Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 14, 2010 Nexus Topic "Cold Hearted Roleplay - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

On Sunday, March 14, 2010, Hipster Triangle spoke at the Role Play Nexus on, "Cold Hearted Roleplay - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly".

Attending were:
Cursa Charisma
Heihachi Nakamura
Hipster Triangle
Medea Warwillow
Sojourner Starship
Reiko Soyinka
Vooper Werribee

(transcript begins)
[14:07] Hipster Triangle: ok
[14:07] Hipster Triangle: here it goes
[14:07] Hipster Triangle: Roleplay
[14:07] Hipster Triangle: for the coldhearted
[14:08] Hipster Triangle: The Good,The Bad,and the Ugly!
[14:08] Medea Warwillow smiles
[14:08] Hipster Triangle: The Good!
[14:09] Hipster Triangle: Roleplay for me has been a way to live out my wildest fantasys,and meet some very good people
[14:10] Hipster Triangle: I have had some very memorable & rewarding experences while roleplayin
[14:10] Hipster Triangle: Every one can see that in my Profile,and now on to the next Part...
[14:11] Hipster Triangle: The Bad
[14:12] Hipster Triangle: People that forget,that we ar dealing with Re
[14:44] Reiko Soyinka: al People,with Real Feelings,Behind those Keyboards
[14:12] Medea Warwillow nods
[14:13] Hipster Triangle: I have also had ta fill out a 3 page App.,Just to Join a RP Group---Whats that all about??
[14:13] joe Atisso is Offline
[14:13] Hipster Triangle: and now,The Ugly!!!!
[14:14] Hipster Triangle: These,are the worst,In my Opionin,of Roleplayers
[14:14] Medea Warwillow: Welcome Vooper.
[14:14] Vooper Werribee waves - sorry I'm late
[14:15] Medea Warwillow: No worries...small crowd today.
[14:15] Hipster Triangle: The ones that abuse and Use others for there Amusement
[14:15] Medea Warwillow: Such as? Do you have any particular examples?
[14:15] Hipster Triangle: Example*
[14:15] Medea Warwillow: :)
[14:15] Hipster Triangle: smiles
[14:16] Hipster Triangle: I Became a very good friend with a black caste assasin,I was a Red caste warrior
[14:16] Hipster Triangle: someone put a contract on me
[14:16] Vooper Werribee: are those Gorean terms?
[14:17] Hipster Triangle: 'my best friend there,accepted the contract
[14:17] Hipster Triangle: yes,Goreon terms
[14:17] Hipster Triangle: He Killed Me
[14:17] Medea Warwillow nods
[14:17] Medea Warwillow: And what were the repercussions?
[14:18] Hipster Triangle: I feel there is a difference between Players and Friends
[14:18] Hipster Triangle: amyway.I am open for disscusson
[14:18] Reiko Soyinka: raise hand.
[14:19] Hipster Triangle: Reiko,regonized
[14:19] Reiko Soyinka: I have found that the best roleplayed enemies are friends OOC'ly.
[14:19] Reiko Soyinka: becaues they have no trouble keeping the communication lines open.
[14:20] Hipster Triangle: nods,but dont understand
[14:20] Medea Warwillow: Care to explain, Reiko?
[14:20] Reiko Soyinka: Enemy roleplay usually ends with people ...
[14:20] Reiko Soyinka: getting hurt.
[14:20] Reiko Soyinka: I was able to roleplay enemies with someone, for two plus years.
[14:21] Hipster Triangle: what about enemy pretendin ta be friend
[14:21] Reiko Soyinka: because we were able to talk out the little bumps in...
[14:21] Reiko Soyinka: the roleplay road.
[14:21] Reiko Soyinka: Hipster, did you talk it out with your friend?
[14:22] Hipster Triangle: no warning,what so ever,but i guess i was gullable
[14:22] Reiko Soyinka: A good assassination, no matter where it is played, is a surprise.
[14:23] Hipster Triangle: Black Caste would kill there own Mother for $
[14:23] Reiko Soyinka: If you play with it, it makes for great roleplay.
[14:23] Reiko Soyinka: done
[14:24] Hipster Triangle: yeah,I played it,but still left me feeling bitter,cause i considered him my best friend
[14:24] Hipster Triangle: he gave me no warning
[14:25] Medea Warwillow: Hmm.
[14:25] Hipster Triangle: guess i take friendship ta heart,to much
[14:25] Medea Warwillow: So you hold in character and out of character friendship on an equal level?
[14:26] Medea Warwillow: I know many people who prefer to keep them separate, as Reiko stated. I think it is most effective that way, and more sustainable.
[14:26] Hipster Triangle: yes,I guess you could say I do,unless previous warned
[14:27] Vooper Werribee: oh dear!
[14:27] Hipster Triangle: then I can RP with the best,if given a heads up
[14:27] Vooper Werribee: Cursa has been out on a bar crawl ...again!!!
[14:27] Medea Warwillow: So your issue was not that he had killed you, but that you were given no warning?
[14:27] Hipster Triangle: Is this Real,or is this RP?
