Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan.24 2010 Topic "Supersize Me? Avatar Size in SL Role Play"

On Sunday, January 24, the Role Play Nexus hosted an event entitled, "Supersize Me? Avatar Size in SL Role Play", consisting of a demonstration by Cursa Charisma, a talk by Baroun Tardis, and an open discussion.

Attending were:
Allen Kerensky
Anastasia Horngold
Baroun Tardis
Brooke Rhea
Cody Winterwolf
Cursa Charisma
Heihachi Nakamura
Kermudgeon Baar
Kontessa Frostbite
Odile Mistwood
Pocahontas Bigboots
Reiko Soyinka
Svetlana Pleides

[2010/01/24 16:01] Cursa Charisma: OK
[2010/01/24 16:01] Cursa Charisma: We'll do the demo up front then
[2010/01/24 16:01] Pocahontas Bigboots: they hair feathers
[2010/01/24 16:01] Cursa Charisma: Show our examples and then ask everyone to test himself
[2010/01/24 16:02] Cursa Charisma: The gray cylinder to the left of the "How tall is your avatar?" gives the details in text
[2010/01/24 16:02] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Anastasia Horngold has entered detection range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 16:02] Cursa Charisma: Anastasia, welcome!
[2010/01/24 16:02] Cody Winterwolf: Hey Ana
[2010/01/24 16:03] Anastasia Horngold: hello Cursa!
[2010/01/24 16:03] Anastasia Horngold: Hi Cody!
[2010/01/24 16:04] Anastasia Horngold: Ah, now I can see you all
[2010/01/24 16:04] Cursa Charisma: (to Poca and 'Tasia) Have you ladies met?
[2010/01/24 16:04] SimStream Radio (Cursa version 100119): Now playing movie soundtrack selections
[2010/01/24 16:04] Anastasia Horngold: Haven't had the pleasure
[2010/01/24 16:04] Anastasia Horngold: Nice to meet you
[2010/01/24 16:04] Pocahontas Bigboots: no
[2010/01/24 16:04] Pocahontas Bigboots: smiles
[2010/01/24 16:05] Pocahontas Bigboots: nice to meet you too
[2010/01/24 16:05] Cursa Charisma: Poca's helping our opening demonstration today
[2010/01/24 16:05] Cursa Charisma: With her Na'vi outfit, hehe
[2010/01/24 16:05] Cody Winterwolf smiles.
[2010/01/24 16:05] Cursa Charisma reminds self to actually take pictures today
[2010/01/24 16:05] Anastasia Horngold: Oh, I thought there was something familiar about it!
[2010/01/24 16:05] Anastasia Horngold: Very nice look.
[2010/01/24 16:05] Pocahontas Bigboots: Giggle......
[2010/01/24 16:05] Cursa Charisma: Yokoso, Reiko
[2010/01/24 16:05] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Reiko Soyinka has entered detection range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 16:05] Cody Winterwolf: Hey Reiku.
[2010/01/24 16:06] Pocahontas Bigboots: thank you.... bougth it then got bizzy in other RP... so any chance to wear it:D
[2010/01/24 16:06] Cursa Charisma: No, Cody, she didn't say, "Any chance to get bizzy"
[2010/01/24 16:06] Cursa Charisma winks
[2010/01/24 16:06] Cody Winterwolf: LOL
[2010/01/24 16:06] Pocahontas Bigboots: Hehe, Thats So... Funny
[2010/01/24 16:06] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'
[2010/01/24 16:06] Pocahontas Bigboots: oh hush cursa
[2010/01/24 16:06] Pocahontas Bigboots: dang it
[2010/01/24 16:06] Cody Winterwolf shrugs and grins.
[2010/01/24 16:06] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[2010/01/24 16:06] Pocahontas Bigboots: i cant find that getsure to turn it OFF!
[2010/01/24 16:07] Cursa Charisma: Baroun has IMed and will be with us shortly
[2010/01/24 16:07] Cursa Charisma: I did not list the event publicly this time
[2010/01/24 16:07] Anastasia Horngold: brb in a minute
[2010/01/24 16:07] Reiko Soyinka: Wise
[2010/01/24 16:07] Cursa Charisma: kk
[2010/01/24 16:07] Cursa Charisma: hb
[2010/01/24 16:07] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'.
[2010/01/24 16:07] Cody Winterwolf: HB
[2010/01/24 16:08] Cursa Charisma: Provided Baroun makes it, I will be on pa-troll
[2010/01/24 16:08] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Baroun Tardis has entered detection range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 16:08] Baroun Tardis: Well
[2010/01/24 16:08] Cursa Charisma: And here is the man of the hour himself
[2010/01/24 16:08] Baroun Tardis: Sorry to be runing late
[2010/01/24 16:08] Cody Winterwolf: Howdy
[2010/01/24 16:08] Cursa Charisma: Quite alright
[2010/01/24 16:08] Baroun Tardis: Man of he hour, but off the top of the hour
[2010/01/24 16:08] Baroun Tardis laughs
[2010/01/24 16:09] Baroun Tardis strips off his gloves and jacket
[2010/01/24 16:09] Baroun Tardis: Right
[2010/01/24 16:09] Baroun Tardis: So I don't mean to be short with anyone...
[2010/01/24 16:10] Baroun Tardis: and in boots, I'm sitting at right on 6 feet, as ya'll can see
[2010/01/24 16:10] Cursa Charisma: Aah!
[2010/01/24 16:10] Cursa Charisma: *shrieks*
[2010/01/24 16:10] Baroun Tardis: but you'd be amazed at the number of times people visit and say, "Little Man"
[2010/01/24 16:10] Baroun Tardis grins
[2010/01/24 16:10] Cursa Charisma: Well, let's begin
[2010/01/24 16:10] Cursa Charisma: Welcome to the Nexus, everyone
[2010/01/24 16:10] Cursa Charisma: Today's discussion will be on avatar height in SL RP
[2010/01/24 16:11] Anastasia Horngold: (back)
[2010/01/24 16:11] Cursa Charisma: Baroun Tardis, creator of the HTCS, will be giving us some opening remarks, and at his discretion, either before or after those, we can do our little demonstration
[2010/01/24 16:11] Reiko Soyinka grins
[2010/01/24 16:11] Baroun Tardis: Oooh! Demonstrations!
[2010/01/24 16:11] Baroun Tardis grins
[2010/01/24 16:11] Cody Winterwolf: Cool.
[2010/01/24 16:11] Baroun Tardis: Well...
[2010/01/24 16:12] Cursa Charisma: OK, Poca, if you'd like to come over here with me, we can do the first part of the demo
[2010/01/24 16:12] Cursa Charisma: OK everyone, let's go around and ask each of you...
[2010/01/24 16:12] Cursa Charisma: How tall (in feet or meters) is Poca, and how tall is Cursa?
[2010/01/24 16:12] Cursa Charisma: Anastasia, you first
[2010/01/24 16:13] Anastasia Horngold: Well, I think I already know the approximate answer--insider information
[2010/01/24 16:13] Cursa Charisma: Ah
[2010/01/24 16:13] Anastasia Horngold: So I could wait...
[2010/01/24 16:13] Cursa Charisma: Well, how about looking and trying to make a "fresh" guess? OK, let's start with Reiko then
[2010/01/24 16:13] Reiko Soyinka: 5'5" and 7'8"
[2010/01/24 16:13] Baroun Tardis: lol
[2010/01/24 16:14] Cursa Charisma: Thank you, Reiko. I think many, if not most people in SL would make similar estimates
[2010/01/24 16:14] Cursa Charisma: Baroun, your turn, hehe
[2010/01/24 16:14] Baroun Tardis: I'd say you're just shy of six foot, and she's pushing nine
[2010/01/24 16:14] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 16:14] Cursa Charisma: OK
[2010/01/24 16:14] Cursa Charisma: Cody?
[2010/01/24 16:14] Cody Winterwolf: I have to say 6' and about 8'
[2010/01/24 16:14] Pocahontas Bigboots stands up on her tips toes
[2010/01/24 16:15] Baroun Tardis chuckles
[2010/01/24 16:15] Cursa Charisma: Notice how men try to anticipate the "trick", hehe?
[2010/01/24 16:15] Cody Winterwolf: Hehehehe
[2010/01/24 16:15] Cursa Charisma: So, Anastasia, what does your inside info tell you?
[2010/01/24 16:15] Anastasia Horngold: I'd heard that Cursa was about 6', so I would have guessed about 9 for Poca
[2010/01/24 16:16] Cursa Charisma: OK, full disclosure: the last time you saw Cursa, he was a different height from now
[2010/01/24 16:16] Cursa Charisma: Explanation later if anyone cares
[2010/01/24 16:16] Anastasia Horngold slaps herself on the forehead.
[2010/01/24 16:16] Cody Winterwolf: Hehehehe
[2010/01/24 16:17] Cursa Charisma: So take a fresh look, Anastasia
[2010/01/24 16:17] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 16:17] Pocahontas Bigboots rest her hand on Cursas head
[2010/01/24 16:17] Cody Winterwolf chuckles as Poka does that.
[2010/01/24 16:17] Baroun Tardis whispers, "... will call him mini-cursa..."
[2010/01/24 16:17] Cursa Charisma tries to control his eyes flicking directly to his left at Poca's... torso
[2010/01/24 16:18] Anastasia Horngold: It's really hard. Cursa still looks "short" but it's in the context of being next to someone much taller. Context is always the issue.
[2010/01/24 16:18] Cursa Charisma: Yes!
[2010/01/24 16:18] Cursa Charisma: That will be good to discuss later
[2010/01/24 16:18] Cursa Charisma: Take a stab for now
[2010/01/24 16:18] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 16:19] Anastasia Horngold tries to rez a prim for reference and fails.
[2010/01/24 16:19] Cursa Charisma: Just a wild guess, and we'll go verify
[2010/01/24 16:19] Cursa Charisma winks
[2010/01/24 16:19] Anastasia Horngold: nope, can't guess
[2010/01/24 16:20] Anastasia Horngold: It's all relative
[2010/01/24 16:20] Cursa Charisma: OK
[2010/01/24 16:20] Cursa Charisma: Let's go compare to something absolute
[2010/01/24 16:20] Pocahontas Bigboots gave you Snapshot : Falcons Landing and RP Nexus, Mul (63, 218, 1002).
[2010/01/24 16:20] Cody Winterwolf: Ok.
[2010/01/24 16:20] Cursa Charisma: Behind us here you see some prims
[2010/01/24 16:21] Cursa Charisma: They are exactly the length indicated by the floating text above them
[2010/01/24 16:21] Cursa Charisma: Lengths*
[2010/01/24 16:21] Reiko Soyinka: Now, that is cool!
[2010/01/24 16:21] Baroun Tardis: yeah, it's a nice display
[2010/01/24 16:21] Cursa Charisma: This cylinder behind me, when touched, will report in text on the "prim height" of the avatar touching it
[2010/01/24 16:22] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Anastasia Horngold is 2.083516 m (6 ft. 10in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:22] Cody Winterwolf: Wow...
[2010/01/24 16:22] Cursa Charisma: If you or your camera is close enough to read the floating text, you can see how tall Poca and Cursa actually are
[2010/01/24 16:22] Cursa Charisma: Please come on over and compare your av to the measuring sticks
[2010/01/24 16:23] Reiko Soyinka: Wow Poca, my Na'vi would dwarf yours.
[2010/01/24 16:23] Baroun Tardis: All of us?
[2010/01/24 16:23] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'
[2010/01/24 16:23] Open Discussion Nov. 22, '09: Pocahontas Bigboots, here is the transcript of this Nexus talk
[2010/01/24 16:23] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'.
[2010/01/24 16:23] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'
[2010/01/24 16:23] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'.
[2010/01/24 16:23] Pocahontas Bigboots: my sliders are maxed out...
[2010/01/24 16:23] Cursa Charisma: I used one of those "height meters" that go around when I first made Cursa's shape
[2010/01/24 16:23] Anastasia Horngold kicks off her red leather platforms.
[2010/01/24 16:23] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Reiko Soyinka is 1.937058 m (6 ft. 4in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:23] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Baroun Tardis is 2.043043 m (6 ft. 8in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:23] Baroun Tardis: These are tall boots
[2010/01/24 16:23] Pocahontas Bigboots: but i created this from a very peite shape
[2010/01/24 16:23] Cursa Charisma: It told me I had mean adult US male height (1.75m, 5'9")
[2010/01/24 16:24] Cursa Charisma: As it turns out, that meter was inaccurate
[2010/01/24 16:24] Reiko Soyinka: My boots add 5 inches...need that for these pants.
[2010/01/24 16:24] Cody Winterwolf: Cody'd supposed to be 6'8".
[2010/01/24 16:24] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Baroun Tardis is 1.939107 m (6 ft. 4in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:24] Cursa Charisma: Cursa was, until yesterday, actually 6'3"
[2010/01/24 16:24] Baroun Tardis sighs
[2010/01/24 16:24] Cursa Charisma: That meter was adding 7" to everybody's height
[2010/01/24 16:24] Cursa Charisma: Subtracting, sorry
[2010/01/24 16:25] Cursa Charisma kicks self
[2010/01/24 16:25] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Anastasia Horngold is 1.975710 m (6 ft. 5in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:25] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'
[2010/01/24 16:25] Cursa Charisma: I think all of you here have had occasion to see Cursa in rp environments and be considered "short" or "young"
[2010/01/24 16:25] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Kontessa Frostbite has entered detection range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 16:25] Cursa Charisma: Kontessa, welcome!
[2010/01/24 16:26] Reiko Soyinka: Yes, knew about that...on my appearance, it says I'm 5.5...while a prim measure always puts me at 5.11
[2010/01/24 16:26] Cursa Charisma: Sister Kontessa!
[2010/01/24 16:26] Anastasia Horngold: Hello
[2010/01/24 16:26] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'.
[2010/01/24 16:26] Cursa Charisma: That's a big nun
[2010/01/24 16:26] Kontessa Frostbite grins
[2010/01/24 16:26] Baroun Tardis: She's moved from "nun" to "more"
[2010/01/24 16:26] Baroun Tardis winks at Kontessa
[2010/01/24 16:26] Cursa Charisma laughs
[2010/01/24 16:26] Cody Winterwolf: Hehehehe.
[2010/01/24 16:26] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Cursa Charisma is 1.784447 m (5 ft. 10in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:26] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'
[2010/01/24 16:26] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Cody Winterwolf is 2.023313 m (6 ft. 7in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:27] Anastasia Horngold: More is Less
[2010/01/24 16:27] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Pocahontas Bigboots is 2.331301 m (7 ft. 7in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:27] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'.
[2010/01/24 16:27] Cursa Charisma: So Cursa is now US average (mean) adult male height
[2010/01/24 16:27] Cody Winterwolf: I'm close to the right height for Cody.
[2010/01/24 16:28] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Reiko Soyinka is 1.937058 m (6 ft. 4in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:28] Anastasia Horngold: Ana should be more like 5'10. I keep shrinking a bit at a time, but I'm not there yet.
[2010/01/24 16:28] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'
[2010/01/24 16:28] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Allen Kerensky has entered detection range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 16:28] Cursa Charisma: In future, please feel free to use Cursa as a "living yardstick"; males taller than he is are US tall, and those shorter are US short
[2010/01/24 16:28] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 16:28] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Allen!
[2010/01/24 16:28] Kontessa Frostbite smiles
[2010/01/24 16:29] Anastasia Horngold: Ana is "35" in appearance. Is there an accurate method of converting?
[2010/01/24 16:29] Cody Winterwolf: The poles work prety good.
[2010/01/24 16:29] Cursa Charisma: And the demonstration is concluded. Feel free to use the measuring sticks and prim height meter here at your leisure
[2010/01/24 16:29] Reiko Soyinka: For men, Cursa...
[2010/01/24 16:29] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Baroun Tardis is 1.939107 m (6 ft. 4in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:29] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Pocahontas Bigboots is 1.833848 m (6 ft. 0in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:29] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'.
[2010/01/24 16:29] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Anastasia Horngold is 1.889308 m (6 ft. 2in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:29] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Reiko. If you would like to make your avatar a living yardstick for women, that would be great for the folks at Al Raqis
[2010/01/24 16:29] Kontessa Frostbite is a product of superior breeding
[2010/01/24 16:29] Kontessa Frostbite grins
[2010/01/24 16:29] Anastasia Horngold: Down to "25" now--and still 6'2"!!
[2010/01/24 16:30] Cursa Charisma: Mein Gott, Kontessa!
[2010/01/24 16:30] Reiko Soyinka: No, I'm supposed to be tall.
[2010/01/24 16:30] Cursa Charisma: Body/Size is not the only slider that affects avatar height
[2010/01/24 16:30] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Anastasia Horngold is 1.832149 m (6 ft. 0in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:30] Baroun Tardis: I think it takes a bit for the server to update the bounding box
[2010/01/24 16:30] Anastasia Horngold: oh yes?
[2010/01/24 16:30] Reiko Soyinka: as it is, my second in command dwarfs me.
[2010/01/24 16:30] Anastasia Horngold: I'm down to "10" now and still 6'0"
[2010/01/24 16:30] Kontessa Frostbite grins at Cursa
[2010/01/24 16:30] Cursa Charisma: If you're listening to the music stream, I hope you are also reminded of Weird Al
[2010/01/24 16:31] Pocahontas Bigboots: Giggle......
[2010/01/24 16:31] Cody Winterwolf: Heheheh
[2010/01/24 16:31] Reiko Soyinka: Fly for a WhiteGuy
[2010/01/24 16:31] Anastasia Horngold: Pocahontas, how you've changed!
[2010/01/24 16:31] Cursa Charisma: Amish Paradise - great video
[2010/01/24 16:31] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Anastasia Horngold is 1.832149 m (6 ft. 0in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:31] Pocahontas Bigboots gets to her human apperance and waves good by .... then bounces off shadow boxing
[2010/01/24 16:31] Pocahontas Bigboots: gotta got kick the white mans ass
[2010/01/24 16:31] Baroun Tardis: lol
[2010/01/24 16:31] Cody Winterwolf: Take it easy Poka
[2010/01/24 16:31] Kontessa Frostbite laughs
[2010/01/24 16:32] Cursa Charisma: Peace, Poca - through strength
[2010/01/24 16:32] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Anastasia Horngold is 1.774990 m (5 ft. 9in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:32] Cody Winterwolf: Heheheh
[2010/01/24 16:32] Anastasia Horngold: OK, now I'm down to "0" height and am 5"9
[2010/01/24 16:32] Pocahontas Bigboots: wish i could stay... but the people need me:P
[2010/01/24 16:32] Pocahontas Bigboots: o-s-da sv-no-i (Good night)
[2010/01/24 16:32] Reiko Soyinka bows to the genius who is Allen.
[2010/01/24 16:32] Cursa Charisma: Qapla!
[2010/01/24 16:32] Allen Kerensky:
[2010/01/24 16:32] Cursa Charisma: Alright, Baroun, over to you
[2010/01/24 16:32] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Pocahontas Bigboots no longer detected in range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 16:32] Allen Kerensky: hellos
[2010/01/24 16:32] Baroun Tardis waves to the crowd
[2010/01/24 16:32] Cody Winterwolf: Howdy
[2010/01/24 16:33] Baroun Tardis: Down here!
[2010/01/24 16:33] Baroun Tardis laughs
[2010/01/24 16:33] No room to sit here, try another spot.
[2010/01/24 16:33] Kontessa Frostbite thinks of Baroun's favorite quote about hieght and giggles softly to herself
[2010/01/24 16:33] Baroun Tardis: I'm one of those funny people with a strong personal self-image of my body -- so when I made Baroun, I worked very hard to make him look like RL me
[2010/01/24 16:33] Baroun Tardis shrugs
[2010/01/24 16:33] Baroun Tardis: more comfortable that way
[2010/01/24 16:34] Baroun Tardis: and very handly when I've met SL folks RL - they recognize me right away
[2010/01/24 16:34] Kontessa Frostbite nods and he is compgy
[2010/01/24 16:34] Kontessa Frostbite: comfy even
[2010/01/24 16:34] Baroun Tardis: although, I gotta say, if Poca looks like that RL, she's got me beat for "ease of recognition"
[2010/01/24 16:34] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 16:34] Cody Winterwolf: Hehehe
[2010/01/24 16:34] Baroun Tardis: My SL RP time cycles between Sci-Fi and Gor...
[2010/01/24 16:35] Baroun Tardis: Which has created some unusual sityuations
[2010/01/24 16:35] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Odile Mistwood has entered detection range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 16:35] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Odile
[2010/01/24 16:35] Baroun Tardis: Cursa mentioned the older "how tal is your Av" is 7 inches off
[2010/01/24 16:35] Cody Winterwolf: Hey there
[2010/01/24 16:35] Baroun Tardis: So I _thought_ I was 5'9"...
[2010/01/24 16:35] Baroun Tardis: and built spacecraft appropriately
[2010/01/24 16:35] Kontessa Frostbite grins
[2010/01/24 16:35] Reiko Soyinka: hehehehe
[2010/01/24 16:35] Baroun Tardis: During SBA's "Iron Shipbuilder" competition - the judges could not get throught the door of the shuttle I built
[2010/01/24 16:35] Allen Kerensky grins remember Teetop complaining about fitting in the Highport airlock
[2010/01/24 16:35] Baroun Tardis looks very embarassed
[2010/01/24 16:36] Cody Winterwolf: Hahaha
[2010/01/24 16:36] Baroun Tardis: Digitgrade legs on a huge canid alien the dude was GI-NOR-MOUS!
