Medea Warwillow: It takes a great deal more time to make judgement about the people you're working with when you are unable to work face to face.
[19:05] Medea Warwillow: judgements.
[19:05] Medea Warwillow: *
[19:05] Cursa Charisma nods
[19:06] Cursa Charisma: For new core people, then, do you rely mainly on recommendation from an existing member, or on experience with them in the group?
[19:06] Medea Warwillow: Ideally, both.
[19:06] Baroun Tardis thinks she's right.... and with "Criminal Minds" on TV, the obvious solution jumps to mind: Hire aprofiler to check out potential biz partners. Oh, wait, they'll decide all of them are white males between 25 and 35 who are ex-military and have a tatoo.
[19:06] Medea Warwillow: Usually the recommendation comes first.
[19:07] Medea Warwillow: You forgot socially awkward.
[19:07] Baroun Tardis: Well, _we are in SL_
[19:09] Medea Warwillow: Anyways, our system seems to work because we have maintained healthy, positive working relationships, with well thought out processes for management. If there's an issue, it can be brought to the entire group.
[19:10] Czyrek Essel: do you advertise your group anywhere?
[19:11] Medea Warwillow: We do...Both in a few other ancient sims that advertise in our sim also....
[19:11] Medea Warwillow: (Sims that we regularly roleplay with).
[19:11] Medea Warwillow: And in a few select nexuses.
[19:11] Medea Warwillow: All of whom appraoched us.
[19:11] Medea Warwillow: *approached
[19:12] Medea Warwillow: One of them has just opened...I have a notecard from them if anyone is interested in looking at it.
[19:12] Medea Warwillow: It is a roleplay gateway.
[19:12] Medea Warwillow: advertising is 1L/wk..very reasonable.
[19:12] Cursa Charisma: I'd definitely like to check that out
[19:12] Baroun Tardis raises his hand,"I'd like a copy,please?"
[19:12] Falcon53 Neox: rises hand
[19:13] Medea Warwillow: When people know what's expected of them, they are much happier. Some, their only sim responsibility is the contribution, others, only if they want...can do other things, such as build, give classes, etc.
[19:13] Cursa Charisma nods
[19:13] Allen Kerensky: minimum expectation
[19:13] Medea Warwillow: Do what's fun, when its fun, is very applicable.
[19:13] Cursa Charisma: So the people who only put in cash, do they get special privileges for that, prim allowances or housing or something?
[19:14] Allen Kerensky: I know I've said "set expectations" a lot of sim owners over the years.
[19:15] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Allen, make things explicit up front so people don't develop honest misunderstandings that turn nasty later
[19:15] Medea Warwillow: Laying prims down is dependent on the role the person plays in the sim. Provisions have been laid out for most every role....including homes that are already furnished. But, we gave the contributors the option to lay down a few prims...
[19:15] Medea Warwillow: Only a few have chosen to do so.
[19:16] Medea Warwillow: Most everything is already provided.
[19:16] Allen Kerensky: but prims and parcel bits are part of the foundation of the "in sim power"?
[19:16] Cursa Charisma: Are there parcels at all, or just the single sim?
[19:17] Medea Warwillow: Just the single sim.
[19:17] Medea Warwillow: Explain, Allen?
[19:17] Cursa Charisma: So people see clearly that it's all about the rp, and decide whether and how to support that
[19:17] Allen Kerensky: "Laying prims down is dependent on the role the person plays in the sim. "
[19:18] Cursa Charisma: OOC role, there, right?
[19:18] Medea Warwillow: No, IC role.
[19:18] Cursa Charisma: Ah
[19:18] Medea Warwillow: It takes more prims to fill a palace than a hut.
[19:18] Allen Kerensky: so I was asking if prims were the basis of the roleplay power - bigger faction got more prims or something, and was parceling involved
[19:18] Cursa Charisma: You mean, the baker gets x prims for baking equipment, and so on?
[19:19] Allen Kerensky: or is it all "the more you rent, the more you can claim to be the high and mighty omniptious"
[19:19] Medea Warwillow: We recognize that in order for a player to feel at home somewhere, that entails the ability to lay down some prims of their own. There are spaces provided for those have roles to use..
[19:19] Medea Warwillow: And no...there are no housing rentals.
[19:20] Allen Kerensky: ah interesting - you step into predefined roles then?
[19:20] Joan Vhargon: Allen and I were toying with teh idea of unequal distribution of space/prims etc as a means of creatng RP conflict. Its an explosive thing to toy with . Is that what you were referring to Allen?
[19:20] Allen Kerensky: sounds like how some of the Gorean bits work too
[19:20] Medea Warwillow: Claims to be high and mighty come through roleplay...we don't do automatic princess roles.
[19:20] Allen Kerensky: (to Joan) yeah
[19:21] Allen Kerensky: (to Medea) never been sure "how" they get to be higher or mightier through RP - some mechanical progress ladder or "experience points" or something?
[19:21] Allen Kerensky: or is it all social voting?
[19:21] Allen Kerensky: SR had royalty roles and no progress mechanism I could find
[19:21] Medea Warwillow: Interesting. For character started as the tavern keeper when I fist entered the sim. THrough developing my backstory, I was eventually promoted to a gov't position, and now to my current position in the temple.
[19:22] Medea Warwillow: It is all done through roleplay.
[19:22] Allen Kerensky: on someone's say-so only then?
[19:22] Allen Kerensky: so - by fiat?
[19:22] Allen Kerensky: it sounds like some in-sim power structure makes RP-relevant decisions then
[19:23] Baroun Tardis: Accumulation of in-simpower base, then political manuvering ?