[2010/01/24 16:36] Allen Kerensky: did you add a "low bridge" sign over the shuttle lock?
[2010/01/24 16:36] Baroun Tardis: Should have - but I built it with 6'5" clearance
[2010/01/24 16:36] Baroun Tardis: which is more than a real space shuttle
[2010/01/24 16:36] Allen Kerensky: honestly, spacecraft and military vehicles are made for horse jockeys
[2010/01/24 16:37] Baroun Tardis nods to Allen,"And I tend to build realisitc"
[2010/01/24 16:37] Baroun Tardis sighs
[2010/01/24 16:37] Cursa Charisma: Where g forces are relevant, short is good
[2010/01/24 16:37] Allen Kerensky: the cockpit of the Apache AH-64 helicopter is narrower than my shoulders
[2010/01/24 16:37] Baroun Tardis: One thing I've noticed about the big fokls in Sci-Fi -- they like big battle armor, big guns, big energy shields, and huge deployable wings or cyber body parts
[2010/01/24 16:38] Allen Kerensky: the Final Fantasy Effect
[2010/01/24 16:38] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 16:38] Cody Winterwolf: Yep
[2010/01/24 16:38] Reiko Soyinka: Japanese anime effect.
[2010/01/24 16:38] Allen Kerensky: my sword is ONLY 14-feet long?
[2010/01/24 16:38] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 16:38] Baroun Tardis: This makes them _very_ different from many of the Goreans , who prefer big bugling pectorals, big swords, big hairdo and huge studded leather bracers
[2010/01/24 16:38] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[2010/01/24 16:38] Allen Kerensky: Conan Syndrome
[2010/01/24 16:38] Kontessa Frostbite perfers her "swords" to be easier to wear
[2010/01/24 16:39] Baroun Tardis coughs at Kontessa's comment
[2010/01/24 16:39] Reiko Soyinka almost snorts her tea.
[2010/01/24 16:39] Kontessa Frostbite smirks at Baroun
[2010/01/24 16:39] Cursa Charisma: "What is best in life?"
[2010/01/24 16:39] Baroun Tardis: Yes, very much the Conan Syndrome, or the Schwartznegger Syndrom
[2010/01/24 16:39] Cody Winterwolf: Yeah.
[2010/01/24 16:40] Baroun Tardis: This is not limited to the male of the species....
[2010/01/24 16:40] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[2010/01/24 16:40] Baroun Tardis: I've run into 8' tall warrior women
[2010/01/24 16:40] Cody Winterwolf nods.
[2010/01/24 16:40] Allen Kerensky: who all turned blue this month
[2010/01/24 16:40] Cursa Charisma: Who hasn't?
[2010/01/24 16:40] Cursa Charisma laughs
[2010/01/24 16:40] Reiko Soyinka: How many of them were played by actual women?
[2010/01/24 16:40] Cursa Charisma: Nice Allen
[2010/01/24 16:40] Anastasia Horngold: lol allen
[2010/01/24 16:40] Cody Winterwolf: Ok... Looking strait into cleavage isn't too bad.
[2010/01/24 16:40] Odile Mistwood: I take photos of them. I have a file called Amazonic Strippers.
[2010/01/24 16:40] Cursa Charisma: Nice, Odile!
[2010/01/24 16:40] Baroun Tardis: and many of the furries are huge as well, even when the species in question is supposed to be small... I remain confused at the concept of 7 foot tall anthro-gerbils
[2010/01/24 16:40] Cursa Charisma: I think Cody wants a copy of that
[2010/01/24 16:40] Allen Kerensky: link?
[2010/01/24 16:40] Cody Winterwolf: Hahahahahah
[2010/01/24 16:40] Cursa Charisma winks
[2010/01/24 16:41] Baroun Tardis: Odie - that commment is useless without sharing
[2010/01/24 16:41] Baroun Tardis laugsh
[2010/01/24 16:41] Kontessa Frostbite nods sagely and says in a asde to Oldie "He perfers 8 feet tall exotic dancs to Warriors however"
[2010/01/24 16:41] Allen Kerensky: i remain confused at the gerbil part - all the rest isn't even gotten to
[2010/01/24 16:41] Baroun Tardis laughs
[2010/01/24 16:41] Odile Mistwood: I'm looking, I'm looking.
[2010/01/24 16:41] Anastasia Horngold: rofl allie
[2010/01/24 16:41] Cursa Charisma laughs
[2010/01/24 16:41] Odile Mistwood laughs.
[2010/01/24 16:41] Cody Winterwolf: Heheheh
[2010/01/24 16:41] Baroun Tardis: I've also noticed that there seems to be a pattern for the personality as well
[2010/01/24 16:41] Allen Kerensky: a Napoleonic drift?
[2010/01/24 16:42] Baroun Tardis: In real life, short people tend to have a bit of Napoleon complex - they are compensating for being the little kid ont he playground
[2010/01/24 16:42] Baroun Tardis: in SL, the huge folks are the ones with that attitude
[2010/01/24 16:42] Kontessa Frostbite giggles and decides to behave for a bit
[2010/01/24 16:42] Cursa Charisma: Arent' many of them the same people?
[2010/01/24 16:42] Baroun Tardis: I'm not attacking anyone here.....
[2010/01/24 16:42] Allen Kerensky: why can I only think of Ian Holm as Napoleon in Time Bandits now
[2010/01/24 16:42] Baroun Tardis: Just saying
[2010/01/24 16:42] Allen Kerensky: "I want to see little things HITTING each other"
[2010/01/24 16:42] Cody Winterwolf: No worries.. In Rl I'm 5'9"
[2010/01/24 16:42] Odile Mistwood: Here's one of the photos:
[2010/01/24 16:42] Baroun Tardis: You're lucky, Allen, because I'm thining of "Bill & Ted"'s Napoleon
[2010/01/24 16:42] Cursa Charisma: Thanks, Odile!
[2010/01/24 16:43] Baroun Tardis: so.... Where does that fit into RP?
[2010/01/24 16:43] Cursa Charisma listens
[2010/01/24 16:43] Allen Kerensky: wow that pic needs to be on Wonder WOman ISland
[2010/01/24 16:43] Anastasia Horngold opens her notebook.
[2010/01/24 16:43] Baroun Tardis: I sometimes feel lost on ships scaled for the giants
[2010/01/24 16:43] Baroun Tardis: and cannot count the number of Goreans who said, "Little Man" when addressing me
[2010/01/24 16:44] Reiko Soyinka: Hmmm, that looks like one of the guy behind the keyboard females.
[2010/01/24 16:44] Baroun Tardis laughs at Reiko
[2010/01/24 16:44] Allen Kerensky: "easier to cut your off from down here... now who's the little man"
[2010/01/24 16:44] Baroun Tardis: ((My brother's tip was "once you break their knees, everyone is the same height when face down on the pavement))
[2010/01/24 16:44] Allen Kerensky: that too
[2010/01/24 16:45] Baroun Tardis: I prefer to keep my Av at a "realistic" height...
[2010/01/24 16:45] Allen Kerensky: which makes you feel like you are in the land of the giants, yeah
[2010/01/24 16:45] Cody Winterwolf: Yep.
[2010/01/24 16:45] Kontessa Frostbite grins at Baroun
[2010/01/24 16:45] Allen Kerensky: especially with the camera float messing up perspective too
[2010/01/24 16:45] Baroun Tardis: even when folks in some sims say, "Goreans are supposed to be tall" -- and I say, "Woman, you're taller than Shaq!!! How's that work?"
[2010/01/24 16:45] Allen Kerensky: lower gravity on Gor?
[2010/01/24 16:46] Reiko Soyinka: hehehehe
[2010/01/24 16:46] Cody Winterwolf: Even at theis height, I got people who say thier only 6' and I have to look up at em.
[2010/01/24 16:46] Allen Kerensky: make a 2m box and lean on it, lady
[2010/01/24 16:46] Baroun Tardis nods,"And then I whip out the 'how tall is your avatar'tool"
[2010/01/24 16:46] Baroun Tardis: people are genuinely shocked
[2010/01/24 16:46] Cody Winterwolf: Yep.
[2010/01/24 16:46] Baroun Tardis: and I think I know where it comes from
[2010/01/24 16:46] Baroun Tardis: when you first edit your Av, day one in SL
[2010/01/24 16:46] Baroun Tardis: there is no perspective
[2010/01/24 16:46] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 16:46] Cody Winterwolf: Yeah.
[2010/01/24 16:46] Baroun Tardis: nothing to compare to
[2010/01/24 16:47] Cody Winterwolf: And the heights are set for %
[2010/01/24 16:47] Baroun Tardis: and the sliders are 0-100 --- which is meaningless
[2010/01/24 16:47] Cody Winterwolf: Not for feet or CM
[2010/01/24 16:47] Baroun Tardis nods to Cody
[2010/01/24 16:47] Reiko Soyinka: Right...I set my avi to 50%
[2010/01/24 16:47] Anastasia Horngold: me too--50% sounds so reasonable
[2010/01/24 16:47] Cody Winterwolf: I think I'm set at 39 %
[2010/01/24 16:47] Baroun Tardis: "But these dials go to 11" is a common issue though
[2010/01/24 16:47] Reiko Soyinka: came out at 6'1" with no shoes on.
[2010/01/24 16:47] Anastasia Horngold: I'm at 0% right now, which i don't understand
[2010/01/24 16:48] Baroun Tardis: "If everyone else is 50%... I'll go 52%"
[2010/01/24 16:48] Kontessa Frostbite: gotta love LL
[2010/01/24 16:48] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 16:48] Baroun Tardis: "get that little edge"
[2010/01/24 16:48] Allen Kerensky:
[2010/01/24 16:48] Anastasia Horngold: Cursa, the picture is hilarious
[2010/01/24 16:48] Anastasia Horngold: Love the expressions
[2010/01/24 16:48] Cursa Charisma: Reiko's seen this comparison before
[2010/01/24 16:48] Cursa Charisma: But for the rest of you, this was when Cursa was still 6'3"
[2010/01/24 16:48] Baroun Tardis: Yeah, I can believe it
[2010/01/24 16:49] Baroun Tardis: Well, I've babbled, but I'd like to put a question on the floor --
[2010/01/24 16:49] Reiko Soyinka still scrapes her jaw up off the floor.
[2010/01/24 16:49] Baroun Tardis: Does it matter in RP ?
[2010/01/24 16:49] Baroun Tardis: So long as the _persepective_ looks right
[2010/01/24 16:49] Baroun Tardis: does it matter greatly?
[2010/01/24 16:49] Allen Kerensky: combat RP? yes... if you are the bigger target
[2010/01/24 16:49] Cursa Charisma: Depends on the rp setting, doesn't it?
[2010/01/24 16:49] Baroun Tardis: Obvioulsly, pictures like that, something's wrong
[2010/01/24 16:49] Baroun Tardis: but if everyone is 7'4"... . you don't notice until a realist shows up
[2010/01/24 16:50] Anastasia Horngold: Depend on a lot of things--how realistic is the rp, for one
[2010/01/24 16:50] Cody Winterwolf: Then you have to stop and wonder.
[2010/01/24 16:50] Cursa Charisma: The other fellow in that pic is nine feet - maxed out
[2010/01/24 16:50] Anastasia Horngold: Meters in RP are of course an arbitrary yardstick
[2010/01/24 16:50] Anastasia Horngold: I mean in SL
[2010/01/24 16:50] Baroun Tardis: what was normal in the sim, Cursa?
[2010/01/24 16:50] Allen Kerensky: 6'8" if I remember that convo
[2010/01/24 16:51] Cursa Charisma: Well, mine was the only male avatar under 2m
[2010/01/24 16:51] Kontessa Frostbite laughs
[2010/01/24 16:51] Cursa Charisma: Fully grown Egyptian men were 1.6, 1.7m
[2010/01/24 16:51] Cursa Charisma: The rich ones
[2010/01/24 16:51] Cursa Charisma: With good diet
[2010/01/24 16:51] Reiko Soyinka: The rest were closer to Lex.
[2010/01/24 16:51] Anastasia Horngold: And we all know that's a historical reality....
[2010/01/24 16:51] Allen Kerensky: so, what you need to is a noob pose stand with a scale built in behind it
[2010/01/24 16:51] Kontessa Frostbite: Yes I often run into women who tower over me and I am not that Short here
[2010/01/24 16:52] Baroun Tardis: I really like the scale here
[2010/01/24 16:52] Anastasia Horngold: The problem, to me, is height inflation, where everyone keeps getting taller, plus needing to fit into somewhat standardized building and vehicle sizes
[2010/01/24 16:52] Baroun Tardis: I'd like to see those at Newbie Island
[2010/01/24 16:52] Cody Winterwolf: Yeah
[2010/01/24 16:53] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Anastasia, the SL scale problem is intertwined here
[2010/01/24 16:53] Cursa Charisma: And it's a major problem
[2010/01/24 16:53] Allen Kerensky: there is one on reactiongrid's orientation area
[2010/01/24 16:53] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Anastasia Horngold is 1.882796 m (6 ft. 2in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 16:53] Baroun Tardis: You know, if we all used tiny avs, our sims would effectively be bigger...
[2010/01/24 16:53] Reiko Soyinka: Is it matched to the prims, Allen?
[2010/01/24 16:53] Allen Kerensky: yes
[2010/01/24 16:53] Anastasia Horngold: Good point Baroun!! (laugh)
[2010/01/24 16:53] Allen Kerensky: and I lived ina tiny sim for more than a year
[2010/01/24 16:53] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Baroun, but as you know, building gets insanely hard the smaller you try to go
[2010/01/24 16:53] Allen Kerensky: its great
[2010/01/24 16:54] Baroun Tardis: If I had a 20cm tall avi, it'd evectively be a 2560x2560x40,000 sim
[2010/01/24 16:54] Allen Kerensky: rent a 512 ... as a tiny, its like a 4096
[2010/01/24 16:54] Kontessa Frostbite nods at Cursa and grins
[2010/01/24 16:54] Cody Winterwolf: aND THEN WE'D FEEL LIKE GODZILLA THERE.
[2010/01/24 16:54] Cursa Charisma: This is LL trying to bluff their way around the limits of their infrastructure
[2010/01/24 16:54] Anastasia Horngold: Of course, if you start building small, you have more room, and so you use more prims.....
[2010/01/24 16:54] Cody Winterwolf: ((Sorry.. caplocks))
[2010/01/24 16:54] Cursa Charisma: It was a good effect, Cody
[2010/01/24 16:54] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 16:54] Allen Kerensky: (to Cody) the sim owner and I did some godzilla raids on the place
[2010/01/24 16:55] Cody Winterwolf: Hahahahaha
[2010/01/24 16:55] Cody Winterwolf: Thanks.
[2010/01/24 16:55] Baroun Tardis points at Cody and in a bad accept says "Codzilla! Run! Codjiro!"
[2010/01/24 16:55] Cody Winterwolf: LMAO
[2010/01/24 16:55] Baroun Tardis: accent not accept
[2010/01/24 16:55] Baroun Tardis sighs
[2010/01/24 16:55] Cursa Charisma: Is anyone familiar with Etoile Galaxy?
[2010/01/24 16:55] Baroun Tardis shakes his head no
[2010/01/24 16:55] Cody Winterwolf: No
[2010/01/24 16:55] Anastasia Horngold: Attack of the giant killer Cod
[2010/01/24 16:56] Cursa Charisma: They overcome the problem of dogfighting in an interesting way
[2010/01/24 16:56] Cursa Charisma: The ships are very small, under 50cm long
[2010/01/24 16:56] Cursa Charisma: And they are worn as attachments
[2010/01/24 16:56] Cursa Charisma: The avatar is rolled up in an invisible ball behind the ship
[2010/01/24 16:56] Cody Winterwolf: Wow
[2010/01/24 16:56] Allen Kerensky: even smaller than the Tiny Fleet on
[2010/01/24 16:56] Cursa Charisma: So the 256m sided square becomes a big enough area to fight in
[2010/01/24 16:56] Baroun Tardis: oh, clever... Taash worked on some mini-ships, about 1-2m long
[2010/01/24 16:57] Baroun Tardis: neat idea
[2010/01/24 16:57] Allen Kerensky: i can smell Baroun's brain thinking of how to add a "nano mode" to HTCS
[2010/01/24 16:57] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 16:57] Baroun Tardis laughs at Allen
[2010/01/24 16:57] Cody Winterwolf: Heheheheh
[2010/01/24 16:57] Cursa Charisma: If you're doing video-game stuff, yes
[2010/01/24 16:57] Cursa Charisma: RP is different, IMO
[2010/01/24 16:57] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 16:58] Allen Kerensky gave you Squidy Tiananmen Square =>.<=.
[2010/01/24 16:58] Allen Kerensky: a tiny army on the march
[2010/01/24 16:58] Allen Kerensky: the buildings came up to my belly button
[2010/01/24 16:58] Baroun Tardis grins
[2010/01/24 16:58] Cody Winterwolf: Cool.
[2010/01/24 16:58] Anastasia Horngold: funny
[2010/01/24 16:58] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 16:59] Allen Kerensky: scale tricks are good for machinima too
[2010/01/24 16:59] Cursa Charisma: Of course
[2010/01/24 16:59] Allen Kerensky: so, for RP, what does scale mean? how you build your sim? alienating newcomers? IC reasons to be certain sizes?
[2010/01/24 16:59] Cursa Charisma: Depends on whether hardcore "realism" is part of your core concept
[2010/01/24 17:00] Allen Kerensky: for recreating LoTR or D&D in SL, its important that halflings not top out at 8' tall
[2010/01/24 17:00] Cursa Charisma: If you have, say, an open sci-fi rp sandbox, then it's not an issue
[2010/01/24 17:00] Baroun Tardis: Allen -- "Time and a halfling"
[2010/01/24 17:00] Cursa Charisma: Right, the question is, what's core to your setting?
[2010/01/24 17:00] Cursa Charisma groans
[2010/01/24 17:00] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 17:00] Reiko Soyinka: Except about the 7 foot tall anthro-gerbils.
[2010/01/24 17:00] Anastasia Horngold: Add in the problem of camera height, which means that even "normal" buildings need to have tall ceilings and doors to be comfortable
[2010/01/24 17:00] Allen Kerensky: *shudder*
[2010/01/24 17:01] Baroun Tardis: Camera height is another issue
[2010/01/24 17:01] Cursa Charisma: Right, Anastasia, SL scaling problem again
[2010/01/24 17:01] Cursa Charisma: But related
[2010/01/24 17:01] Baroun Tardis: I think it throws off people's sense of scale
[2010/01/24 17:01] Cursa Charisma: If your avatar's head is near the ceiling...
[2010/01/24 17:01] Anastasia Horngold: yes, or when you have to camera in every time you go into a small room
[2010/01/24 17:01] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 17:01] Allen Kerensky: so, is this a problem to solve? a windmill to tilt at?
[2010/01/24 17:01] Reiko Soyinka: A thing to be aware of.
[2010/01/24 17:01] Baroun Tardis: I think it might be a window to be aware of....
[2010/01/24 17:01] Allen Kerensky: are we resolving to ignore SL scale silliness, or tackle it somehow
[2010/01/24 17:02] Reiko Soyinka: brb
[2010/01/24 17:02] Cody Winterwolf: ok
[2010/01/24 17:02] Anastasia Horngold: I would like to put the avatar scale at our sim TP spot
[2010/01/24 17:02] Allen Kerensky: would be funny if Emerald Viewer fixed the scale issue in their constants files
[2010/01/24 17:02] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 17:02] Anastasia Horngold: so that incomers would at least get the reminder
[2010/01/24 17:02] Baroun Tardis: When I built the Sierra, I had a pretty defined max external size, and a list of what things inside were supposed to be volume-wise. I cheated, cut the fuel tanks much smaller and used the volume to mkae ceilings higher for the camera
[2010/01/24 17:02] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 17:03] Cody Winterwolf: nods
[2010/01/24 17:03] Baroun Tardis: So.. we "adapt"
[2010/01/24 17:03] Cursa Charisma: To the scale problem, yes
[2010/01/24 17:04] Anastasia Horngold: If builders are more aware of scale, they won't create such oversized buildings/furniture, which in turn should somewhat discourage avi height inflation.
[2010/01/24 17:04] Baroun Tardis: Yeah, once they hit their heads on something
[2010/01/24 17:04] Cody Winterwolf nods
[2010/01/24 17:04] Cursa Charisma: But most builders are building to suit their perceived market
[2010/01/24 17:04] Anastasia Horngold: true
[2010/01/24 17:04] Cursa Charisma: So they follow rather than lead
[2010/01/24 17:05] Baroun Tardis: and in many cases, the builders themselves are 7' +
[2010/01/24 17:05] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 17:05] Anastasia Horngold: And most don't build multiple sizes.
[2010/01/24 17:05] Cursa Charisma: Right
[2010/01/24 17:05] Reiko Soyinka: I sink about half my furniture into the floors.
[2010/01/24 17:05] Anastasia Horngold: yes! lol
[2010/01/24 17:06] Cody Winterwolf: I seen people do that
[2010/01/24 17:06] Baroun Tardis: just to get it right
[2010/01/24 17:06] Reiko Soyinka: My feet are supposed to rest on the floor.
[2010/01/24 17:06] Allen Kerensky: also have to watch out since SL "floats" you over the ground slightly to simplify collision calculation
[2010/01/24 17:06] Reiko Soyinka: /nod
[2010/01/24 17:06] Anastasia Horngold clears her throat. "My feet are dangling in the air, sitting on this ledge."