[19:23] Allen Kerensky: (and I am sorry if I missed that point earlier - RL has not shut up all evening)
[19:23] Medea Warwillow: No worries :)
[19:23] Medea Warwillow: And yes, it is done through roleplay mechanisms. for an acolyte to ascend to priestess..they have to undergo the proper initiations...for one example.
[19:24] Allen Kerensky: so, the roles and interactions were designed out early
[19:24] Medea Warwillow: To be promoted in goverment, its a good idea to befriend some one who is already in the system.
[19:24] Medea Warwillow: In most cases, yes.
[19:24] Allen Kerensky: works for me
[19:24] Allen Kerensky: just like every tabletop RPG book I've ever opened
[19:25] Medea Warwillow: We find it levels the playing field for those who do want to play.
[19:25] Baroun Tardis: Just like real life
[19:25] Medea Warwillow: Those who just want to wield power both IC and OOC find us frustrating.
[19:25] Allen Kerensky: and provides niches for people to step into, which I think i mentioned in Joelle's community talk
[19:25] Cursa Charisma: Would you say, Medea that the usual prohibition on "god moding" is a good safeguard for common sense handling of advancement and new roles?
[19:25] Medea Warwillow: For sure.
[19:26] Allen Kerensky whispers: and how did you fill the initial "power roles"? by fiat amongst the money people?
[19:26] Allen Kerensky: or just by who stuck up their hand?
[19:26] Medea Warwillow: The initial power roles were filled by the founding members...and this was before I was involved in the sim, or SL at all.
[19:27] Medea Warwillow: Several have moved on, but several maintain those roles.
[19:28] Medea Warwillow: From what I understand, those roles were up for grabs between only a handful of people, so there was little arguement.
[19:28] Allen Kerensky: makes sense
[19:28] Medea Warwillow: But I can't speak for others.
[19:29] Allen Kerensky: disclaimer: I know nothing about SL roleplay - so I tend to ask obvious questions
[19:29] Medea Warwillow grins
[19:29] Allen Kerensky: like "how" and such
[19:30] Medea Warwillow: Many standard rules apply, such as major plotlines being discussed before taking place...walking into a roleplay and slicing the head off a dignitary is....frowned upon.
[19:30] Allen Kerensky: so you have some guiding principles - IC and OOC roles - a core power structure in place early - ability to start low and work up
[19:30] Medea Warwillow: Absolutely.
[19:30] Medea Warwillow: Made very clear to players and admins alike.
[19:30] Allen Kerensky: some enforced rules on "common sense behavior" in sim
[19:30] Medea Warwillow: Yes.
[19:30] Allen Kerensky: some classes on setting and RP mechanics like mters or whatever
[19:31] Allen Kerensky: and people willing to say "this needs to be done" and others who say "I can do that"
[19:31] Medea Warwillow: Yes again.
[19:31] Allen Kerensky: and everyone understanding how that makes the place better for all to RP
[19:31] Kitten Sabra is Offline
[19:31] Allen Kerensky: a defined backstory/setting that everyone agrees is the "shared hallucination" to participate in
[19:32] Medea Warwillow: All dependent on having a good group of people with whom to work, which we are fortunate to have.
[19:32] MistressBrazen Bondar: ((is Allen reviewing the meeting? lol))
[19:32] Allen Kerensky: a willingness of some people to not "be the king" and some people willing to be the king and not godmod everyone around then
[19:32] Medea Warwillow: hehehe
[19:32] Allen Kerensky: making sure I understood what the "fundamentals" that were being assumed in some earlier "sweeping statements" actually were
[19:33] Allen Kerensky: its my pedantic nature - sorry
[19:33] Medea Warwillow: All corrent, Allen.
[19:33] Medea Warwillow: *correct
[19:33] Allen Kerensky: cool, thanks
[19:33] Cursa Charisma: Just so we don't get caught, I'd like to ask for offers, requests, or suggestions for next week's talk and speaker
[19:34] Allen Kerensky: (yes some of that was pointed asking *evilgrin* - recent experiences made me question my own sanity - trying to get it back)
[19:34] Medea Warwillow: I can't stress enough the important role the people themselves play...and good night Baroun :)
[19:35] Cursa Charisma: SL has a lot of pressures and limits, but many different alternatives as well
[19:35] Baroun Tardis: Great talk, glad I made it. Thank you Medea
[19:35] Allen Kerensky: i'd like to hear Brazen and Teetop on Sci-Fi Trader Roleplaying
[19:37] Allen Kerensky: stuff like 'how sims can encourage trader RP, how can traders help sims?"
[19:37] Allen Kerensky: what is trader RP about?
[19:37] Allen Kerensky: what's missing?
[19:38] Cursa Charisma: OK, is there anybody who hasn't said "no" who might be good for a speaker?
[19:39] Cursa Charisma: If you look around at the posters of the talks to date, is there any obvious gap or topic that comes to mind
[19:40] MistressBrazen Bondar: how to sustain a story line when crazy people jump in ,,,
[19:40] Joan Vhargon: What to do with the crazy people when they are there.
[19:40] Medea Warwillow: Dealing with griefers of all sorts?
[19:41] Joan Vhargon: What to do with a very enthusiatic crazy person actually.
[19:43] Allen Kerensky: fine, if brazen won't talk, I can do some talking out of an orifice about griefers
[19:43] MistressBrazen Bondar: I dont know much about it except to mute, eject and ban!
[19:43] Allen Kerensky: format is 30 mins then Q&A?
[19:43] MistressBrazen Bondar: but I do that with any one who gets on my nerves
[19:45] Cursa Charisma: OK, I think we have a talk
[19:57] Cursa Charisma: 2pm SLT should be good for the Euro side
[19:57] Medea Warwillow: I can do that.
[19:59] Cursa Charisma: Medea will be the main Nexus rep on this one, Allen, because I'll be asleep until the actual talk time

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