[2010/01/24 17:07] Cursa Charisma: Excellent point, Anastasia
[2010/01/24 17:07] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 17:07] Baroun Tardis: Welcome to SL :)
[2010/01/24 17:07] Cody Winterwolf: Hehehehehe
[2010/01/24 17:07] Allen Kerensky: Emerald does have a viewer-specific setting to sink you down to the ground visually
[2010/01/24 17:07] Anastasia Horngold: yes, that's a nice feature
[2010/01/24 17:08] Reiko Soyinka: I think I'm going to bring this up to my builder's group.
[2010/01/24 17:08] Baroun Tardis: Something to share, but then you run into an issue
[2010/01/24 17:08] Baroun Tardis: you build "sensible"
[2010/01/24 17:08] Baroun Tardis: and then .... well... the ship construction Judge won't fit
[2010/01/24 17:08] Baroun Tardis sighs
[2010/01/24 17:08] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Brooke Rhea has entered detection range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 17:08] Anastasia Horngold: Is anyone thinking of trying to address this in more than just their own sim or group?
[2010/01/24 17:08] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Brooke!
[2010/01/24 17:08] Cody Winterwolf: Hey Brooke
[2010/01/24 17:08] Anastasia Horngold: Hi Brooke
[2010/01/24 17:09] Baroun Tardis: Howdy!
[2010/01/24 17:09] Reiko Soyinka: Well, my builders group should touch on quite a few sims.
[2010/01/24 17:09] Cursa Charisma: What are you thinking of, Anastasia?
[2010/01/24 17:09] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Allen Kerensky is 1.967236 m (6 ft. 5in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:09] Brooke Rhea: HI everyne.
[2010/01/24 17:09] Cursa Charisma: The yardstick display over there is free to copy
[2010/01/24 17:09] Brooke Rhea: *everyone
[2010/01/24 17:10] Anastasia Horngold: Just wondering.
[2010/01/24 17:10] Baroun Tardis: oh, yeah!
[2010/01/24 17:10] Anastasia Horngold: I can see ways to encourage people within a sim or RP or group, but SL-wide is probably beyond hope.
[2010/01/24 17:10] Cursa Charisma: Well, you've seen and heard my activist plan - I've made my avatar a living yardstick
[2010/01/24 17:10] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 17:10] Cursa Charisma: Yes, leading by example in our own groups is the way, imo
[2010/01/24 17:10] Baroun Tardis: cursa
[2010/01/24 17:10] Baroun Tardis: I can take it, but can't take copy
[2010/01/24 17:10] Anastasia Horngold: true! "Avatars without Borders" !!!
[2010/01/24 17:11] Cursa Charisma: OK, sec
[2010/01/24 17:11] Cursa Charisma: You should now be able to buy it for L$0
[2010/01/24 17:11] Cody Winterwolf: Yeah. Can I get one too?
[2010/01/24 17:11] Cursa Charisma: Feel free
[2010/01/24 17:11] Cody Winterwolf: Cool
[2010/01/24 17:12] Cursa Charisma: It's meant to be freely available, the same as everything here
[2010/01/24 17:12] Reiko Soyinka: Maybe I'm looking at the wrong thing...
[2010/01/24 17:12] Anastasia Horngold: this might be a bit obnoxious, but one could wear a sign when out shopping, for instance, saying "I am 6 feet tall."
[2010/01/24 17:12] Cursa Charisma: The "How tall is your avatar?" display should be buyable for free now
[2010/01/24 17:12] Cursa Charisma: LOL, Anastasia
[2010/01/24 17:13] Cursa Charisma: True activism!
[2010/01/24 17:13] Cursa Charisma: "Fight SL Heightism!"
[2010/01/24 17:13] Allen Kerensky: lol
[2010/01/24 17:13] Allen Kerensky: "That's Heightist!"
[2010/01/24 17:13] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 17:13] Cursa Charisma: Yup
[2010/01/24 17:13] Cursa Charisma: Next battle: rightism! (everything's made for right-handed avatars)
[2010/01/24 17:13] Allen Kerensky: so, the Napoleon Crusade begins
[2010/01/24 17:13] Anastasia Horngold: lol
[2010/01/24 17:14] Allen Kerensky: amen Cursa amen
[2010/01/24 17:14] Cursa Charisma: But Allen, the main point here is that avs who *aren't* short are being called little and underage
[2010/01/24 17:14] Cursa Charisma: Have we talked about that last one?
[2010/01/24 17:14] Anastasia Horngold: not yet today
[2010/01/24 17:14] Reiko Soyinka: [17:10] Anastasia Horngold: I can see ways to encourage people within a sim or RP or group, but SL-wide is probably beyond hope.
[2010/01/24 17:14] Reiko Soyinka: I disagree.
[2010/01/24 17:14] Cursa Charisma: People being denied entry because their "child avs" supposedly violate "age play" restrictions?
[2010/01/24 17:15] Cody Winterwolf: And people who looks small get the furry eyeball.
[2010/01/24 17:15] Cursa Charisma waits to hear Reiko's point
[2010/01/24 17:15] Anastasia Horngold: yes, reiko?
[2010/01/24 17:15] Cursa Charisma: As opposed to the Gorean eyeball?
[2010/01/24 17:15] Reiko Soyinka: The US used to be a nation of smokers and drinkers.
[2010/01/24 17:15] Brooke Rhea: Those are the ones that set their height to max Cursa
[2010/01/24 17:15] Allen Kerensky: now we're all fat
[2010/01/24 17:15] Allen Kerensky: because we're not out drinking and smoking
[2010/01/24 17:16] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 17:16] Baroun Tardis: Ok, then need some vodka and a good cigar as aprt of a weight loss program
[2010/01/24 17:16] Anastasia Horngold: and we are sitting on our butts playing in SL!
[2010/01/24 17:16] Allen Kerensky: but the point is valid, with time, and constant consistent effort, you can wear down a mountain
[2010/01/24 17:17] Anastasia Horngold: point taken
[2010/01/24 17:17] Cody Winterwolf: True ehnough
[2010/01/24 17:17] Cursa Charisma: Has everyone been to Doomed Ship?
[2010/01/24 17:17] Allen Kerensky: i believe Baroun tells that story from time to time on Splintered Radio - the man and his family harvesting from the valley beyond a mountain
[2010/01/24 17:17] Cody Winterwolf: I have
[2010/01/24 17:17] Reiko Soyinka: No, what is Doomed Ship?
[2010/01/24 17:17] Baroun Tardis: Doomed ?
[2010/01/24 17:17] Cody Winterwolf: Had to shrink myself to the right height.
[2010/01/24 17:18] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Doomed Ship starts off right away telling you about the avatar size thing
[2010/01/24 17:18] Cursa Charisma: Offers free shapes of normal human size
[2010/01/24 17:18] Cursa Charisma: Warns people that oversize avs will not be able to navigate
[2010/01/24 17:18] Baroun Tardis chuckles
[2010/01/24 17:18] Cursa Charisma: And gives out those gray cylinder measuring devices
[2010/01/24 17:18] Allen Kerensky: easy to make a smaller entryway as a simple barrier to navigation
[2010/01/24 17:18] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Heihachi Nakamura has entered detection range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 17:18] Cursa Charisma: Do you want barriers, or examples and information?
[2010/01/24 17:19] Allen Kerensky: but you do alienate the "can't be bothered with something that nitpicky or silly" crowd
[2010/01/24 17:19] Anastasia Horngold: Depdns on how strictly important size is to the RP
[2010/01/24 17:19] Cursa Charisma: Again, Allen, it depends on what's core to your setting
[2010/01/24 17:19] Cody Winterwolf: Hi Hei
[2010/01/24 17:19] Cursa Charisma: Hey, Hachi
[2010/01/24 17:19] Anastasia Horngold: Or how grouchy everyone has gotten
[2010/01/24 17:19] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 17:19] Heihachi Nakamura: ((aw son of a bitch wait a min))
[2010/01/24 17:20] Baroun Tardis: Howdy-Hei
[2010/01/24 17:20] Cursa Charisma: Nice, Baroun
[2010/01/24 17:20] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 17:20] Heihachi Nakamura: hi.
[2010/01/24 17:20] Kontessa Frostbite: Is that my Cue to say "Size Does Matter" ?
[2010/01/24 17:20] Cursa Charisma: Thank you, Kontessa
[2010/01/24 17:20] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[2010/01/24 17:21] Cody Winterwolf chuckles.
[2010/01/24 17:21] Kontessa Frostbite grins innocently
[2010/01/24 17:22] Allen Kerensky: is the presentation over or did I crash?
[2010/01/24 17:22] Brooke Rhea: I think making nice looking shapes available of decent sizes is one way to help. I know when I went to one sim a while ago everyone was huge ... not making my avt a bit taller meant that I was at everyone's waist. And another I had to make a smaller character than the one I even use now because everyone was small. So I think if you just have most of hte people normal height people will adjust.
[2010/01/24 17:22] Allen Kerensky: ah
[2010/01/24 17:22] Cursa Charisma: So example by core membership?
[2010/01/24 17:23] Heihachi Nakamura: **i'll just show off my main av**
[2010/01/24 17:23] Allen Kerensky: try to set a trend and hope to lead by example?
[2010/01/24 17:23] Reiko Soyinka blinks and thinks of The Incredibles.
[2010/01/24 17:23] Heihachi Nakamura: ((oh fuck off reiko))
[2010/01/24 17:23] Cursa Charisma: Cool it, Hachi
[2010/01/24 17:23] Heihachi Nakamura: No.
[2010/01/24 17:24] Anastasia Horngold: Fantastic skin!
[2010/01/24 17:24] Heihachi Nakamura: This avatar, very important :p
[2010/01/24 17:24] Brooke Rhea: exactly ... if hte core members are a certain way people will probably follow .... and of course as newbies get more knowledge about where to find things they also will adjust. I don't care that I'm 7 feet tall if everyone else is 10 I'm too short.
[2010/01/24 17:25] Cursa Charisma: So it leads into the idea of having several shapes saved as "outfits" for quick change?
[2010/01/24 17:25] Allen Kerensky: but that example seems to be sim or estate specific
[2010/01/24 17:25] Cursa Charisma: "Brooke for Firefly", "Brooke for Avatar", "Brooke for The Shire", and so on?
[2010/01/24 17:25] Cody Winterwolf: Sim owners can enforce heights by using a fwe things. Like the builds and the entry where the palyers start.
[2010/01/24 17:25] Brooke Rhea: I don't think you're going to change SL as a whole
[2010/01/24 17:25] Anastasia Horngold: Getting your core members to adopt a more "normal" size is a good start. However, it's still hard to compare sizes by eye.
[2010/01/24 17:26] Allen Kerensky: well, you tend to have multiple looks and equipment sets for various sims anyway
[2010/01/24 17:26] Brooke Rhea: If you think you are ... then you should start with changing the real world first
[2010/01/24 17:26] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Kerm!
[2010/01/24 17:26] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Kermudgeon Baar has entered detection range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 17:26] Cody Winterwolf: Hey Kerm
[2010/01/24 17:26] Kermudgeon Baar: hey
[2010/01/24 17:26] Cursa Charisma: So Kerm, how tall is your avatar?
[2010/01/24 17:26] Kermudgeon Baar: tall
[2010/01/24 17:26] Anastasia Horngold: A friend and I happened to stand really close to each other, which I guess we hadn't done in a while. That's when we realized we were about 2' different in size.
[2010/01/24 17:27] Anastasia Horngold: We hadn't realized.
[2010/01/24 17:27] Baroun Tardis grins,"WHEN DID YOU GROW!! ?? ! ! " (lauging)
[2010/01/24 17:28] Cody Winterwolf: Godizira....!
[2010/01/24 17:28] Kontessa Frostbite looks at his titler and giggles
[2010/01/24 17:28] Kermudgeon Baar smiles
[2010/01/24 17:28] Kontessa Frostbite: Large but it appears cuddly or someone thinks so
[2010/01/24 17:29] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 17:29] Allen Kerensky: meow
[2010/01/24 17:29] Kermudgeon Baar: I did a make-over
[2010/01/24 17:29] Cursa Charisma: So Kerm, touch the gray cylinder behind me, please
[2010/01/24 17:29] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Kermudgeon Baar is 2.499239 m (8 ft. 2in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:29] Cursa Charisma: Thanks!
[2010/01/24 17:29] Cody Winterwolf: WHoa!
[2010/01/24 17:29] Allen Kerensky: now, how many astronaut and spacefaring characters are here - there are NASA stats on height increase over time in orbit
[2010/01/24 17:30] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Kontessa Frostbite is 1.970725 m (6 ft. 5in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:30] Heihachi Nakamura gave you ShinRa Assault Rifle.
[2010/01/24 17:30] Kermudgeon Baar: it ishard to find shoes. let me tell you
[2010/01/24 17:30] Baroun Tardis grins, "I'm not tall - i was spaced that way"
[2010/01/24 17:30] Allen Kerensky: misjump pulled your spine like taffy?
[2010/01/24 17:30] Cody Winterwolf: Hehehehe, no worries Kerm.
[2010/01/24 17:31] Reiko Soyinka: shoes...oh!
[2010/01/24 17:31] Reiko Soyinka: That is where height demonstrates a real problem...
[2010/01/24 17:31] Odile Mistwood: May I try the meter?
[2010/01/24 17:31] Reiko Soyinka: about 90% of womens shoes are size 0...
[2010/01/24 17:31] Cursa Charisma: Please, Odile!
[2010/01/24 17:31] Odile Mistwood: The stand in the center?
[2010/01/24 17:32] Heihachi Nakamura: about 90% of women on sl are size 0 :p
[2010/01/24 17:32] Cursa Charisma: Over by Kerm
[2010/01/24 17:32] Reiko Soyinka: Size 0 feet look strange on me...they look stranger on Odile
[2010/01/24 17:32] Cursa Charisma: The gray cylinder here
[2010/01/24 17:32] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Odile Mistwood is 2.203357 m (7 ft. 2in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:32] Heihachi Nakamura has actually been complimented on his startlingly....realistic av :p
[2010/01/24 17:32] Cursa Charisma: Having clothing that doesn't resize is ridiculous, isn't it?
[2010/01/24 17:32] Reiko Soyinka: Hei, we are 0 because we want those shoes.
[2010/01/24 17:32] Allen Kerensky: adn resizer scripts are lag monsters
[2010/01/24 17:33] Allen Kerensky: when people forget to remove them
[2010/01/24 17:33] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Kermudgeon Baar is 2.459227 m (8 ft. 0in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:33] Reiko Soyinka: I hate those scripts.
[2010/01/24 17:33] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Heihachi Nakamura is 1.973205 m (6 ft. 5in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:33] Cursa Charisma: And if things are just plain moddable, too many noobs will mangle them and then complain to the maker?
[2010/01/24 17:33] Heihachi Nakamura: tall as i am irl, fook yes
[2010/01/24 17:33] Kontessa Frostbite looks at Hei and thinks if he looks that large in RL she hopes he avoids little old ladies in rl or he is scaring them to death
[2010/01/24 17:33] Heihachi Nakamura: ;]
[2010/01/24 17:33] Reiko Soyinka: hehehehehehe
[2010/01/24 17:33] Kermudgeon Baar: i had to mod this lab coat inorder to get the piees to fit
[2010/01/24 17:34] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 17:34] Odile Mistwood: Now I'm 7 feet 2, which sounds rather tall, but a lot of women tower over me.
[2010/01/24 17:34] Reiko Soyinka: I mod every article that I wear.
[2010/01/24 17:34] Kontessa Frostbite: hei and Dark Alley = Glock in hand
[2010/01/24 17:34] Heihachi Nakamura: yeah screw it, I am having that FFRP comeback >.<
[2010/01/24 17:34] Cursa Charisma: In SL or the WNBA, yes
[2010/01/24 17:34] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 17:34] Heihachi Nakamura: am bored
[2010/01/24 17:34] Baroun Tardis: I need to excuse myself - got a broken script, and a bnch of folks wanting to playwith it
[2010/01/24 17:34] Cursa Charisma: OK, Baroun, thank you *very* much
[2010/01/24 17:34] Baroun Tardis: Ya'll take care, sorry to run
[2010/01/24 17:34] Cursa Charisma: Everyone, a round of applause for Baroun?
[2010/01/24 17:34] Cursa Charisma applauds
[2010/01/24 17:34] Cursa Charisma: Excellent!
[2010/01/24 17:34] Allen Kerensky: thank you very much Baroun!
[2010/01/24 17:35] Baroun Tardis gets all embarassed and runs for it (grin)
[2010/01/24 17:35] Brooke Rhea: Thank you Baroun.
[2010/01/24 17:35] Kontessa Frostbite claps
[2010/01/24 17:35] Kontessa Frostbite: ok Poofing
[2010/01/24 17:35] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Baroun Tardis no longer detected in range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 17:35] Kermudgeon Baar: *:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*.APPLAUSE!!¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:*
[2010/01/24 17:35] Brooke Rhea: thanks for the invite. I should be heading out as well.
[2010/01/24 17:35] Odile Mistwood: I must be going. Goodnight all.
[2010/01/24 17:35] Anastasia Horngold claps
[2010/01/24 17:35] Cursa Charisma: Peace Brooke, Odile
[2010/01/24 17:35] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Odile Mistwood no longer detected in range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 17:35] Anastasia Horngold: Nice chatting, all
[2010/01/24 17:35] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Brooke Rhea no longer detected in range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 17:36] Cursa Charisma: Transcript will be available here and on the blog very soon
[2010/01/24 17:36] Cody Winterwolf: Thanks Cursa.
[2010/01/24 17:36] Cursa Charisma: Thanks for coming, Cody
[2010/01/24 17:36] Cody Winterwolf: Take it easy folks.
[2010/01/24 17:36] Cody Winterwolf: No Prob
[2010/01/24 17:36] Heihachi Nakamura: honk honk
[2010/01/24 17:36] Allen Kerensky: yep, just about right for towering over Cursa. gotta love power armor
[2010/01/24 17:36] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Kontessa Frostbite no longer detected in range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 17:36] Cursa Charisma: The yardstick display is L$0 here, and the measuring cylinder is free at Doomed Ship
[2010/01/24 17:36] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Cody Winterwolf no longer detected in range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 17:36] Heihachi Nakamura: don't make me put my suit on :p
[2010/01/24 17:36] Reiko Soyinka: You don't look so tall, now.
[2010/01/24 17:36] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Reiko Soyinka is 1.937058 m (6 ft. 4in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:37] Cursa Charisma: With Hei, it's the bulk more than the raw height
[2010/01/24 17:37] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Anastasia Horngold is 1.774990 m (5 ft. 9in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:37] Cursa Charisma: Anastasia, you're ready to dance with Cursa...
[2010/01/24 17:37] Cursa Charisma winks
[2010/01/24 17:37] Heihachi Nakamura: >:3
[2010/01/24 17:37] Anastasia Horngold dimples. "Any time you like!"
[2010/01/24 17:37] Heihachi Nakamura: can use this like the end of wolfenstein 3D
[2010/01/24 17:37] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'
[2010/01/24 17:37] Kermudgeon Baar: I have a sizer i an give out
[2010/01/24 17:37] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Heihachi Nakamura is 2.623415 m (8 ft. 7in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:38] Allen Kerensky: and thanks to Hei for demoing the problem so elequently
[2010/01/24 17:38] Cursa Charisma: Kerm, does it give the same height this one did?
[2010/01/24 17:38] Heihachi Nakamura: god is everybody gonna piss me off tonight.
[2010/01/24 17:38] Reiko Soyinka: Hei, do you turn into a car, too?
[2010/01/24 17:38] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'.
[2010/01/24 17:38] Heihachi Nakamura: what the fuck is wrong with you people.
[2010/01/24 17:38] Kermudgeon Baar: i ant rez here
[2010/01/24 17:38] Frog Hoppers and Satins Friends Group Notice: Satin and Erin live at 6pm
This is it, just one show today with Satin and Erin........ Satin watched Football all day and Erin .. well.. watched with him (haha)! We always have a blast at Lil Egypt, so come on over and lets party!!
TIME 6pm – 7pm
Dress casual or Egyptian silks
[2010/01/24 17:38] Cursa Charisma: No problem with Hei's demo - it shows that it depends on the sim
[2010/01/24 17:38] Frog Hoppers and Satins Friends Group Notice owned by Erin68 Frog gave you 'LIL EGYPT RESORT LANDING' ( ).
[2010/01/24 17:38] Allen Kerensky: the builders "make it bigger-er" problem
[2010/01/24 17:38] Cursa Charisma: Thanks, Kerm
[2010/01/24 17:38] Kermudgeon Baar: sure
[2010/01/24 17:38] Height detector 1.0.4: Cursa Charisma is 1.613862 m (5 feet 4 inches) tall. (counting your shoes)
[2010/01/24 17:38] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'
[2010/01/24 17:38] Open Discussion Nov. 22, '09: Kermudgeon Baar, here is the transcript of this Nexus talk
[2010/01/24 17:38] Cursa Charisma: See, this is one of the lying ones
[2010/01/24 17:39] Height detector 1.0.4: Heihachi Nakamura is 2.372628 m (7 feet 9 inches) tall. (counting your shoes)
[2010/01/24 17:39] Cursa Charisma: Kerm, that thing is a liar
[2010/01/24 17:39] Height detector 1.0.4: Kermudgeon Baar is 2.224136 m (7 feet 4 inches) tall. (counting your shoes)
[2010/01/24 17:39] Anastasia Horngold: Rez it again?
[2010/01/24 17:39] Cursa Charisma: The cylinder one here is accurate - based on prims
[2010/01/24 17:39] Kermudgeon Baar: ok
[2010/01/24 17:39] Height detector 1.0.4: Anastasia Horngold is 1.702809 m (5 feet 7 inches) tall. (counting your shoes)
[2010/01/24 17:39] Kermudgeon Baar: cool
[2010/01/24 17:39] Height detector 1.0.4: Anastasia Horngold is 1.702809 m (5 feet 7 inches) tall. (counting your shoes)
[2010/01/24 17:39] Kermudgeon Baar: ana is just the right hight
[2010/01/24 17:39] Cursa Charisma: I was misled by one of those for a long time
[2010/01/24 17:39] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Anastasia Horngold is 1.882796 m (6 ft. 2in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:39] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Svetlana Pleides has entered detection range of Top Room Sensor 2.
[2010/01/24 17:39] Kermudgeon Baar winks
[2010/01/24 17:39] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'.
[2010/01/24 17:39] Cursa Charisma: Yes, she is
[2010/01/24 17:39] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[2010/01/24 17:40] Anastasia Horngold: Yes, 7" difference between those two
[2010/01/24 17:40] Cursa Charisma: Svetka!
[2010/01/24 17:40] Anastasia Horngold smiles.
[2010/01/24 17:40] Svetlana Pleides: Staret!!
[2010/01/24 17:40] Heihachi Nakamura: so then :p
[2010/01/24 17:40] Heihachi Nakamura: oh for fucks sake
[2010/01/24 17:40] Cursa Charisma: Come touch this cylinder
[2010/01/24 17:40] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Kermudgeon Baar is 2.459227 m (8 ft. 0in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:40] Height detector 1.0.4: Svetlana Pleides is 1.566323 m (5 feet 2 inches) tall. (counting your shoes)
[2010/01/24 17:40] Heihachi Nakamura: no news on ya lil problem svetlana? :p
[2010/01/24 17:40] Heihachi Nakamura: LITTLE PROBLEM x.X
[2010/01/24 17:40] Cursa Charisma: See, this is the lying one, Svetka
[2010/01/24 17:41] Svetlana Pleides: I am 5 2??????
[2010/01/24 17:41] Cursa Charisma: Nope
[2010/01/24 17:41] Cursa Charisma: But that says you are
[2010/01/24 17:41] Svetlana Pleides: you think?
[2010/01/24 17:41] Height detector 1.0.4: Heihachi Nakamura is 1.784576 m (5 feet 10 inches) tall. (counting your shoes)
[2010/01/24 17:41] Cursa Charisma: Use the measuring prims
[2010/01/24 17:41] Height detector 1.0.4: Reiko Soyinka is 1.751884 m (5 feet 9 inches) tall. (counting your shoes)
[2010/01/24 17:41] Allen Kerensky: the lying ones just use the Linden function without the scale correction
[2010/01/24 17:41] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'
[2010/01/24 17:41] Allen Kerensky: and who here is silly enough to trust lindens these days
[2010/01/24 17:42] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'.
[2010/01/24 17:42] Svetlana Pleides: what scale correction?
[2010/01/24 17:42] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'
[2010/01/24 17:42] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Lying Lindens
[2010/01/24 17:42] Cursa Charisma: Prims don't lie
[2010/01/24 17:42] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'.
[2010/01/24 17:42] Cursa Charisma: That'll be on my t-shirt
[2010/01/24 17:42] Cursa Charisma grins
[2010/01/24 17:42] Allen Kerensky:
[2010/01/24 17:42] Anastasia Horngold: Oh, I see where it gives the correction factor on that page
[2010/01/24 17:42] Heihachi Nakamura: sorry about me emo outbursts chaps.
[2010/01/24 17:43] Heihachi Nakamura: seem to be genuinely losing it, oocly >.<
[2010/01/24 17:43] Cursa Charisma: Keep it together, Hachi
[2010/01/24 17:43] Svetlana Pleides: what s wron Hei?
[2010/01/24 17:43] Cursa Charisma: And don't listen to the depressing "PLatoon" music on the stream
[2010/01/24 17:43] Allen Kerensky: and get back on the multi-vitamin and omega-3 fish oil
[2010/01/24 17:44] Svetlana Pleides: okay if Kerm here hadna Navi avatar....
[2010/01/24 17:44] Kermudgeon Baar: i knoow
[2010/01/24 17:44] Svetlana Pleides: we'd be about right porportion I think..
[2010/01/24 17:44] Kermudgeon Baar: i saw one last night
[2010/01/24 17:45] Heihachi Nakamura: we don't believe in stuff like that in my family :p
[2010/01/24 17:45] Cursa Charisma: We had one here earlier
[2010/01/24 17:45] Heihachi Nakamura: my family usually just tell me to get on with it and stop complaining
[2010/01/24 17:45] Cursa Charisma: How about the British cure-all - beer down the pub?
[2010/01/24 17:45] Anastasia Horngold: Cure for tallness?
[2010/01/24 17:45] Cursa Charisma laughs
[2010/01/24 17:45] Cursa Charisma: Yup
[2010/01/24 17:45] Svetlana Pleides: or texas.. tittie bar..
[2010/01/24 17:45] Heihachi Nakamura: beer just makes me worse :p
[2010/01/24 17:45] Cursa Charisma: When you're passed out in the gutter, you're not tall
[2010/01/24 17:46] Allen Kerensky: amen to the Texas Tittie Bar cure
[2010/01/24 17:46] Cursa Charisma: Lead the way, Svetka
[2010/01/24 17:46] Anastasia Horngold snorts. "I suppose not!"
[2010/01/24 17:46] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Allen Kerensky is 1.967236 m (6 ft. 5in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:46] Svetlana Pleides: I am not in texas any more :)
[2010/01/24 17:46] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[2010/01/24 17:46] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Allen Kerensky is 1.967236 m (6 ft. 5in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height
[2010/01/24 17:47] Heihachi Nakamura: heh, reiko just cheered me up. :)
[2010/01/24 17:47] Cursa Charisma: Gratz, Hei
[2010/01/24 17:47] Heihachi Nakamura: ho ho :p
[2010/01/24 17:47] Cursa Charisma: So Allen and Reiko are about the same height?
[2010/01/24 17:48] Anastasia Horngold: allie looks a smidge taller
[2010/01/24 17:48] Reiko Soyinka: Well, I cheat.
[2010/01/24 17:48] Reiko Soyinka: I have on platform boots with heels.
[2010/01/24 17:48] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'
[2010/01/24 17:48] Cursa Charisma nods
[2010/01/24 17:48] Reiko Soyinka: The pants were a little long.
[2010/01/24 17:48] Titler Of Doom: Kermudgeon Baar needs a new title say /56 to give a new one! <br />[2010/01/24 17:49] Allen Kerensky: must resist retitler <br />[2010/01/24 17:49] Titler Of Doom: Anastasia Horngold has changed Kermudgeon Baar's title. <br />[2010/01/24 17:49] Kermudgeon Baar: hahaha <br />[2010/01/24 17:49] Kermudgeon Baar: thankyo uana <br />[2010/01/24 17:49] Cursa Charisma laughs <br />[2010/01/24 17:49] Allen Kerensky: i usually put something like "Cheap Sex. Ask For Rates." or something. <br />[2010/01/24 17:49] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'. <br />[2010/01/24 17:49] Heihachi Nakamura: last title i set was "pork n beans" on some random girl <br />[2010/01/24 17:49] Cursa Charisma: No, no, Allen, someone *else's* avatar <br />[2010/01/24 17:49] Cursa Charisma: hehe <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Reiko Soyinka: Whap him, Allie. <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Allen Kerensky: who, Hei? <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Allen Kerensky: that only encourages him <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Cursa Charisma: The voice of experience <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Cursa Charisma grins <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Heihachi Nakamura muted a whole sim yesterday, you would be so easy allen :p <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Allen Kerensky: reminds me of a certain... um... what was he? Sithbaby? DarthWannabe? <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Anastasia Horngold: k, gang, I'm off to build small furniture. <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Allen Kerensky: anyway someone that wanted to kill Hei <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Heihachi Nakamura: see ya <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Allen Kerensky: so funny <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Anastasia Horngold smiles. <br />[2010/01/24 17:50] Heihachi Nakamura: oh yeah <br />[2010/01/24 17:51] Kermudgeon Baar: small furniture? <br />[2010/01/24 17:51] Cursa Charisma: Thanks for being here, Anastasia, hope to catch you later at Prosperity <br />[2010/01/24 17:51] Heihachi Nakamura allows a small smile to play over his face :p <br />[2010/01/24 17:51] Cursa Charisma grins <br />[2010/01/24 17:51] Allen Kerensky: the harder he tried, the harder he failed <br />[2010/01/24 17:51] Heihachi Nakamura: he's not doin any killin now <br />[2010/01/24 17:51] Allen Kerensky: was glorious to watch <br />[2010/01/24 17:51] Anastasia Horngold: Nice chatting with you all! <br />[2010/01/24 17:51] Kermudgeon Baar: take care <br />[2010/01/24 17:51] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Anastasia Horngold no longer detected in range of Top Room Sensor 2. <br />[2010/01/24 17:51] Cursa Charisma: Everyone, please let me know if there are speakers or topics you'd like to see and hear here <br />[2010/01/24 17:52] Living in a bunker: Heihachi Nakamura, online RP can become an obsession - keeping perspective is important <br />[2010/01/24 17:52] Allen Kerensky: uh oh <br />[2010/01/24 17:52] Cursa Charisma: And the Cursa & Lex Egyptian size comparison is buyable at L$0 over there, hehe <br />[2010/01/24 17:52] Allen Kerensky: Heihachi on Keeping RP Perspective ... EPIC <br />[2010/01/24 17:52] Heihachi Nakamura: .. <br />[2010/01/24 17:53] Cursa Charisma: Allen, you throwing stones over there? <br />[2010/01/24 17:53] Cursa Charisma makes a rude sound <br />[2010/01/24 17:53] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: Kermudgeon Baar is 2.310615 m (7 ft. 6in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height <br />[2010/01/24 17:53] Cursa Charisma grins <br />[2010/01/24 17:53] Allen Kerensky: um, gentle nudges of distant comets maybe... <br />[2010/01/24 17:53] Allen Kerensky: if they drop somewhere inhabited ... welll <br />[2010/01/24 17:54] Svetlana Pleides: one thing I want to say.. is more an issue of adjusting single avatar or shape parameter <br />[2010/01/24 17:54] Allen Kerensky: yeah <br />[2010/01/24 17:54] Cursa Charisma listens to Svetka <br />[2010/01/24 17:54] Forcing Ground Sit <br />[2010/01/24 17:54] Svetlana Pleides: if you adjsut just size.. you do not look right. <br />[2010/01/24 17:54] Reiko Soyinka: correct. <br />[2010/01/24 17:54] Cursa Charisma: Yes, as Kerm is discovering, one slider affects others <br />[2010/01/24 17:55] Cursa Charisma: He is now more squat in shape <br />[2010/01/24 17:55] Svetlana Pleides: nyet, that is problem it does not affect others.. <br />[2010/01/24 17:55] Cursa Charisma: You mean, "Size" doesn't work proportionally <br />[2010/01/24 17:55] Cursa Charisma: Right <br />[2010/01/24 17:55] Svetlana Pleides: and a single size parameter...does nto adjstu enough <br />[2010/01/24 17:55] Allen Kerensky: you have to re-proportion <br />[2010/01/24 17:55] Kermudgeon Baar: right <br />[2010/01/24 17:55] Svetlana Pleides: watche my head <br />[2010/01/24 17:55] Kermudgeon Baar: i will reapply my shape <br />[2010/01/24 17:55] Cursa Charisma: Yes, I had to adjust a dozen sliders last night after getting Cursa's "Size" right <br />[2010/01/24 17:55] Cursa Charisma: Head size is the biggie <br />[2010/01/24 17:56] Svetlana Pleides: da.. I need to do calucations.. figure out best way to scale down. <br />[2010/01/24 17:56] Svetlana Pleides: you see my head is same size. <br />[2010/01/24 17:56] Cursa Charisma: Trial and error, and save the good results <br />[2010/01/24 17:56] Cursa Charisma: Akasha and I helped each other last night, and it worked really well <br />[2010/01/24 17:56] Svetlana Pleides: well I have idea to test out.. <br />[2010/01/24 17:57] Kermudgeon Baar: thats's what she said <br />[2010/01/24 17:57] Reiko Soyinka: Head size is going to be a problem because it depends on several things...including general racial genetics. <br />[2010/01/24 17:57] Cursa Charisma: LOL, "Jerusalem" on the stream! <br />[2010/01/24 17:57] Cursa Charisma: Your de facto national anthem, Hachi <br />[2010/01/24 17:57] Heihachi Nakamura: hm <br />[2010/01/24 17:57] Heihachi Nakamura: *listens* :p <br />[2010/01/24 17:57] Heihachi Nakamura: ugh <br />[2010/01/24 17:57] Heihachi Nakamura: wait...wait... <br />[2010/01/24 17:57] Heihachi Nakamura: no <br />[2010/01/24 17:58] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male' <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Heihachi Nakamura: damn clockwork orange scene stuck in my head <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'. <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Allen Kerensky: all right, I'm back off to the wilderness <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Cursa Charisma: And GBU! <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Allen Kerensky: waves <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Cursa Charisma: Peace, Allie <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Svetlana Pleides: have fun Allen.. <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Reiko Soyinka: This is the second spaghetti western. <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Cursa Charisma: I'll be over to shoot that troll again soon <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Heihachi Nakamura: lol <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male' <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Heihachi Nakamura: i might have a go too <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Cursa Charisma: The ultimate spaghetti Western <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Allen Kerensky no longer detected in range of Top Room Sensor 2. <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Cursa Charisma: Weber is great ,Hachi <br />[2010/01/24 17:59] Heihachi Nakamura: often use the MP40 on trolls :p <br />[2010/01/24 18:00] Reiko Soyinka: The comic one... <br />[2010/01/24 18:00] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Could not find animation '*AW* Stand Arms Folded - Male'. <br />[2010/01/24 18:00] Reiko Soyinka: For A Few Dollars More. <br />[2010/01/24 18:00] Heihachi Nakamura: the good the bad and the ugly :p <br />[2010/01/24 18:00] Cursa Charisma: Yes <br />[2010/01/24 18:00] Heihachi Nakamura: try and beat it, you won't <br />[2010/01/24 18:00] Cursa Charisma: Definitely the greatest <br />[2010/01/24 18:00] Cursa Charisma: And the music <br />[2010/01/24 18:00] Reiko Soyinka: pffft <br />[2010/01/24 18:00] Svetlana Pleides: I need to RL a bit.. be back soon.. <br />[2010/01/24 18:00] Reiko Soyinka: matter of opinion. <br />[2010/01/24 18:00] Heihachi Nakamura: ooh <br />[2010/01/24 18:01] Kermudgeon Baar: ok svet <br />[2010/01/24 18:01] Cursa Charisma: OK, Svetka, thanks for coming by <br />[2010/01/24 18:01] Heihachi Nakamura: black and white martial arts film on <br />[2010/01/24 18:01] Cursa Charisma: "Ingrown Toenail of the Dragon", Hachi? <br />[2010/01/24 18:01] Cursa Charisma grins <br />[2010/01/24 18:01] Heihachi Nakamura: oh damn it's in colour <br />[2010/01/24 18:02] Top Room Sensor v1.02: Svetlana Pleides no longer detected in range of Top Room Sensor 2. <br />[2010/01/24 18:04] Cursa Charisma: Thank you all for coming out, I need to go get cleaned up before the dance. Feel free to relax here at any time, and please do tell me your ideas about future events <br />[2010/01/24 18:04] Cursa Charisma bows formally <br /> <div style='clear: both;'></div> </div> <div class='post-footer'> <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'> <span class='post-author vcard'> Posted by <span class='fn' itemprop='author' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype=''> <meta content='' itemprop='url'/> <a class='g-profile' href='' rel='author' title='author profile'> <span itemprop='name'>medeawarwillow</span> </a> </span> </span> <span class='post-timestamp'> at <meta content='' itemprop='url'/> <a class='timestamp-link' href='' rel='bookmark' title='permanent link'><abbr class='published' itemprop='datePublished' title='2010-01-25T15:40:00-08:00'>3:40 PM</abbr></a> </span> <span class='reaction-buttons'> </span> <span class='post-comment-link'> <a class='comment-link' href='' onclick=''> No comments: </a> </span> <span class='post-backlinks post-comment-link'> </span> <span class='post-icons'> <span class='item-control blog-admin pid-1498935444'> <a href='' title='Edit Post'> <img alt='' class='icon-action' height='18' src='' width='18'/> </a> </span> </span> <div class='post-share-buttons goog-inline-block'> </div> </div> <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-2'> <span class='post-labels'> </span> </div> <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'> <span class='post-location'> </span> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class='post-outer'> <div class='post hentry uncustomized-post-template' itemprop='blogPost' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype=''> <meta content='4476412909731348049' itemprop='blogId'/> <meta content='7039963844858317442' itemprop='postId'/> <a name='7039963844858317442'></a> <h3 class='post-title entry-title' itemprop='name'> <a href=''>Jan.17, 2010 Topic "2010:Whither SL RP?"</a> </h3> <div class='post-header'> <div class='post-header-line-1'></div> </div> <div class='post-body entry-content' id='post-body-7039963844858317442' itemprop='description articleBody'> On Sunday, January 17, 2010, a discussion was held at the Role Play Nexus on the theme, "2010: Whither SL RP?".<br /><br />Attending were:<br />-----------------<br />Allen Kerensky<br />Anastasia Horngold<br />AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder<br />Blue Myanamotu<br />CoolLuke Sands<br />Cursa Charisma<br />Dain Bellic<br />Dongs Avon<br />Draxamus Eros<br />Errafel Eccleston<br />fabelle Aquila<br />Finnius Maximus<br />Frisbee Zapedzki<br />Ganon Verstandig<br />Heihachi Nakamura<br />Heinrich Soup<br />Joelle Tardis<br />JohnnySecretAgent009<br />Mikie Rhiadra<br />MistressBrazen Bondar<br />Norm Bombastic<br />Operating Thetan<br />Quentin Foulsbane<br />Reiko Soyinka<br />Sylauxe Zhao<br />Stahi Columbia<br />startspy Turbo<br />Vimala Dasmijn<br />Zoey Helgerud<br /><br /><br />trancript begins (1 of 2)<br /><br />[2010/01/17 17:44] Cursa Charisma: Welcome<br />[2010/01/17 17:44] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: Thank you, I'm a little early.<br />[2010/01/17 17:45] Cursa Charisma: No problem<br />[2010/01/17 17:45] Cursa Charisma: Feel free to touch the various posters and images for transcripts from previous events, and general information<br />[2010/01/17 17:57] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: Hello again.<br />[2010/01/17 17:58] Cursa Charisma: Welcome back<br />[2010/01/17 17:58] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: Do you expect a large gathering tonight?<br />[2010/01/17 17:58] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, fabelle<br />[2010/01/17 17:58] Cursa Charisma: People usually drift in for the first five minutes or so<br />[2010/01/17 17:58] Cursa Charisma: We typically have about a dozen participants<br />[2010/01/17 17:58] Cursa Charisma: Hi, Joelle!<br />[2010/01/17 17:58] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: So this isn't the first meeting about rp in sl?<br />[2010/01/17 17:58] Joelle Tardis: Hi<br />[2010/01/17 17:58] Joelle Tardis: Baroun will be here in a bit<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] fabelle Aquila: Hi and thank you<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] Cursa Charisma: No, no. We started last September<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] Joelle Tardis: He is doing a HTCS Demo<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] Cursa Charisma: Thanks, Joelle<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] Cursa Charisma: I know - I teased him that I couldn't be there<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] Cursa Charisma: Blue-chan!<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] Cursa Charisma: Yokoso<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] Blue Myanamotu: Hi Hi Cursa! ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: I wonder, what comes out of these discussions?<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] Blue Myanamotu: I'm dragging Ganon along too.<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] Blue Myanamotu: Hello everyone. ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Zac<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] Zac Wilcke: Hey!<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: Hello everyone.<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] fabelle Aquila: Hi :)<br />[2010/01/17 17:59] Cursa Charisma: Hi, Tabby!<br />[2010/01/17 18:00] Tabitha Diesel: hiya curse<br />[2010/01/17 18:00] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: Hello Fabelle, nice to see you.<br />[2010/01/17 18:00] Tabitha Diesel: soon as i can see I'll sit down:P<br />[2010/01/17 18:00] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Ganon!<br />[2010/01/17 18:00] Cursa Charisma: HI, Luke!<br />[2010/01/17 18:00] fabelle Aquila smiles<br />[2010/01/17 18:00] CoolLuke Sands: Hello<br />[2010/01/17 18:00] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: I'm gonna grab a seat.<br />[2010/01/17 18:00] CoolLuke Sands: still rezzing<br />[2010/01/17 18:00] Cursa Charisma: Please sit wherever you like<br />[2010/01/17 18:00] Tabitha Diesel: beautiful dress miss blue<br />[2010/01/17 18:01] Blue Myanamotu sits in Cursa's lap.<br />[2010/01/17 18:01] Cursa Charisma: The audio stream will be movie soundtracks<br />[2010/01/17 18:01] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly<br />[2010/01/17 18:01] Blue Myanamotu: Awws, thankies, Tabitha! ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 18:01] Cursa Charisma: To cuddle with the tiger, Blue?<br />[2010/01/17 18:01] Cursa Charisma: hehe<br />[2010/01/17 18:01] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Sylauxe<br />[2010/01/17 18:01] Blue Myanamotu grins. "Always. Ganon's very cuddly. Err, as long as he's fed." ^.-<br />[2010/01/17 18:01] Sylauxe Zhao: hi, thanks<br />[2010/01/17 18:01] Cursa Charisma: Welcome Dongs, hey, Medea!<br />[2010/01/17 18:02] Medea Warwillow: Hihi!<br />[2010/01/17 18:02] Dongs Avon: Hello<br />[2010/01/17 18:02] Ganon Verstandig purrrrs.<br />[2010/01/17 18:02] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Vimala<br />[2010/01/17 18:02] Ganon Verstandig tummy-rumbles. o.o<br />[2010/01/17 18:02] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Frisbee!<br />[2010/01/17 18:03] Blue Myanamotu: Hi Hi Medea! It's been forever since I've seen you! ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 18:03] Joelle Tardis: Sorry Don't think Baroun would like that<br />[2010/01/17 18:03] Blue Myanamotu hands Ganon a Renjai snax.<br />[2010/01/17 18:03] Joelle Tardis grins<br />[2010/01/17 18:03] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Mikie!<br />[2010/01/17 18:03] Medea Warwillow: Hi Blue!!<br />[2010/01/17 18:03] CoolLuke Sands: (PHONE....BRB)<br />[2010/01/17 18:03] Cursa Charisma: hb, Luke<br />[2010/01/17 18:03] Cursa Charisma: The cushion are all pose items, courtesy of Medea<br />[2010/01/17 18:03] Blue Myanamotu: You lookin' gorgeous as ever, Medea. ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 18:03] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Quentin!<br />[2010/01/17 18:04] Quentin Foulsbane: hello invisibles and grey's<br />[2010/01/17 18:04] Medea Warwillow: Back at ya Blue!<br />[2010/01/17 18:04] Zac Wilcke: Hi everyone<br />[2010/01/17 18:04] Medea Warwillow: lagg is killing me.<br />[2010/01/17 18:04] Cursa Charisma: We seem to have lost Operating Thetan<br />[2010/01/17 18:04] To Alt, or Not to Alt?: Mikie Rhiadra, here is the transcript of this Nexus talk<br />[2010/01/17 18:04] Cursa Charisma: Does that mean we're clear?<br />[2010/01/17 18:04] Blue Myanamotu rests her head on Ganon's shoulder.<br />[2010/01/17 18:04] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Reiko<br />[2010/01/17 18:05] Ganon Verstandig purrrs...<br />[2010/01/17 18:05] Medea Warwillow: Hihi Reiko<br />[2010/01/17 18:05] Cursa Charisma: Hey, Hachi<br />[2010/01/17 18:05] Reiko Soyinka: Hihi, all.<br />[2010/01/17 18:05] Keepin' It Virtual: Operating Thetan, the line between role-play and offline relationships is one of the dilemmas of Second Life<br />[2010/01/17 18:05] Medea Warwillow: Nice entrance, Heihachi.<br />[2010/01/17 18:05] Joelle Tardis grins<br />[2010/01/17 18:05] Sentry Swashbuckler accepted your inventory offer.<br />[2010/01/17 18:05] Heihachi Nakamura: hm?<br />[2010/01/17 18:05] Furry Shogun: Operating Thetan, Feudal Nippon is enriching itself with RP<br />[2010/01/17 18:05] Heihachi Nakamura: oh i see<br />[2010/01/17 18:05] SL Gigantism: Zac Wilcke, many SL users do not realize just how tall their avatars are<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] Joelle Tardis: well since mine is my rl hubby and sl partner I have no real line to speak of<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] SL Gigantism: Operating Thetan, many SL users do not realize just how tall their avatars are<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: Oh, that's funny tunes.<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] Total Fuckwad Theory: Operating Thetan, Penny Arcade is the source for this important piece of wisdom. The article references a learned thesis, which can be read online<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: 8 bit graphics, I remember those.<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] Dain Bellic: Thanks<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] Living in a bunker: Zac Wilcke, online RP can become an obsession - keeping perspective is important<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] Cursa Charisma: No problem, find a seat once you rez in<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] Zac Wilcke: When will this discussion start?<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] Dain Bellic: Kk<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] Teetopwillie Neiro accepted your inventory offer.<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] Heihachi Nakamura: snooping as usual I see Cursa<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] Cursa Charisma: Well, let's get started right now<br />[2010/01/17 18:06] Reiko Soyinka: When it stops raining peopple?<br />[2010/01/17 18:07] Medea Warwillow grins<br />[2010/01/17 18:07] Joelle Tardis nods<br />[2010/01/17 18:07] Cursa Charisma: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the Role Play Nexus<br />[2010/01/17 18:07] Frisbee Zapedzki: good evening<br />[2010/01/17 18:07] To Alt, or Not to Alt?: Operating Thetan, here is the transcript of this Nexus talk<br />[2010/01/17 18:07] Living in a bunker: Operating Thetan, online RP can become an obsession - keeping perspective is important<br />[2010/01/17 18:07] Dongs Avon: salut<br />[2010/01/17 18:07] To Alt, or Not to Alt?: Operating Thetan, should different RP characters be represented by different avatars?<br />[2010/01/17 18:07] Cursa Charisma: We will be keeping a transcript of our discussion, and it will be available here afterward<br />[2010/01/17 18:07] What is RP in SL?: Operating Thetan, here is the transcript of this Nexus talk<br />[2010/01/17 18:07] CoolLuke Sands: (BACK)<br />[2010/01/17 18:07] Cursa Charisma: wb, Luke<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] Role-play Strengths: Operating Thetan, role-play is recognized as a powerful learning tool<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] CoolLuke Sands: ty<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] Cursa Charisma: We also have a blog of transcripts of our events<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] Map as TP hub: Operating Thetan, Flotsam Beach is a great example for RP places to learn from<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] Tabitha Diesel: wb<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] Reiko Soyinka: Me bonks operating Thetan.<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] Cursa Charisma: Courtesy, again, of Medea!<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] Medea Warwillow: :)<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] Cursa Charisma: Medea, please give everyone the URL, and everyone, please give Medea a round of applause<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] Reiko Soyinka cheers Dea.<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] Joelle Tardis claps<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] Frisbee Zapedzki: *claps 4 u*<br />[2010/01/17 18:08] Heihachi Nakamura: alles fur ein stahl und eines vaterland<br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Tabitha Diesel applauds<br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Cursa Charisma: Danke, Hachi<br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Joelle Tardis: *•.¸('*•.¸ ♥ ¸.•*´)¸`*•.¸ <br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Joelle Tardis: .•*♥¨`•FANTASTIC!°•´¨` ♥.<br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Joelle Tardis: <br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Joelle Tardis: ¸.•*(¸.•*´ ♥ `*•.¸)`*•.¸ <br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Joelle Tardis: fantastic<br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Blue Myanamotu: WOOT!!! ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Cursa Charisma: Our format tonight is a panel discussion<br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Medea Warwillow:<br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Cursa Charisma: And there's the blog URL!<br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Heihachi Nakamura: mein prasident i can walk!<br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly<br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Medea Warwillow is being killed by lag.<br />[2010/01/17 18:09] Cursa Charisma: Hang in there, Medea<br />[2010/01/17 18:10] Blue Myanamotu turns off her AO and radar to help minimize lag.<br />[2010/01/17 18:10] Cursa Charisma: What we will do is to ask several of our participants to give short (5 minute) talks on their views of where RP in SL is, and is headed, in this new year<br />[2010/01/17 18:10] Cursa Charisma: Thank you, Blue, that's a great idea<br />[2010/01/17 18:10] Zac Wilcke: can i speak<br />[2010/01/17 18:10] Cursa Charisma: Please do, Zac<br />[2010/01/17 18:10] Blue Myanamotu: ^.^ Also removing scripted items helps too.<br />[2010/01/17 18:10] Zac Wilcke: Ok, just tell me when<br />[2010/01/17 18:10] Heihachi Nakamura: telll ya something i think thetan should get some kind of award for lag free avatars<br />[2010/01/17 18:10] Cursa Charisma: Would you like to go first?<br />[2010/01/17 18:11] DeLynne Marksman accepted your inventory offer.<br />[2010/01/17 18:11] Zac Wilcke: If nobody else wants to, sure<br />[2010/01/17 18:11] Cursa Charisma: If you'd like to tell us the rp you're doing and your main interests, then your thoughts, that would be great.<br />[2010/01/17 18:11] Zac Wilcke: Well, I run a super mario bros. RP<br />[2010/01/17 18:12] Finnius Maximus: good morrow<br />[2010/01/17 18:12] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Finnius<br />[2010/01/17 18:12] Zac Wilcke: There have been several other video game RP areas, but i had never seen one for mario!!<br />[2010/01/17 18:12] Dongs Avon: groovy concept<br />[2010/01/17 18:12] Zac Wilcke: I like to think of myself as mario irl too<br />[2010/01/17 18:12] Dain Bellic: Lol<br />[2010/01/17 18:13] Vimala Dasmijn: that sounds like a happening good time<br />[2010/01/17 18:13] Zac Wilcke: sometimes i even put on overalls and start smashing bricks<br />[2010/01/17 18:13] DylanFox Petrov accepted your inventory offer.<br />[2010/01/17 18:13] Zac Wilcke: but i digress<br />[2010/01/17 18:13] Finnius Maximus: do you jump on poor, unsuspecting mushrooms?<br />[2010/01/17 18:13] Zac Wilcke: I think SL still has the capability for advanced roleplay<br />[2010/01/17 18:13] Blue Myanamotu covers her mouth with the sleeve of her kimono to stifle a giggle.<br />[2010/01/17 18:13] Vimala Dasmijn: I had a pet turtle once<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Vimala Dasmijn: he was killed by people like you<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Finnius Maximus: please dont tell me you jumped on it<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Vimala Dasmijn: You should feel ashamed<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Finnius Maximus: :(<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Zac Wilcke: I do feel ashamed<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Laria Lusch accepted your inventory offer.<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Zac Wilcke: But I would like to get the thoughts of other people<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Allen<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Zac Wilcke: Can SL still be a viable RP platform??<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Medea Warwillow: Can I ask you a question Zac?<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Zac Wilcke: Yes<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Finnius Maximus: i like to RP that i'm happy sometimes<br />[2010/01/17 18:14] Medea Warwillow: Does your roleplay have a particular objective?<br />[2010/01/17 18:15] Vimala Dasmijn: I like to RP that I'm in a first world country and have sanitary water<br />[2010/01/17 18:15] Zac Wilcke: To save princess "toadstool" peach from the hands of the evil bowser<br />[2010/01/17 18:15] Finnius Maximus: but what if she's in another castle?<br />[2010/01/17 18:15] Medea Warwillow: So is that same scenario played out continuously? or over and over again?<br />[2010/01/17 18:15] Joelle Tardis looks at Allen and grins<br />[2010/01/17 18:16] Zac Wilcke: Sometimes, as finnius said, the princess is in another castle<br />[2010/01/17 18:16] Zac Wilcke: so we must find another castle and storm it<br />[2010/01/17 18:16] Medea Warwillow: Ah. Only one princess?<br />[2010/01/17 18:16] Vimala Dasmijn: well if you know the canon of Super Mario<br />[2010/01/17 18:16] Finnius Maximus: sounds fairly indepth as far as SL RPs go<br />[2010/01/17 18:16] Zac Wilcke: Yes, buit we alternate who gets to be the princess<br />[2010/01/17 18:16] Blue Myanamotu: don't storm the princess and leave the castle? *raises an eyebrow*<br />[2010/01/17 18:16] Blue Myanamotu: >.><br />[2010/01/17 18:16] Vimala Dasmijn: You'd know that there are TWO princesses, daisy and peach<br />[2010/01/17 18:16] Medea Warwillow: Ahhh oka.<br />[2010/01/17 18:17] Zac Wilcke: No, this isn't a gorean rp, Blue<br />[2010/01/17 18:17] Vimala Dasmijn: but daisy is reserved only for bi-annual tennis matches<br />[2010/01/17 18:17] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Stahi<br />[2010/01/17 18:17] Blue Myanamotu: Ooh. *rubs back of head* I was thinking more samurai...n' stuff. >.><br />[2010/01/17 18:17] Dongs Avon: most of the time i'm the princess<br />[2010/01/17 18:17] Dongs Avon: it's a role i was born to play<br />[2010/01/17 18:17] Vimala Dasmijn: There are no samurais in the Muchroom Kingdom, Blue.<br />[2010/01/17 18:18] Ganon Verstandig: There are ninja, though.<br />[2010/01/17 18:18] Vimala Dasmijn: I like to be Bowser, it makes me feel important<br />[2010/01/17 18:18] Cursa Charisma: OK, I think we have an idea of where Zac sees RP going in 2010<br />[2010/01/17 18:18] Sylauxe Zhao: lol<br />[2010/01/17 18:18] Medea Warwillow: Is there a grand storyline above each of the "saving of the princess" missions?<br />[2010/01/17 18:18] Medea Warwillow: Not necessarily grand, but ongoing?<br />[2010/01/17 18:18] Finnius Maximus: i like villainous roles, so i could see myself as a goomba, or maybe a phanto!<br />[2010/01/17 18:18] Zac Wilcke: The princess is always getting captured, we don't have time for anything else<br />[2010/01/17 18:18] Vimala Dasmijn: I think you would be best as a lakitu, Finnius<br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Operating Thetan: Phantos have freaked me out ever since I was a kid<br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Ganon Verstandig: Blue would be Wendy O. Koopa. :V<br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Blue Myanamotu: the ninja execute, sabotage and spy?<br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Ganon Verstandig: Er, no.<br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Ganon Verstandig: They jump in place and are star-shaped.<br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Operating Thetan: I'd get the key and then aaaaahhhh<br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Sylauxe Zhao: lol<br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Dongs Avon: phantos are really nice<br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Ganon Verstandig: In some Mario games you can jump on their heads and pick them up and throw them at other enemies.<br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Vimala Dasmijn: Sheesh Blue, don't you know anything about ninjas?<br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Blue Myanamotu rubs back of head. I guess, no katana and sharp pointy weapons and things that make you go ouchie either.... >.><br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Dongs Avon: there was a guy roleplaying with me as one it was really nice<br />[2010/01/17 18:19] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Startspy<br />[2010/01/17 18:20] Blue Myanamotu: >.> *lies* No. Nothing. nothing at all about ninjas....<br />[2010/01/17 18:20] Medea Warwillow: Thats interesting Zac. Definately different than any rp I've done.<br />[2010/01/17 18:20] Ganon Verstandig: Though there are Samurai in uh...<br />[2010/01/17 18:20] Ganon Verstandig: Super Paper Mario?<br />[2010/01/17 18:20] Cursa Charisma: Alright, time is limited, so let's hear now from CoolLuke Sands. Luke is an administrator in the Firefly RP group<br />[2010/01/17 18:20] Ganon Verstandig: ... Yep.<br />[2010/01/17 18:20] Cursa Charisma: Luke?<br />[2010/01/17 18:20] CoolLuke Sands: Thanks Cursa<br />[2010/01/17 18:20] Cursa Charisma nods<br />[2010/01/17 18:20] Allen Kerensky: Free ? block for Mario fans here:<br />[2010/01/17 18:20] CoolLuke Sands: Im just here to share my experience and advice<br />[2010/01/17 18:21] Cursa Charisma nods<br />[2010/01/17 18:21] CoolLuke Sands: I am part of a group of sims that RPs based off of the FIREFLY tv show/SERENITY Movie<br />[2010/01/17 18:21] CoolLuke Sands: We have several sims that are seperately owned but we cooperate in a general RP and groups and such<br />[2010/01/17 18:22] CoolLuke Sands: The biggest challenge is cooperation<br />[2010/01/17 18:22] Cursa Charisma nods<br />[2010/01/17 18:22] Finnius Maximus: you're roleplaying space pirates<br />[2010/01/17 18:22] Ganon Verstandig: I hear that.<br />[2010/01/17 18:22] Allen Kerensky: ... massive understatement<br />[2010/01/17 18:22] Finnius Maximus: they rarely cooperate<br />[2010/01/17 18:22] Dain Bellic: Maybe a better form of a com , that works on every SIM on the grid.<br />[2010/01/17 18:22] Dain Bellic: We have that tech.<br />[2010/01/17 18:22] CoolLuke Sands: you will have sim admins taht will go along with the genreal flow of the RP and then others who want a nazi like control<br />[2010/01/17 18:22] Vimala Dasmijn: We don't have cooperation problems with Mario<br />[2010/01/17 18:23] CoolLuke Sands: and not just pirates, but smugglers, colonists, Alliance Military, politicians, companions, etc<br />[2010/01/17 18:23] Cursa Charisma nods<br />[2010/01/17 18:23] Heinrich Soup: Can we refrain from saying things like nazi? My grandfather was killed in a concentration camp when he fell off a guard tower<br />[2010/01/17 18:23] Dain Bellic: It sounds to me all about the system admins for removing the bad from that.<br />[2010/01/17 18:23] Norm Bombastic: I was the princess once<br />[2010/01/17 18:23] Sylauxe Zhao: Yes, but to be fair this mario rp sounds a bit less complicated, not that there's anything wrong with that<br />[2010/01/17 18:23] Norm Bombastic: that round sucked<br />[2010/01/17 18:23] Dain Bellic: Prune them up<br />[2010/01/17 18:23] Vimala Dasmijn: Maybe your RP is too complicated<br />[2010/01/17 18:23] Frisbee Zapedzki: im also interested inhearing more about the mario rp<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Dain Bellic: Vimala, it's all different based on theme<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Zoey<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Dain Bellic: Mario is as it is<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Heinrich Soup cuddles up to Norms fuzzy black chest<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Draxamus Eros: I just watched a six-part documentary on nazis the other day!<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Blue Myanamotu wonders why pirates and cooperate are in the same context. >.><br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Vimala Dasmijn: Why do you need guns when you can jump on your enemies?<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Sylauxe Zhao: that's...good to hear drax<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Norm Bombastic: get dis niggas hand off my dick<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Baroun Tardis: because bullets go farther than I can jump<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Dain Bellic: Okayy<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Allen Kerensky: Mario used a hammer in Donkey Kong<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Cursa Charisma: Luke, can you tell us what your plans are for the year?<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Allen Kerensky: or is that too old school for the crowd?<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Frisbee Zapedzki: dont forget red, green, and blue shells<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Ganon Verstandig: Well, you know, Sonic said the same thing, but then they gave Tails a mechsuit...<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Vimala Dasmijn: you can use the tanuki outfit<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] CoolLuke Sands: Well my advice is that if you are going to work with a group to make an RP happen you need base rules, respect, and I highly recommend allowing each sim to control the RP that happens in their sim<br />[2010/01/17 18:24] Draxamus Eros: I'm roleplaying a mario 64 penguin right now!<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Heinrich Soup: Would objects from Mario Kart be allowed in Mario Rp?<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Frisbee Zapedzki: yeah and when they gave tails the mechsuit they jumped the shark again<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Norm Bombastic: duck hugs 4ever<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Heinrich Soup: It's not exactly cannon<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Vimala Dasmijn: only on casual fridays, I think<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] CoolLuke Sands: sim admins hate being told what to do and kindly requesting on their assistance or thoughts or input to make an rp event happen works much better<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Reiko Soyinka: <---thinks that the Mario roleplay could stop about now so that we could hear other opinions.<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Sylauxe Zhao: some of this conversation seems to have gone off topic a bit, lol<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Cursa Charisma: This is Luke's time, yes<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Draxamus Eros: SAVE MY BABY<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Stahi Columbia: You mean "canon", Heinrich<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Frisbee Zapedzki: now hold on<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Finnius Maximus knows how to emote.<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Heinrich Soup: NO I MEAN CANNON<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Frisbee Zapedzki: we should stay on the subject of hte mario RP<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] CoolLuke Sands: Im all are obviously not done dicussing the Mario RP....Please finish so we can continue<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Joelle Tardis sighs<br />[2010/01/17 18:25] Zeno Baxton accepted your inventory offer.<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Norm Bombastic: nick cannon heh<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Norm Bombastic: heh<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Cursa Charisma: Frisbee, if you'd like, we can set aside a Sunday for discussion specifically of Mario RP in SL<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Joelle Tardis looks at Cursa<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Sylauxe Zhao: please let luke speak his turn<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Finnius Maximus: who's nick cannon?<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Vimala Dasmijn: i didn't like his show that much<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Cursa Charisma: Would you like to give a talk?<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Frisbee Zapedzki: that would be lovely!<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] You decline Kaiya Islands - THE WILD COAST NATURIST RESORT from A group member named Padraig Ashbourne.<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Frisbee Zapedzki: i have just a few more questions<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] HTCS Meter V1.01: Baroun Tardis signs: [Mario RP? Mario ? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot]<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Draxamus Eros: Well when I'm mario RPing, I have to really get into my role<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Frisbee Zapedzki: for you gentlemen speaking about the Mario RP<br />[2010/01/17 18:26] Blue Myanamotu: <~~~ totally lost and confused nao...<br />[2010/01/17 18:27] Frisbee Zapedzki: im curious as to know if careerer paths are integrated into your systems<br />[2010/01/17 18:27] Vimala Dasmijn: How do you build up to that point?<br />[2010/01/17 18:27] Ganon Verstandig: Didn't we have a scheduled speaker who intended to discuss the problems of sim politics on both IC and OOC levels?<br />[2010/01/17 18:27] Cursa Charisma: Frisbee, you're asking Luke?<br />[2010/01/17 18:27] Quentin Foulsbane: yep, I've lost track of everything Luke was saying cause of th other chatter, sorry<br />[2010/01/17 18:27] Frisbee Zapedzki: Plumber?<br />[2010/01/17 18:27] HTCS Meter V1.01: From Baroun Tardis:ooc: yeah, Mario RP...<br />[2010/01/17 18:27] Sylauxe Zhao: I think we should just reset the conversation and let Luke talk about his firefry group<br />[2010/01/17 18:27] Frisbee Zapedzki: Evil minion?<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] CoolLuke Sands: I am waiting for the MARIO RP talk to finish. They appear to have more they wanted to say<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Draxamus Eros: Anyway a problem we always have in our mario RPs is everyone always wants to be mario<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Ganon Verstandig: Everyone else, please shut the hell up and stop upstaging poor Luke.<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Draxamus Eros: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE MARIO<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Draxamus Eros: WE NEED MORE GOOMBAS<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Ganon Verstandig: Alright, it's his turn.<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Sylauxe Zhao: yes, this is berry rude<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Frisbee Zapedzki: mario rp have many jobes<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Blue Myanamotu: Please go ahead Luke.<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Cursa Charisma: After the individual presentations, we will have time for open discussion, and suggestions for future events<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Finnius Maximus: do you roleplay individuals characters from the show, or all new people with their own ideosyncracies?<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Norm Bombastic: why's mario gotta stay white<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Draxamus Eros: MORE GOOMBAS<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Norm Bombastic: I mean come on<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Joelle Tardis starts nodding off since she out hrew Mario when she out grew nintendo 64<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Heinrich Soup: White is obviously the best for a plumber<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Ganon Verstandig: All for muting Drax?<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Vimala Dasmijn: because he's italian<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Medea Warwillow: Sorry guys, lets keep the chatter contained to the topic at hand...after those who wish to speak have finished there is no time limit on the discussions afterwards.<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Stahi Columbia: This has become too silly.<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Frisbee Zapedzki: i think the selection of a mario RP charecter<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Frisbee Zapedzki: should reflect ones own personality<br />[2010/01/17 18:28] Ganon Verstandig facepalms...<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Cursa Charisma: Feel free to use Mute at your discretion, everyone<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Draxamus Eros: Hey Ganon this is mario RP not Zelda RP<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Frisbee Zapedzki: perhaps one who finds himself inside of a shell<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Frisbee Zapedzki: so to speak<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Frisbee Zapedzki: or<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Frisbee Zapedzki: one who is constatly flattened<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Quentin Foulsbane: yeah, was just doing that. Thanks Cursa<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Frisbee Zapedzki: could be some sort of goomba<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Frisbee Zapedzki: perhaps, koopa<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Finnius Maximus: i underatand the feeling frisbee<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Norm Bombastic: hey now zelda was an ageplayer in disguise<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] CoolLuke Sands: To Finnius.... Basically whatever character profession you wish to RP you can. We are very easy in letting people bring in what they want....within reason of course<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Frisbee Zapedzki: i remember when i was a kid<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Frisbee Zapedzki: and id pull the flag down<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Finnius Maximus: but can i be wash?<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Frisbee Zapedzki: i would get a feel of jubulation<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] CoolLuke Sands: some DD RP Sims are strict canon and others are loose on it<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Finnius Maximus: that all i want<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Frisbee Zapedzki: i think everyone in second life should pull down the flag<br />[2010/01/17 18:29] Reiko Soyinka: Why do I feel like we are being griefed.<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Blue Myanamotu: CoolLuke, how do you introduce new people into RP? I find that with new people, it can be rather an intimidating experience.<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Draxamus Eros: Ocarina of Time actually had some ageplay stuff going on<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Norm Bombastic: why do I ask questions I already know the answer to?<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Heinrich Soup: What are you feelings on the cast of mario RPs all being white? There's never any colored participants and I find that a bit disturbing<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Draxamus Eros: What was that bitch's name, Saria<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Sylauxe Zhao: wait...WHAT?!<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Draxamus Eros: SHE NEVER AGED<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] CoolLuke Sands: 'SOME FF RP SIMS I meant to say<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Ganon Verstandig: Because we honestly kind of are? But now that they're muted... we can get on with things.<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Draxamus Eros: BUT OBVIOUSLY STILL WANTED YOU<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Vimala Dasmijn: goombas are darker skinned<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Frisbee Zapedzki: there is a variation in species<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Finnius Maximus: toad was of color. i believe he was middle-eastern<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Frisbee Zapedzki: ahem<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Frisbee Zapedzki: could chose a more<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Heinrich Soup: Yes but goombas are mindless slaves who get stomped on by the very white mario<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Frisbee Zapedzki: "colored"<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Frisbee Zapedzki: charecter<br />[2010/01/17 18:30] Norm Bombastic: if I was a goomba i'd emancipate ourselves because wtf bowser is a jerk i hate him okk<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Joelle Tardis: my mute finger is getting tired<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Frisbee Zapedzki: i think the implimentation of more color in Mario RPs is important<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Draxamus Eros: Goombas are underappreciated<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Draxamus Eros: UNSUNG HEROES<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Sylauxe Zhao: I know, lol, wth is with all the mario talk?<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Finnius Maximus: so why did you decide on firefly? why not dollhouse?<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Frisbee Zapedzki: diversity is something in SL that isnt talked about enough<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Vimala Dasmijn: They really are an important role<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Heinrich Soup: We should create a new RP that revolves around the goombas life<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] HTCS Meter V1.01: From Baroun Tardis:ooc: muting Drax? or Frisbee or both?<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] CoolLuke Sands: To Blue..... we are fairly loose and improv in our RP storylines. There are occasionaly big RP events but you would be surprised the RP that arises from a simple bar night or statre dinner<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] CoolLuke Sands: state dinner<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Frisbee Zapedzki: perhaps if you guys opened your mind a bit more to the idea of a Mario RP<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Medea Warwillow interrupts. Is there anymore pertinent questions regarding roleplay trending in Mario or Firefly/Serenity?<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Norm Bombastic: WE SHALL OVERCOME<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Heinrich Soup: Shut up dakie<br />[2010/01/17 18:31] Heinrich Soup: darkie*<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Vimala Dasmijn: no one cares about goombas<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Sylauxe Zhao: HEY!<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Norm Bombastic: nigga get yo hand off my dick<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Vimala Dasmijn: we need to change that<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Khanah Aya accepted your inventory offer.<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Sylauxe Zhao: That is berry rude!<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Cursa Charisma: Heinrich, and Norm, you are violating community standards<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Sylauxe Zhao: *very, sorry<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Finnius Maximus: finally, i got my head bad<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Cursa Charisma: Please leave<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Frisbee Zapedzki: you all really should open your minds to mario rp<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Ganon Verstandig: There are no pertinent questions about the Mario thing, they're just deliberately upstaging Luke.<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] CoolLuke Sands: NORM!!! I am very offended by that kind of talk<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Norm Bombastic: I'll take Heinrich outside and slap his momma<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Frisbee Zapedzki: before you start smashign the mute button<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Draxamus Eros: Yeah get out<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Sylauxe Zhao: yeah, we don't need that potty talk<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Vimala Dasmijn: haters<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Vimala Dasmijn: they hate italians<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Vimala Dasmijn: that's it isn't it<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Frisbee Zapedzki: ill have to pray for the ignorance of each and every one of you tonight<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] MistressBrazen Bondar accepted your inventory offer.<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Joelle Tardis: My suggestion is the Ban button<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Finnius Maximus: wow<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Vimala Dasmijn: you hate italians<br />[2010/01/17 18:32] Finnius Maximus: i get it<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Vimala Dasmijn: that's disgusting<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Frisbee Zapedzki: god is forgiving<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Finnius Maximus: this is a fantastic RP session of the house of parliament<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] CoolLuke Sands: If there are no more questions about FF RP I am done<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Frisbee Zapedzki: what we speak of is the new rising of rp<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Frisbee Zapedzki: Mario RP<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Blue Myanamotu: So is Firefly an Immersion sim, or a mix of both? It's something I've wondered because in Nippon, it is difficult to set the tone. People get intimidated by roleplay, and in immersion, at least in Nippon, it scares people off.<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Frisbee Zapedzki: Mario RP will spring up everywhere<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Norm Bombastic: I rule in favor of the majority that mario rp should be replaced with garfield rp<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Frisbee Zapedzki: Well Blue<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Frisbee Zapedzki: back to the topic of Mairo RP...<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Vimala Dasmijn: All our voices will cry in unison<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Ganon Verstandig nods at Luke. "Yeah, big planned RPs are nice and all, but what we're trying to do in Nippon is also to encourage people to RP at places like the noodle house.<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Vimala Dasmijn: MAMA MIA<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Vimala Dasmijn: they'll shout<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Draxamus Eros: WHERE'S MY PURSE<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Frisbee Zapedzki: there is no need to be intimidated by mario RP<br />[2010/01/17 18:33] Joelle Tardis: Cool it sounds to me like the FF sims need to talk to Baroun and Allen about the HTCS Meter<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Frisbee Zapedzki: its something even kids can get into<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Frisbee Zapedzki: mario is familiar with all ages<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Frisbee Zapedzki: so anyone can hop in and enjoy<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Finnius Maximus: you have a noodle house?<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Cursa Charisma: Remember, everyone, you can mute at your discretion<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Finnius Maximus: awesome!<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Joelle Tardis: It would adress some of the issues you mentioned<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] CoolLuke Sands: To Blue.... it depends on the FF Sim you are in. Again, each sim runs their own style of RP and intensity so its an explore and find the one that best suits you<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Ganon Verstandig laughs, "Like the leftmost quarter of my screen is gray.<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Medea Warwillow: Frisbee, we are going to move on and let Joelle have the floor, as soon as Luke is through.<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Frisbee Zapedzki: Please, medea<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Frisbee Zapedzki: let me finish<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Frisbee Zapedzki: Think of the possibillities:<br />[2010/01/17 18:34] Vimala Dasmijn: this is very important to us<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] CoolLuke Sands: I am done.<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Frisbee Zapedzki: For the small fee of 10,000L<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Finnius Maximus: :(<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Frisbee Zapedzki: i can install a full mario rp setup<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Finnius Maximus: but i wanted to know more<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Frisbee Zapedzki: for anyone here<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Stahi Columbia: A wop running around and jumping on random creatures isn't a very fun RP option. Firefly, or anything Sci-Fi is way more interesting.<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Norm Bombastic: frisbee it turns out that youre not luigi<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Frisbee Zapedzki: Now<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Frisbee Zapedzki: Many of you are probably thinking<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Medea Warwillow: I know...but we have a time limit for each speaker, and when each have finished the floor will open for discussion<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Medea Warwillow: You can talk about Mario as much as you like then.<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Keepin' It Virtual: Dongs Avon, the line between role-play and offline relationships is one of the dilemmas of Second Life<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Heinrich Soup: I think Mario is pretty racist. He's a pretty steriotypical image of an Italian<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] CoolLuke Sands: Thank you for having me tonight. I hope you have a good evening all.<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Frisbee Zapedzki: Please medea this is important<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Medea Warwillow: Joelle, you wished to speak?<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Frisbee Zapedzki: I need the floor<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Heinrich Soup: We should replace him with a more white, American character<br />[2010/01/17 18:35] Frisbee Zapedzki: I'm helping break RP ground<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Joelle Tardis: ?me grins<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Frisbee Zapedzki: IN seocnd life<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Avatar ejected.<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Vimala Dasmijn: That's even more racist<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Joelle Tardis: hello Everyone<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Finnius Maximus: hi<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Joelle Tardis: I am Joelle<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Frisbee Zapedzki: everyone needs to remember<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Avatar ejected.<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Ganon Verstandig: Konnichiwa, Joelle.<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Sylauxe Zhao: I wouldn't mind getting a chance to talk about my RP in a bit, once everyone before me has had their turn :)<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Draxamus Eros: We should have black mario, blasting goombas away with his AK<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Joelle Tardis: I own a couple of RP sims One Sci-fi and one Gorean as well as admin on a couple of others<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Tabitha Diesel: if you'll excuse me I have another engagement to attend<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Falcon53 Neox accepted your inventory offer.<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Draxamus Eros: for the new edgier crowd<br />[2010/01/17 18:36] Avatar ejected.<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Joelle Tardis: I seee RP alive and well in 2010<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Cursa Charisma: There, I think we can proceed<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Finnius Maximus: what sort of scifi?<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Tabitha Diesel waves and poofs<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Cursa Charisma: Thanks, Joelle, please go on<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] HTCS Meter V1.01: From Baroun Tardis:ooc: wow, amazing how much easier this works when you mute<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Stahi Columbia: I've got a question.. Is there anyplace to engage in roleplay dealing with the Re-Imagined Battlestar Galactica series?<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Cursa Charisma: See you, Tabby<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Stahi<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Cursa Charisma: Several<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Cursa Charisma: Let's discuss that later<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Stahi Columbia: Oh cool.<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Joelle Tardis: And I see more intelligent RP SIms opening everyday<br />[2010/01/17 18:37] Cursa Charisma nods<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Stahi Columbia: Far too many Star Trek RPs around nowadays. Need something fresh.<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Joelle Tardis: Interactive RP Is growing<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Stahi Columbia: Stargate works too.<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Brazen<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Joelle Tardis: Many More Sims are Interacting as Well<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Sylauxe Zhao: so, who's turn to talk is it now?<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] MistressBrazen Bondar: thanks<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Cursa Charisma: Joelle's, Sy<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Finnius Maximus: stargate would tie in marvelously with the inset game mechanics of second life<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Reiko Soyinka: Question.<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Baroun Tardis points to Joelle -> she has the floor<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Sylauxe Zhao: okey-doke :)<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Joelle Tardis sighs<br />[2010/01/17 18:38] Avatar ejected.<br />[2010/01/17 18:39] Blue Myanamotu: Please go ahead Joelle. ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 18:39] Joelle Tardis: Meters Like the HTCS is taking Interactive RP to whole New Levels<br />[2010/01/17 18:39] Zac Wilcke: im a big fan of HTCS<br />[2010/01/17 18:39] Baroun Tardis waves to Zac<br />[2010/01/17 18:40] Ganon Verstandig has never heard of it, but is intrigued. o.o<br />[2010/01/17 18:40] Joelle Tardis: Places like the Nexus are opening up Communication between Sim Owners and Admins and I see this affecting RP in a positive way<br />[2010/01/17 18:40] Blue Myanamotu: Please, could you tell us about HTCS?<br />[2010/01/17 18:40] Reiko Soyinka: later, Blue.<br />[2010/01/17 18:40] Baroun Tardis: After the meeting, i'd be glad to<br />[2010/01/17 18:40] Joelle Tardis: HTCS is a Interactive RP Meter<br />[2010/01/17 18:40] Cursa Charisma: Yes<br />[2010/01/17 18:40] Blue Myanamotu: Alright. ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 18:41] Joelle Tardis: and Baroun and Allen are both very good at answering questions about it after the meeting<br />[2010/01/17 18:41] Joelle Tardis: ?me grins<br />[2010/01/17 18:41] Baroun Tardis nods to Allen<br />[2010/01/17 18:41] Joelle Tardis laughs<br />[2010/01/17 18:41] Stahi Columbia: Got quiet.<br />[2010/01/17 18:42] Ganon Verstandig: We're listening to Joelle. :P<br />[2010/01/17 18:42] Joelle Tardis: And really that is my point, I see Positive things happening in the Rp communities that have a player base with IQs over that of the average 5 YO<br />[2010/01/17 18:42] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Joelle, if you could tell us a bit about your sims<br />[2010/01/17 18:42] Allen Kerensky: hey! I am 5y.o. in SL<br />[2010/01/17 18:42] Reiko Soyinka grins<br />[2010/01/17 18:42] Joelle Tardis: And I think thats all I wanted to say<br />[2010/01/17 18:42] Stahi Columbia: I'm not hearing anything. o.O<br />[2010/01/17 18:42] Stahi Columbia: Oh.<br />[2010/01/17 18:42] Stahi Columbia: I was out of range.<br />[2010/01/17 18:42] Joelle Tardis grins<br />[2010/01/17 18:42] Medea Warwillow: Is that between mostly sim admins, Joelle, or playersas well?<br />[2010/01/17 18:43] Joelle Tardis: I see positive interaction with both<br />[2010/01/17 18:43] Joelle Tardis: and am happy to see it<br />[2010/01/17 18:43] Zoey Helgerud: I've been trying to set up a very specific RPG, but I haven't had any luck trying to figure out how to set it up.<br />[2010/01/17 18:44] Blue Myanamotu: We've been doing similar in our sim, Zoey.<br />[2010/01/17 18:44] Cursa Charisma: What genre, Zoey?<br />[2010/01/17 18:44] Joelle Tardis: please no more nintendo...<br />[2010/01/17 18:44] Zoey Helgerud: It was going to be sort of a dark RP that would be like, underwater, and be about scuba divers<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] Joelle Tardis sighs in relief<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] Medea Warwillow: Interesting. Definately different.<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] Joelle Tardis nods<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] Baroun Tardis nods to Zoey, "Sort of like... darn, what's the movie, witht he underwater lab and sea monster...."<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] Allen Kerensky: Deepstar Six<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] Cursa Charisma: Abyss?<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] JJ Zackerly gave you Sunday Night Shindig!.<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] Vimala Dasmijn: Jaws?<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] Allen Kerensky: Leviathan<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] Sylauxe Zhao: bioshock?<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] Zoey Helgerud: a little of both<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] Baroun Tardis: Leviathan<br />[2010/01/17 18:45] Medea Warwillow: hehe, so there are a few.<br />[2010/01/17 18:46] Ganon Verstandig: Sphere?<br />[2010/01/17 18:46] Blue Myanamotu: WATERWORLD! >.><br />[2010/01/17 18:46] Vimala Dasmijn: The Cube?<br />[2010/01/17 18:46] Baroun Tardis nods, "So popular in the mainstream"<br />[2010/01/17 18:46] Vimala Dasmijn: Saw II?<br />[2010/01/17 18:46] Zoey Helgerud: but I can't figure out how it would work, where some people would be going around in SCUBA gear, some would be like, sharks or sea monsters, and then some might be like, whalers or something<br />[2010/01/17 18:46] Medea Warwillow: That ties in to what I was going t talk about ery well.<br />[2010/01/17 18:47] Allen Kerensky: (to Zoey) IM me later, and I can send you some ideas<br />[2010/01/17 18:47] Cursa Charisma: Excellent, Allen!<br />[2010/01/17 18:47] Cursa Charisma: Well, let's hear about ancient historical RP from Medea<br />[2010/01/17 18:47] Joelle Tardis looks to Medea with interest<br />[2010/01/17 18:47] Allen Kerensky: (to Zoey) specifically , look into the pen and paper game BLUE PLANET<br />[2010/01/17 18:47] Medea Warwillow: Actually, I have only a few remarks on that, the main thing i wanted to bring up was sim inspiration.<br />[2010/01/17 18:47] Medea Warwillow: I've definately noticed some trending in some of the sims inspired by movies.<br />[2010/01/17 18:48] Zoey Helgerud: Well, the thing is, I was kinda looking to incorporate a slightly sexual element into the RP<br />[2010/01/17 18:48] Joan Vhargon accepted your inventory offer.<br />[2010/01/17 18:48] Medea Warwillow: For example, this ast year hasseen the deise of most of he LOTR sims.<br />[2010/01/17 18:48] Medea Warwillow: And 2010 has been the birth o "Avatar" sims.<br />[2010/01/17 18:48] Medea Warwillow: *demis<br />[2010/01/17 18:48] Cursa Charisma nods<br />[2010/01/17 18:48] Medea Warwillow: *demise<br />[2010/01/17 18:48] Baroun Tardis thinks the LOTR sim demises match the advent of LOTRO<br />[2010/01/17 18:48] Joelle Tardis cringes but agrees<br />[2010/01/17 18:48] Medea Warwillow: I agree, Baroun.<br />[2010/01/17 18:49] Sylauxe Zhao: well fishfurs don't have a lot of rp places catered to them, you could really have a hit on your hands if you found a way to get the word out<br />[2010/01/17 18:49] Baroun Tardis worries about Avatar sims, but since Avatar video game is out, perhaps this will not be too bad<br />[2010/01/17 18:49] startspy Turbo: How can a fish be furry? please explain this to me as i am very confused now<br />[2010/01/17 18:49] Cursa Charisma: Medea, our friend Yaku reported encountering a Na'vi kajira<br />[2010/01/17 18:49] Cursa Charisma: What do you think about that?<br />[2010/01/17 18:49] Medea Warwillow: None of them seem to have quite started any real roleplay yet, but people ae excited aboutit.<br />[2010/01/17 18:50] Reiko Soyinka: We have also encountered Na'vi vampires.<br />[2010/01/17 18:50] Medea Warwillow: what term did we use...Gor-leaching?<br />[2010/01/17 18:50] Baroun Tardis: Ma<br />[2010/01/17 18:50] Medea Warwillow: Or just general leaching!<br />[2010/01/17 18:50] Baroun Tardis: Na'vi kajira?<br />[2010/01/17 18:50] IISS Utility/Survival kit belt 1.1 (HTCS) whispers: Baroun Tardis is Injecting Stimulant<br />[2010/01/17 18:50] Joelle Tardis really creinges being a Gorean purist<br />[2010/01/17 18:50] IISS Utility/Survival kit belt 1.1 (HTCS) whispers: MedSmall, MedSmall,<br />[2010/01/17 18:50] Baroun Tardis: gotta get my heard started<br />[2010/01/17 18:50] Baroun Tardis: heart<br />[2010/01/17 18:50] IISS Utility/Survival kit belt 1.1 (HTCS) whispers: Baroun Tardis is Using Defibulator<br />[2010/01/17 18:50] Cursa Charisma: Need help, Baroun?<br />[2010/01/17 18:51] Baroun Tardis: yeah, Na'vi gorean hit pretty hard<br />[2010/01/17 18:51] Medea Warwillow: hehe, No disrespect Joelle.<br />[2010/01/17 18:51] Joelle Tardis laughs<br />[2010/01/17 18:51] Reiko Soyinka: MEdea, will ask you about Gor-leaching, afterward.<br />[2010/01/17 18:51] Cursa Charisma: Well, this is the thing: furry and Gorean have taken on their own lives inside SL<br />[2010/01/17 18:51] Joelle Tardis: none taken by you dear now them.....<br />[2010/01/17 18:51] Baroun Tardis: the first time someone walks up to me and says,"I'm a Na'vi fox-furry kajira vampire", I'm just gonna keel over<br />[2010/01/17 18:51] Reiko Soyinka: and are mutating rapidly.<br />[2010/01/17 18:52] Cursa Charisma: Get ready for it, Baroun<br />[2010/01/17 18:52] Blue Myanamotu: O.o<br />[2010/01/17 18:52] Joelle Tardis: I am just sticking them with a pin from my veil<br />[2010/01/17 18:52] Joelle Tardis: and at least not in Kasra<br />[2010/01/17 18:52] Ganon Verstandig: I wonder how many sorceror-god vampiric Na'vi already exist.<br />[2010/01/17 18:52] Joelle Tardis: its against the Canon, I know where the an Button is<br />[2010/01/17 18:52] Blue Myanamotu: I'm not sure that would be enough....they may godmode their way out....<br />[2010/01/17 18:52] Medea Warwillow: I think because people (most, not all) are involved with so many different roleplays...its almost inevitable that certain things intertwine<br />[2010/01/17 18:53] Cursa Charisma: Yes, it's vital for sim owners and admins to maintain the basic integrity of their concepts<br />[2010/01/17 18:53] Baroun Tardis nods to Medea, "Ok, I'm a Third Imperium Scout who masquerades as a Gorean from time to time.. but just to export anti-aging drugs off-planet"<br />[2010/01/17 18:53] Joelle Tardis laughs<br />[2010/01/17 18:53] Cursa Charisma: welcome, Anastasia!<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Ganon Verstandig: I heard mixed things about the movie, to be honest. A lot of people say OH MY GOD IT'S GREAT, and others saying people are getting wowed by the graphics and therefore don't notice the mediocre plot and dialogue.<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Medea Warwillow: Something like avatar is interesting, because it leave roleplay channels open, and lays the foundation for the world to be created in SL.<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Sylauxe Zhao: I'm a tiger-dragon elf who fights Jedis<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Anastasia Horngold: Hello all!<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Joelle Tardis: and he fell in love with a welathy, influential woman there<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Medea Warwillow grins<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Anastasia Horngold: Sorry to materialize late.<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Ganon Verstandig: Hahaha.<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Cursa Charisma: We are happy to see you, Anastasia<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Allen Kerensky: (to medea) agreed, any movie or book that has a large enough fan base can be a fun RP setting<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Ganon Verstandig: SL has very few mundanes.<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Cursa Charisma: Please have a seat anywhere you like<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Blue Myanamotu: Mmm...never been one to follow the movies, comics or pre-made characters.... it kills your creativity, IMHO.<br />[2010/01/17 18:54] Joelle Tardis: agreed<br />[2010/01/17 18:55] Cursa Charisma: Welcome back, AutumnBlitz<br />[2010/01/17 18:55] Joelle Tardis: *that was to Allen<br />[2010/01/17 18:55] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: Thank you<br />[2010/01/17 18:55] Medea Warwillow: True, if you try to follow the story of the movie...and canonize the characters.<br />[2010/01/17 18:55] Ganon Verstandig: But in many cases, I think, this is because even roleplayers like myself who support the existence of mundanes...<br />[2010/01/17 18:55] Blue Myanamotu: Plus, you get those religious folk who protest about the way a character is played......but I digress.<br />[2010/01/17 18:55] Cursa Charisma grins<br />[2010/01/17 18:55] Ganon Verstandig: Don't have the numbers in terms of roleplayers to do it.<br />[2010/01/17 18:55] StopAll Animations Red Rose: Stopping 2 animations<br />[2010/01/17 18:55] StopAll Animations Red Rose: Done<br />[2010/01/17 18:56] Sylauxe Zhao: might I speak next?<br />[2010/01/17 18:56] Ganon Verstandig: Go right ahead.<br />[2010/01/17 18:56] Cursa Charisma: Alright<br />[2010/01/17 18:57] Anastasia Horngold: brb<br />[2010/01/17 18:57] Cursa Charisma: hb<br />[2010/01/17 18:57] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: ...I'm sure the issue with sex has been touched before....<br />[2010/01/17 18:57] Blue Myanamotu listens to Sylauxe<br />[2010/01/17 18:57] Cursa Charisma nods<br />[2010/01/17 18:57] Sylauxe Zhao: I am currently helping set up and plan an industrial horror RP. Basically a mixture of Silent Hill/dead space/etc kind of horror with a decent amount of sex thrown in<br />[2010/01/17 18:57] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: ----relatively new, so sex in SL is important to me.<br />[2010/01/17 18:57] StopAll Animations Red Rose: Stopping 1 animations<br />[2010/01/17 18:57] StopAll Animations Red Rose: Done<br />[2010/01/17 18:58] MistressBrazen Bondar: Sylauxe has the floor I beliebe<br />[2010/01/17 18:58] Cursa Charisma: AutumnBlitz, we're listing now to Sylauxe<br />[2010/01/17 18:58] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: Please, I meant no intrusion.<br />[2010/01/17 18:58] Reiko Soyinka: <---has to leave, thank you all for the optimism.<br />[2010/01/17 18:58] Cursa Charisma: We'll have open discussion afterward<br />[2010/01/17 18:58] Sylauxe Zhao: It's a bit hardcore, with some torture involved, so the number of rpers might be low at first, but I think it has potential<br />[2010/01/17 18:58] Sylauxe Zhao: any thoughts?<br />[2010/01/17 18:59] Cursa Charisma: You have a sim and a core group of players and admins?<br />[2010/01/17 18:59] Joelle Tardis: you know it will have to be in a age verified area<br />[2010/01/17 18:59] Cursa Charisma: wb, Hachi<br />[2010/01/17 18:59] Sylauxe Zhao: not yet, at the moment it's still under construction, but we have some admins set up<br />[2010/01/17 18:59] Sylauxe Zhao: yes I know<br />[2010/01/17 18:59] Heihachi Nakamura: you'll thank me for that warning ;p<br />[2010/01/17 18:59] Joelle Tardis: or at the least Adult<br />[2010/01/17 18:59] Blue Myanamotu: What Cursa mentioned is key, I think. Admins are very important.<br />[2010/01/17 19:00] Sylauxe Zhao: yes, while the sim isn't done, we have a number of people with good experience admining RP<br />[2010/01/17 19:00] Joelle Tardis: Good Admins are Important to the survival of any RP sim<br />[2010/01/17 19:00] Sylauxe Zhao: if admining is a word :P<br />[2010/01/17 19:00] Baroun Tardis: And there's always folks who like tortue. I've never figured that out, but there are<br />[2010/01/17 19:00] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: I'm interested in the language of rp in your area. First, second, third personification....I wonder ifthere are rules fo rthat.<br />[2010/01/17 19:00] Ganon Verstandig just had a great idea for a monthly contest for that sim. XD<br />[2010/01/17 19:00] MistressBrazen Bondar: good admins are greta but you need at least a small core of dedicated players<br />[2010/01/17 19:00] Ganon Verstandig: A photo contest based on Fatal Frame.<br />[2010/01/17 19:01] Heihachi Nakamura: pretty win<br />[2010/01/17 19:01] Joelle Tardis nods in agreement with Brazen as well<br />[2010/01/17 19:01] Baroun Tardis: Autum: first person<br />[2010/01/17 19:01] Ganon Verstandig favors third person.<br />[2010/01/17 19:01] StopAll Animations Red Rose: Stopping 0 animations<br />[2010/01/17 19:01] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: The "I" is a very personal way of speaking<br />[2010/01/17 19:01] StopAll Animations Red Rose: Done<br />[2010/01/17 19:01] Cursa Charisma says, "I think you need all three"<br />[2010/01/17 19:01] Ganon Verstandig: In fact, I often talk about Ganon as a separate entity from myself.<br />[2010/01/17 19:02] Baroun Tardis: Sylauxe: Admin'ing (since it's a contraction)<br />[2010/01/17 19:02] Cursa Charisma nods<br />[2010/01/17 19:02] Ganon Verstandig: To help keep OOC and IC from blending.<br />[2010/01/17 19:02] Blue Myanamotu: Mm...does it matter? As long as the RP is happening...and people are aware that there is a different between IC and OOC....<br />[2010/01/17 19:02] Cursa Charisma nods<br />[2010/01/17 19:02] Sylauxe Zhao: 3rd person is the most common in SL, so we'll be using that<br />[2010/01/17 19:02] Blue Myanamotu: If one gets too stuck on rules for RP, it never gets done.<br />[2010/01/17 19:02] Heihachi Nakamura: ah you made it allen ;p<br />[2010/01/17 19:03] Heihachi Nakamura: you missed quite a fracas ;p sadly so did I<br />[2010/01/17 19:03] MistressBrazen Bondar: nonetheless if you have no rules there is chaos<br />[2010/01/17 19:03] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: I have a hard time relating to my fellwo rp players, they can't seem to understand which person I'm coming from.<br />[2010/01/17 19:03] Sylauxe Zhao: but of course it wont be a rule so much as a guideline. As long as those involved agree with what is going on, everyone's happy<br />[2010/01/17 19:03] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: I liek to mix RL and SL in a seamless way.<br />[2010/01/17 19:04] Baroun Tardis: For me it's simple - I'm always Baroun. It's rough on the RL people, since they have to deal with me playing my RL persona, but... well.. they cope<br />[2010/01/17 19:04] Cursa Charisma grins<br />[2010/01/17 19:04] Joelle Tardis looks at her hubby and laughs<br />[2010/01/17 19:04] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: I am looking for an rp zone where the boundaries of RL and SL are thin.<br />[2010/01/17 19:04] Baroun Tardis: it's not like they can teleport away, after all<br />[2010/01/17 19:04] Zoey Helgerud: I think it would be really interesting to have an RP sim where they talk in 3rd person, but the 3rd person is actually personified somehow<br />[2010/01/17 19:05] Ganon Verstandig: Er?<br />[2010/01/17 19:05] Ganon Verstandig: You mean strict RP?<br />[2010/01/17 19:05] Zoey Helgerud: So it's not just some mysterious narrator, but an actual "third person"<br />[2010/01/17 19:05] Ganon Verstandig: Where the person about whom you are talking is a character separate from yourself?<br />[2010/01/17 19:05] Ganon Verstandig: As in what I said earlier?<br />[2010/01/17 19:05] Zoey Helgerud: no, the other way around<br />[2010/01/17 19:05] Sylauxe Zhao: The biggest promblem the development team for the sim face at the moment is dealing with how extreme is too extreme. One of our key developers just recently left the group in a huff over being told he can't have a room of severed breasts on hooks. It was laggy, wasted prims and was WAY too horrifying and disgusting, but the guy had a fetish for it and refused to remove it.<br />[2010/01/17 19:06] Blue Myanamotu: O.o<br />[2010/01/17 19:06] Zoey Helgerud: A "person" other than you would be describing what your character was doing<br />[2010/01/17 19:06] Joelle Tardis shudders<br />[2010/01/17 19:06] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: I think one has to get to know your rp partner before you can engage in such 3rd person activity<br />[2010/01/17 19:06] Heihachi Nakamura sighs<br />[2010/01/17 19:06] Ganon Verstandig: That would be waaaaay too confusing.<br />[2010/01/17 19:06] Sylauxe Zhao: It's unfortunate that we got some real creepers in the group<br />[2010/01/17 19:06] Zoey Helgerud: I was thinking it would *technically* be you talking, but through some kind of scripted proxy<br />[2010/01/17 19:06] Zoey Helgerud: like a parot on your shoulder or something<br />[2010/01/17 19:07] Heihachi Nakamura: well to be fair you probably would, Zhao<br />[2010/01/17 19:07] Operating Thetan: Like some kind of meta-you?<br />[2010/01/17 19:07] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: ..and to engage in a 3rd person personaly, you need to first get out of 3rd person way of speaking.<br />[2010/01/17 19:07] JohnnySecretAgent009 Portland: hello everyone<br />[2010/01/17 19:07] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, JohnnySecretAgent009<br />[2010/01/17 19:07] JohnnySecretAgent009 Portland: ty cursa<br />[2010/01/17 19:07] Heihachi Nakamura: I try to keep my perversion to myself ;p<br />[2010/01/17 19:07] Blue Myanamotu: It's difficult to find the blend between RL and RP. Especially for new people. They don't know. And to educate them is difficult too.<br />[2010/01/17 19:07] Zoey Helgerud: Exactly!<br />[2010/01/17 19:07] Blue Myanamotu: This has been the struggle we've been facing in Nippon.<br />[2010/01/17 19:07] Passion: startspy Turbo, desires are the most powerful motivators of role play characters<br />[2010/01/17 19:08] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: I think that transition from 1st person to 3rd person is important in rp<br />[2010/01/17 19:08] Blue Myanamotu: RP is intimidating to new people. How to get people integrated is our biggest challenge.<br />[2010/01/17 19:09] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: How can the transition from 1 to 3 be smoother?<br />[2010/01/17 19:09] Sylauxe Zhao: worst of all is that after he left the group, we found a little skybox he had built for himself 3000 meters up. It was full of animated scenes from snuff films on cubes. The guy was pleasuring himself to snuff in the sim, and nobody even knew it! So the moral here is to be berry, verry careful who you hire as a builder<br />[2010/01/17 19:09] Allen Kerensky: sounds like this needs to be its own topic again<br />[2010/01/17 19:09] Baroun Tardis: "put 2 in the middle?"<br />[2010/01/17 19:09] Zoey Helgerud: Maybe by going through the 2nd person instead of straight from 1 to 3<br />[2010/01/17 19:10] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: I mean, for the rp experience to be more realitic....<br />[2010/01/17 19:10] Baroun Tardis shudders at Sylauxe's comment<br />[2010/01/17 19:10] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: We first have to get to know the other's ways of thinking<br />[2010/01/17 19:10] Heihachi Nakamura: meh you hear about stuff like that all the time from me baroun ;p<br />[2010/01/17 19:10] Cursa Charisma: Alright, we've passed our scheduled time, with a little help. I'd like to ask for offers and suggestions for a specific themed talk in the next few weeks<br />[2010/01/17 19:10] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: We have to get to know them somehow.<br />[2010/01/17 19:10] Allen Kerensky: first and third person sounded like a hot topic again<br />[2010/01/17 19:10] Joelle Tardis looks at Baroun and thinks that reminds her of a certain early builder in Kasra<br />[2010/01/17 19:11] Sylauxe Zhao: I am almost afraid of the guy, he's probably like, a serial killer with a bunch of bodies under his crawlspace<br />[2010/01/17 19:11] Sylauxe Zhao: lol<br />[2010/01/17 19:11] Baroun Tardis does not like snuff films<br />[2010/01/17 19:11] Heihachi Nakamura: just one of the many reasons for my irritation with humanity ;p<br />[2010/01/17 19:11] Joelle Tardis: ?me remembers the Gay Lovebox of prims<br />[2010/01/17 19:11] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: Without knowing who we are rp'ing with, it's jsut too easy for me.<br />[2010/01/17 19:12] Zoey Helgerud: ._.<br />[2010/01/17 19:12] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: I like drama and realism when rp'ing<br />[2010/01/17 19:12] Sylauxe Zhao: The dilemna is now, what iff we find out something similair is going on with our other builders? We've already lost a lot of lime from losing a key builder, do we push back the reveal ddate even more to accomodate these creepers?<br />[2010/01/17 19:12] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: The hint of realism is the secret touch, I think<br />[2010/01/17 19:12] Joelle Tardis: But RP Drama not OOc Drama<br />[2010/01/17 19:12] Cursa Charisma: wb, Blue<br />[2010/01/17 19:13] Blue Myanamotu: Thankies Cursa. ^.^ Sorry everyone.<br />[2010/01/17 19:13] Ganon Verstandig: ... I have never met someone who RP'd in second person.<br />[2010/01/17 19:13] AutumnBlitz Xenobuilder: Well, catch you guys next time, thanks for the discussions.<br />[2010/01/17 19:13] Ganon Verstandig: At least not strictly in second.<br />[2010/01/17 19:13] Baroun Tardis: Syl : I think it depends on the publicity you've given your planned roll out date<br />[2010/01/17 19:14] Cursa Charisma: Thanks for coming, AutumnBlitz<br />[2010/01/17 19:14] Blue Myanamotu: Oh, SECOND person!<br />[2010/01/17 19:14] Ganon Verstandig: Second person is referring to oneself as "You".<br />[2010/01/17 19:14] Zoey Helgerud: I've met plenty, they just tend to alternate between 1st and 2nd a lot<br />[2010/01/17 19:14] Ganon Verstandig: But I know what you mean.<br />[2010/01/17 19:15] Ganon Verstandig: Who refer to whomever they are speaking, most ofen in IMs, as "you".<br />[2010/01/17 19:15] Sylauxe Zhao: well it's a small community, so it could be a disaster if we screw up. We advertised the shell out of it, and it'd be berry bad publicity to push back the opening lime again<br />[2010/01/17 19:15] Blue Myanamotu: Aah ha. Quite a few on myspace that does that.<br />[2010/01/17 19:16] Baroun Tardis: Berry? Lime?<br />[2010/01/17 19:16] Sylauxe Zhao: huh?<br />[2010/01/17 19:16] Blue Myanamotu: RP using the "you" and "I"<br />[2010/01/17 19:16] Baroun Tardis: Anyway, I'd go with a limited opening on-date<br />[2010/01/17 19:16] Baroun Tardis: with a "We're now open-beta-testing"<br />[2010/01/17 19:17] Sylauxe Zhao: yeah, at least we'd get some bugs worked out as well that way<br />[2010/01/17 19:17] Sylauxe Zhao: well, that's all I have to talk about, thank you all very much<br />[2010/01/17 19:17] Sylauxe Zhao: orange you glad I didn't say berry<br />[2010/01/17 19:17] Baroun Tardis: Yeah, that'd be a little too fruity<br />[2010/01/17 19:17] Cursa Charisma: Thank you for coming, Sylauxe<br />[2010/01/17 19:17] Joelle Tardis shudders<br />[2010/01/17 19:18] Baroun Tardis: I guess it would have it's a-peel<br />[2010/01/17 19:18] Baroun Tardis: there was a request about HTCS -<br />[2010/01/17 19:18] Blue Myanamotu: Yes, please. ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 19:19] Baroun Tardis: quick version is ""<br />[2010/01/17 19:19] Baroun Tardis: HTCS - House Tardis Creativity System<br />[2010/01/17 19:19] Baroun Tardis: is an attempt to add all the classic MMORPG goodness of Stats, Skils (called Flags), Badges (called Brags), Crafting, RP currrency , medicine, etc<br />[2010/01/17 19:20] Baroun Tardis: to Second life<br />[2010/01/17 19:20] Cursa Charisma: Without the lagg<br />[2010/01/17 19:20] Baroun Tardis: Yes<br />[2010/01/17 19:20] Blue Myanamotu: Oooh.<br />[2010/01/17 19:20] Baroun Tardis: Low lag<br />[2010/01/17 19:20] Baroun Tardis: Wide genre coverage<br />[2010/01/17 19:20] Baroun Tardis: HTCS went 1.0 on Jan 1 2010<br />[2010/01/17 19:20] Blue Myanamotu pokes Ganon. "you listening to this?"<br />[2010/01/17 19:21] Ganon Verstandig: Yes.<br />[2010/01/17 19:21] Baroun Tardis: user base is over 250 users, since initial quiet alpha test in August 2009<br />[2010/01/17 19:21] Baroun Tardis: and is roughly doubling each month<br />[2010/01/17 19:21] Blue Myanamotu: Aaah, kk. "I'm going to ask the stupid questions here, but is it good for hard core gamers?"<br />[2010/01/17 19:21] Allen Kerensky: define hard core<br />[2010/01/17 19:21] Baroun Tardis: Have you played pen-n-paper RPGs?<br />[2010/01/17 19:21] Allen Kerensky: do you mean gun-bunnies?<br />[2010/01/17 19:22] Blue Myanamotu: More like.... katana-bunnies, but similar.<br />[2010/01/17 19:22] Cursa Charisma: Blue, you can be hit in the head and stunned, hit in the arm and disarmed, and hit in the leg and immobilized<br />[2010/01/17 19:22] Joelle Tardis: Most realistic Cmbat Syatem in Sl<br />[2010/01/17 19:22] Cursa Charisma: That's hard core<br />[2010/01/17 19:22] Allen Kerensky: HTCS incorporates SafeZone/BattleZone/GoreanMeter compatibility<br />[2010/01/17 19:22] Blue Myanamotu: Oooh.<br />[2010/01/17 19:22] Baroun Tardis: yeah, you can disarm, break knees<br />[2010/01/17 19:22] Allen Kerensky: but extends the safezone/battlezone/gorean meter with better damage and medical capabilties<br />[2010/01/17 19:22] Baroun Tardis: the GM/GLM/Safezomne weapons will work with it<br />[2010/01/17 19:23] Allen Kerensky: and more possibilities for bonuses and penalties absed on your stats and skills<br />[2010/01/17 19:23] Cursa Charisma: And congratulations everyone, the ones we didn't have to ban, we wore out<br />[2010/01/17 19:23] Joelle Tardis: But the HTCs weapons are da bomb<br />[2010/01/17 19:23] Baroun Tardis: but you don't get XP when using them, nor does they adjust penatlties/bonuses<br />[2010/01/17 19:23] Baroun Tardis grins<br />[2010/01/17 19:23] Heihachi Nakamura: blinding people with science is fun :p<br />[2010/01/17 19:23] Joelle Tardis grins at Allie<br />[2010/01/17 19:23] Ganon Verstandig: But<br />[2010/01/17 19:23] Blue Myanamotu: Ganon, you're going to have to push this. Ronin's set on TC.<br />[2010/01/17 19:23] Baroun Tardis: So, you can use your current weapons, but at some point you'll likely want to upgrade<br />[2010/01/17 19:23] Heihachi Nakamura still has his suspicions -.o<br />[2010/01/17 19:23] Ganon Verstandig: I think what Blue is asking is if the fighting is similar to, say... DCS.<br />[2010/01/17 19:24] Joelle Tardis: Better<br />[2010/01/17 19:24] Joelle Tardis: and less laggy<br />[2010/01/17 19:24] Cursa Charisma: Baroun, Blue, maybe you should arrange a demo for the Nippon admins? I'd be happy to have it here, or to come and assist at Nippon<br />[2010/01/17 19:24] Baroun Tardis: Less laggy, for sure<br />[2010/01/17 19:24] Baroun Tardis: and the damage is ... different<br />[2010/01/17 19:24] Ganon Verstandig: I think it'd be something good for the Renjai to test out.<br />[2010/01/17 19:24] Baroun Tardis: most meters say "you're 50% health"<br />[2010/01/17 19:24] Joelle Tardis: closer to RL<br />[2010/01/17 19:24] Cursa Charisma: The healing is what I like best<br />[2010/01/17 19:24] Baroun Tardis: HTCS says, "You're at 50%, you have a laceration on the torso, and severe wounds to the arms"<br />[2010/01/17 19:24] Cursa Charisma nods<br />[2010/01/17 19:25] Ganon Verstandig: We can give it a shot.<br />[2010/01/17 19:25] Baroun Tardis: Give me a yell, we'll arrange a demo<br />[2010/01/17 19:25] Ganon Verstandig: How much do the Flag affect combat, though?<br />[2010/01/17 19:25] Allen Kerensky: depends on the weapon<br />[2010/01/17 19:25] Baroun Tardis: Quite a bit, depending on the Flags<br />[2010/01/17 19:25] Allen Kerensky: HTCS weapons, it can vary quite a lot<br />[2010/01/17 19:25] Ganon Verstandig: One of the things we value most is that weapons-- ahh.<br />[2010/01/17 19:25] Joelle Tardis: and the fact that it does so much more tha Just Combat and or Medical is a Plus also<br />[2010/01/17 19:25] Allen Kerensky: non HTCS weapons are "average" in the system<br />[2010/01/17 19:25] Ganon Verstandig: Then it's not really a viable system for our sim.<br />[2010/01/17 19:25] Baroun Tardis: Example, the Warrior flag gives built in damage reduction, since the person is trained to fight<br />[2010/01/17 19:26] Baroun Tardis: and thus has some built-in dodge skills<br />[2010/01/17 19:26] Allen Kerensky: might be some misunderstanding<br />[2010/01/17 19:26] Baroun Tardis: So a Warrior will almost always beat an average joe<br />[2010/01/17 19:26] Blue Myanamotu: So if all the people in the sim are using DCS weapons, it will not work?<br />[2010/01/17 19:26] Baroun Tardis: it doesn't read DCS melee attacks<br />[2010/01/17 19:26] Ganon Verstandig: One of the most important things to us is that everyone is on equal footing in terms of stats.<br />[2010/01/17 19:26] Baroun Tardis: it'l read DCS missile attacks<br />[2010/01/17 19:26] Allen Kerensky: if they have equal stats maybe<br />[2010/01/17 19:26] Ganon Verstandig: Skill is determined by actual fighting skill.<br />[2010/01/17 19:27] Ganon Verstandig: There'd be no way to regulate that with flags and stuff.<br />[2010/01/17 19:27] Allen Kerensky: but Conan has a strength 100 and I have a strength 3 - not equal peiople<br />[2010/01/17 19:27] Baroun Tardis: HTCS has Stats of Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intel, Education,a nd social standing<br />[2010/01/17 19:27] Baroun Tardis: so the way you set yourself up changes the game too<br />[2010/01/17 19:27] Ganon Verstandig: Yes, I know.<br />[2010/01/17 19:27] Ganon Verstandig: We... don't allow that in Nippon.<br />[2010/01/17 19:27] Baroun Tardis: If you're the village wise man with extra points on the mentals (intel, education,etc), you're not in with the strength a samurai has<br />[2010/01/17 19:27] Heihachi Nakamura: what don't allow Conan? *mutter*<br />[2010/01/17 19:27] Joelle Tardis: so everyone is identical?<br />[2010/01/17 19:28] Ganon Verstandig: Everyone has equal combat stats where we are, and fighting is based on... how good you are at fighting.<br />[2010/01/17 19:28] Baroun Tardis nods to Ganon<br />[2010/01/17 19:28] Baroun Tardis: yeah, I understand what you're saying<br />[2010/01/17 19:28] Blue Myanamotu: Each warrior is put in a different class. Stats based on their fighting style.<br />[2010/01/17 19:28] Ganon Verstandig: For example, I'm much better as a fighter than Blue is, but we have the same stats. Nonetheless, Blue wouldn't beat me.<br />[2010/01/17 19:28] Blue Myanamotu: But a ninja can take down a samurai if they know how.<br />[2010/01/17 19:29] Blue Myanamotu: Stats are different based on how each class fights you see.<br />[2010/01/17 19:29] Baroun Tardis: HTCS is still muscle twitch combat<br />[2010/01/17 19:29] Ganon Verstandig: And in a match where we don't use our class' powers... ninja and samurai are equals.<br />[2010/01/17 19:29] Heihachi Nakamura: hu hu hu<br />[2010/01/17 19:29] Baroun Tardis: so it's still user-skill<br />[2010/01/17 19:29] Ganon Verstandig: Yes.<br />[2010/01/17 19:29] Baroun Tardis: there's a bit of difference on the other things though<br />[2010/01/17 19:29] Baroun Tardis: and those depend on how you se tthings up<br />[2010/01/17 19:29] Allen Kerensky: so it soudns liek HTCS stats and flags bonuses would map to the "classes abilities" piece<br />[2010/01/17 19:30] Baroun Tardis: and some abilities are outside the combat area - making some things requires a certain intel, for example<br />[2010/01/17 19:30] Ganon Verstandig: Nonetheless, this could be a system we might use for certain RP arcs.<br />[2010/01/17 19:30] Ganon Verstandig: Like Nanog, for example.<br />[2010/01/17 19:30] Baroun Tardis: Check out the web page, IM me or email if you have questions<br />[2010/01/17 19:30] Blue Myanamotu groans. "You really want me to take up fighting don't you." smirks.<br />[2010/01/17 19:31] Blue Myanamotu: KK. Thank you Baroun.<br />[2010/01/17 19:31] Blue Myanamotu: Something Ganon will need to bring up to the sim owner.<br />[2010/01/17 19:31] Baroun Tardis: Be glad to .... I'm shodan iaido, RL, so you folks are near and dear to my heart<br />[2010/01/17 19:31] Baroun Tardis: Muso Shinden Ryu<br />[2010/01/17 19:32] Cursa Charisma bows formally<br />[2010/01/17 19:32] Baroun Tardis bows back, very politely, to Cursa<br />[2010/01/17 19:32] Blue Myanamotu: It is an honor, Baroun-san, to meet you. ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 19:33] Baroun Tardis: The honor and pleasure are all mine<br />[2010/01/17 19:34] Anastasia Horngold: I must go--thanks for the chat<br />[2010/01/17 19:34] Blue Myanamotu: My question, which I am curious, is how you set up the RP in your sims. We've found it rather difficult to maintain. Seems people do not know how to jump in.<br />[2010/01/17 19:34] Baroun Tardis: Anyway, didn't mean to brag or oanything, just saying that I've got enough Japanese sword background that it had an influence<br />[2010/01/17 19:34] Cursa Charisma: So, do we have any offers or requests for next week's topic?<br />[2010/01/17 19:34] Cursa Charisma: Thanks for coming, Anastasia<br />[2010/01/17 19:35] Heihachi Nakamura: scuse me lads and lasses, got a copy botter to crush.<br />[2010/01/17 19:35] Cursa Charisma: OK, Hachi<br />[2010/01/17 19:35] Cursa Charisma: Have an evil one<br />[2010/01/17 19:35] Cursa Charisma grins<br />[2010/01/17 19:35] Heihachi Nakamura: always do.<br />[2010/01/17 19:35] Blue Myanamotu: ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 19:35] Baroun Tardis: Good hunting<br />[2010/01/17 19:35] Heihachi Nakamura: i'll liase with you later blue :p<br />[2010/01/17 19:36] Blue Myanamotu: KK. *smiles*<br />[2010/01/17 19:36] Heihachi Nakamura: and todays wisdom ;p<br />[2010/01/17 19:36] Heihachi Nakamura: "Denial is the first sign of guilt" :p<br />[2010/01/17 19:36] Heihachi Nakamura: peace out gents.<br />[2010/01/17 19:37] Baroun Tardis chuckles<br />[2010/01/17 19:37] Cursa Charisma: Well, I almost miss the kiddie troll gang<br />[2010/01/17 19:38] Cursa Charisma grins<br />[2010/01/17 19:38] Ganon Verstandig: :P<br />[2010/01/17 19:38] Allen Kerensky: it was odd to me since someone told me about an "8-bit" sim just yesterday<br />[2010/01/17 19:38] Cursa Charisma: Really?<br />[2010/01/17 19:38] Baroun Tardis: that's creepy<br />[2010/01/17 19:38] Allen Kerensky: so I drop in right in the middle - sounded reasonable to me until they cut CoolLuke off<br />[2010/01/17 19:39] Allen Kerensky: and the link I sent to the ? block is valid<br />[2010/01/17 19:39] Allen Kerensky: the thing works just like the game<br />[2010/01/17 19:39] Cursa Charisma: Yes, that was the game - pretend to be real and just waste everyone's time<br />[2010/01/17 19:39] Allen Kerensky:<br />[2010/01/17 19:39] Allen Kerensky: you know - after 5+ years in SL - and nights like this - I realize I have no clue what RP is anymore<br />[2010/01/17 19:40] Cursa Charisma: Well, Allen, I've seen some great rp in Firefly and Al Raqis<br />[2010/01/17 19:40] Baroun Tardis: I'm not sure what people get from stunts like that - where's the fun in messing up someone else's meeting?<br />[2010/01/17 19:40] Cursa Charisma: Well, Baroun, it's like the Pranknet people<br />[2010/01/17 19:40] Cursa Charisma: They get a feeling of power from social engineering<br />[2010/01/17 19:41] Allen Kerensky: behold the power of mute<br />[2010/01/17 19:41] Cursa Charisma nods<br />[2010/01/17 19:41] Allen Kerensky: you know, its weird seeing how RP started in SL and what its come to now<br />[2010/01/17 19:42] Allen Kerensky: really, furries blazed the trail, and the Goreans jumped in just behind them... then it went quiet ... then the Trek Explosion<br />[2010/01/17 19:42] Allen Kerensky: followed by the Star Wars Shockwave<br />[2010/01/17 19:42] Cursa Charisma: Well, I'm sorry to rudely leave you here, but I need to get to work. Thank you all for coming, and enduring through the childish trolling. Please IM or notecard me with offers or requests for topics and speakers<br />[2010/01/17 19:42] Cursa Charisma: Allen, I'd love if you could give a talk on the history of RP in SL<br />[2010/01/17 19:42] Allen Kerensky: not rude, its late, take care Cursa<br />[2010/01/17 19:42] Allen Kerensky: hahaha you jsut read it<br />[2010/01/17 19:42] Cursa Charisma: OK, lol<br />[2010/01/17 19:42] Baroun Tardis: I'm sorry, i don't mean to be rude iether, but need to log<br />[2010/01/17 19:42] Baroun Tardis: RL<br />[2010/01/17 19:42] Blue Myanamotu: Thankies, Cursa. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 19:43] Baroun Tardis: Thanks for having me!<br />[2010/01/17 19:43] Cursa Charisma: Everyone, peace, love, and respect<br />[2010/01/17 19:43] Cursa Charisma: Have a good one<br />[2010/01/17 19:43] Cursa Charisma bows formally<br />[2010/01/17 19:43] Blue Myanamotu: Nice to meet you Baroun-san. ^.^<br />[2010/01/17 19:43] Ganon Verstandig: I'll be back to Nippon shortly, need to go help unload a car. <div style='clear: both;'></div> </div> <div class='post-footer'> <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'> <span class='post-author vcard'> Posted by <span class='fn' itemprop='author' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype=''> <meta content='' itemprop='url'/> <a class='g-profile' href='' rel='author' title='author profile'> <span itemprop='name'>medeawarwillow</span> </a> </span> </span> <span class='post-timestamp'> at <meta content='' itemprop='url'/> <a class='timestamp-link' href='' rel='bookmark' title='permanent link'><abbr class='published' itemprop='datePublished' title='2010-01-25T15:37:00-08:00'>3:37 PM</abbr></a> </span> <span class='reaction-buttons'> </span> <span class='post-comment-link'> <a class='comment-link' href='' onclick=''> No comments: </a> </span> <span class='post-backlinks post-comment-link'> </span> <span class='post-icons'> <span class='item-control blog-admin pid-1498935444'> <a href='' title='Edit Post'> <img alt='' class='icon-action' height='18' src='' width='18'/> </a> </span> </span> <div class='post-share-buttons goog-inline-block'> </div> </div> <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-2'> <span class='post-labels'> </span> </div> <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'> <span class='post-location'> </span> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div></div> </div> <div class='blog-pager' id='blog-pager'> <span id='blog-pager-newer-link'> <a class='blog-pager-newer-link' href='' id='Blog1_blog-pager-newer-link' title='Newer Posts'>Newer Posts</a> </span> <span id='blog-pager-older-link'> <a class='blog-pager-older-link' href='' id='Blog1_blog-pager-older-link' title='Older Posts'>Older Posts</a> </span> <a class='home-link' href=''>Home</a> </div> <div class='clear'></div> <div class='blog-feeds'> <div class='feed-links'> Subscribe to: <a class='feed-link' href='' target='_blank' type='application/atom+xml'>Posts (Atom)</a> </div> </div> <script type='text/javascript'> window.___gcfg = { 'lang': 'en' }; </script> </div></div> </div> <div id='sidebar-wrapper'> <div class='sidebar section' id='sidebar'><div class='widget Text' data-version='1' id='Text1'> <h2 class='title'>Record-Keeping Logs from the Roleplay Nexus in Second Life</h2> <div class='widget-content'> Welcome to the www extension of the Roleplay Nexus in Second Life. Here you will find logs of all of the Nexus discussions, as well as notifications regarding future talks. Feel free to contact Cursa Charisma, Vooper Werribee or Medea Warwillow inworld if you would like to do a presentation yourself, or have pertinent questions. New ideas are always welcome! </div> <div class='clear'></div> <span class='widget-item-control'> <span class='item-control blog-admin'> <a class='quickedit' href='//§ionId=sidebar' onclick='return _WidgetManager._PopupConfig(document.getElementById("Text1"));' target='configText1' title='Edit'> <img alt='' height='18' src='' width='18'/> </a> </span> </span> <div class='clear'></div> </div><div class='widget Followers' data-version='1' id='Followers1'> <h2 class='title'>Followers</h2> <div class='widget-content'> <div id='Followers1-wrapper'> <div style='margin-right:2px;'> <div><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <div id="followers-iframe-container"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> window.followersIframe = null; function followersIframeOpen(url) { gapi.load("gapi.iframes", function() { if (gapi.iframes && gapi.iframes.getContext) { window.followersIframe = gapi.iframes.getContext().openChild({ url: url, where: document.getElementById("followers-iframe-container"), messageHandlersFilter: gapi.iframes.CROSS_ORIGIN_IFRAMES_FILTER, messageHandlers: { '_ready': function(obj) { window.followersIframe.getIframeEl().height = obj.height; }, 'reset': function() { window.followersIframe.close(); followersIframeOpen("\x3d4476412909731348049\x26colors\x3dCgt0cmFuc3BhcmVudBILdHJhbnNwYXJlbnQaByM2NjY2NjYiByM1NTg4YWEqByNmZmZmZmYyByNjYzY2MDA6ByM2NjY2NjZCByM1NTg4YWFKByM5OTk5OTlSByM1NTg4YWFaC3RyYW5zcGFyZW50\x26pageSize\x3d21\x26origin\x3d"); }, 'open': function(url) { window.followersIframe.close(); followersIframeOpen(url); }, 'blogger-ping': function() { } } }); } }); } followersIframeOpen("\x3d4476412909731348049\x26colors\x3dCgt0cmFuc3BhcmVudBILdHJhbnNwYXJlbnQaByM2NjY2NjYiByM1NTg4YWEqByNmZmZmZmYyByNjYzY2MDA6ByM2NjY2NjZCByM1NTg4YWFKByM5OTk5OTlSByM1NTg4YWFaC3RyYW5zcGFyZW50\x26pageSize\x3d21\x26origin\x3d"); </script></div> </div> </div> <div class='clear'></div> <span class='widget-item-control'> <span class='item-control blog-admin'> <a class='quickedit' href='//§ionId=sidebar' onclick='return _WidgetManager._PopupConfig(document.getElementById("Followers1"));' target='configFollowers1' title='Edit'> <img alt='' height='18' src='' width='18'/> </a> </span> </span> <div class='clear'></div> </div> </div><div class='widget BlogArchive' data-version='1' id='BlogArchive1'> <h2>Blog Archive</h2> <div class='widget-content'> <div id='ArchiveList'> <div id='BlogArchive1_ArchiveList'> <ul class='hierarchy'> <li class='archivedate expanded'> <a class='toggle' href='javascript:void(0)'> <span class='zippy toggle-open'> ▼  </span> </a> <a class='post-count-link' href=''> 2010 </a> <span class='post-count' dir='ltr'>(21)</span> <ul class='hierarchy'> <li class='archivedate collapsed'> <a class='toggle' href='javascript:void(0)'> <span class='zippy'> ►  </span> </a> <a class='post-count-link' href=''> May </a> <span class='post-count' dir='ltr'>(3)</span> </li> </ul> <ul class='hierarchy'> <li class='archivedate collapsed'> <a class='toggle' href='javascript:void(0)'> <span class='zippy'> ►  </span> </a> <a class='post-count-link' href=''> March </a> <span class='post-count' dir='ltr'>(5)</span> </li> </ul> <ul class='hierarchy'> <li class='archivedate collapsed'> <a class='toggle' href='javascript:void(0)'> <span class='zippy'> ►  </span> </a> <a class='post-count-link' href=''> February </a> <span class='post-count' dir='ltr'>(1)</span> </li> </ul> <ul class='hierarchy'> <li class='archivedate expanded'> <a class='toggle' href='javascript:void(0)'> <span class='zippy toggle-open'> ▼  </span> </a> <a class='post-count-link' href=''> January </a> <span class='post-count' dir='ltr'>(12)</span> <ul class='posts'> <li><a href=''>Jan.24 2010 Topic "Supersize Me? Avatar Size in SL...</a></li> <li><a href=''>Jan.17, 2010 Topic "2010:Whither SL RP?"</a></li> <li><a href=''>Dec.20, 2009 Topic "Community: flawed conduit for ...</a></li> <li><a href=''>Dec.13, 2009 Topic "To Alt, or not to Alt?"</a></li> <li><a href=''>Dec.6, 2009 Topic "Compelling RP Factors"</a></li> <li><a href=''>Nov.22, 2009 Topic "Open Discussion"</a></li> <li><a href=''>Nov.15, 2009 Topic "Roleplay in Second Life"</a></li> <li><a href=''>Nov.8, 2009 Topic "Griefers"</a></li> <li><a href=''>Nov.1, 2009 Topic "Achieving Sustainability"</a></li> <li><a href=''>Oct.18, 2009 Topic "Narrative in Roleplaying"</a></li> <li><a href=''>Oct.4, 2009 Topic "Building Adventures"</a></li> <li><a href=''>Oct.11, 2009 Topic "What is Roleplay in SL?"</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul> </li> </ul> </div> </div> <div class='clear'></div> <span class='widget-item-control'> <span class='item-control blog-admin'> <a class='quickedit' href='//§ionId=sidebar' onclick='return _WidgetManager._PopupConfig(document.getElementById("BlogArchive1"));' target='configBlogArchive1' title='Edit'> <img alt='' height='18' src='' width='18'/> </a> </span> </span> <div class='clear'></div> </div> </div></div> </div> <!-- spacer for skins that want sidebar and main to be the same height--> <div class='clear'> </div> </div> <!-- end content-wrapper --> <div id='footer-wrapper'> <div class='footer no-items section' id='footer'></div> </div> </div></div> <!-- end outer-wrapper --> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type='text/javascript'> window['__wavt'] = 'AOuZoY5JsiEvVvnnudezh0SqFBAyouFtzw:1532353348527';_WidgetManager._Init('//\x3d4476412909731348049','//','4476412909731348049'); 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