[14:27] Sojourner Starship: Thank you.. just listening and getting an idea about RP in general
[14:28] Medea Warwillow: Hello Cursa
[14:28] Hipster Triangle: well,I did consider him a good friend
[14:28] Cursa Charisma nods
[14:28] Hipster Triangle: it was a outta the blue thing
[14:29] Reiko Soyinka: Hipster, some people love surprises...he may have thought he was giving you a gift.
[14:29] Hipster Triangle: Friends,dont do that to Friends
[14:29] Hipster Triangle: yeah,right
[14:30] Medea Warwillow: So your issue was that he had killed you, not that he didnt give you the courtesy of talking out his roleplay plan?
[14:30] Hipster Triangle: Yes
[14:30] Hipster Triangle: i didnt mind the being killed part,that was his role
[14:31] Hipster Triangle: but
[14:31] Hipster Triangle: Hes was a Friend
[14:31] Hipster Triangle: or so I thought
[14:32] Vooper Werribee: So you are saying that someone can't be your friend outside of roleplay - but play a character that kills you in a roleplay scene?
[14:32] Hipster Triangle: seems the gold meant more,cause he knew i was better at Arms,maybe?
[14:32] Hipster Triangle: I Take Friendship very dear to my Heart
[14:33] Hipster Triangle: If ya wanna RP,Tell me,thats All
[14:33] Cursa Charisma nods
[14:33] Medea Warwillow: I would need more context to judge his motivations, but it seems that you are saying your roleplay friendships are very closely tied to out of character friendsships...
[14:33] Hipster Triangle: I Dont Like Being Used!
[14:34] Medea Warwillow: And In character actions are interpreted to have out of character motivations?
[14:34] Hipster Triangle: sighs,I guess it does mean that,like i said,I take Friendship to Heart
[14:35] Vooper Werribee: So if someone is your friend - they cannot kill you in roleplay?
[14:35] Hipster Triangle: yes,they can
[14:35] Reiko Soyinka: But only if they tell you first?
[14:35] Cursa Charisma: Or, rather, ask you first?
[14:35] Hipster Triangle: well,They are my Friend,not?
[14:36] Reiko Soyinka: Hipster, I'm not understanding.
[14:36] Hipster Triangle: I took the situation
[14:36] Medea Warwillow: Can that be taken as a 'yes' to the question?
[14:36] Hipster Triangle: as he loved the gold,more than me
[14:37] Reiko Soyinka: No, he didn't.
[14:37] Hipster Triangle: why,you say that?
[14:37] Hipster Triangle: because if i was warned,he might not have bested me?
[14:38] Reiko Soyinka: I have been IC killed by OOC friends...without warning.
[14:38] Reiko Soyinka: Some of the best roleplay I've been in.
[14:38] Hipster Triangle: we were both in charcter
[14:38] Vooper Werribee: I think we may be misundersanding you Hipster, when you say he was your friend, do you mean that he was your friend outside of SL?
[14:39] Hipster Triangle: not really
[14:39] Reiko Soyinka: Ok, are you upset that he beat you in a contest of some kind?
[14:39] Vooper Werribee: Ok - so did you ever talk with your freind 'out-of-character'
[14:39] Hipster Triangle: Red Caste,warriors,are not always welcom in a Assasin Black Caste Area
[14:40] Vooper Werribee: or was all your interaction in SL done with this freind as though you were your character
[14:40] Vooper Werribee: so for example you never talked about footbal scores
[14:40] Hipster Triangle: But,He allowed me To RP there,an yes we talke much,outside occ
[14:40] Medea Warwillow: So, that one IC action was enough to end an OOC friendship?
[14:41] Vooper Werribee: OK - so you knew him as a freind 'outside' of your character
[14:41] Hipster Triangle: yes
[14:41] Medea Warwillow: Or do you interpret his actions to be a reflection of what he is like as a person?
[14:41] Medea Warwillow: *his IC actions
[14:41] Hipster Triangle: yes
[14:41] Hipster Triangle: not Honarable
[14:41] Vooper Werribee: Did you ever differentiate between when you guys were talking 'in-character' or 'out-of-charcter' or did you just let the two states mingle?
[14:42] Vooper Werribee: (this is really interesting topic by the waty Hipster - sorry if this feels like an interogation! )
[14:42] Hipster Triangle: I guess you could say,I considered him a Friend,an i dont take Friendship Lightley
[14:43] Vooper Werribee: Ok - another question for you
[14:43] Hipster Triangle: even in RP
[14:43] Hipster Triangle: ok Vooper,shoot
[14:44] Vooper Werribee: let's say you watched a Gangster film where Robert De Niro is a mean gangster with no morals who kills a guy just because his Mafia boss says he shouls
[14:44] Vooper Werribee: do you think Robert De Niro has no morals and has killed someone
[14:44] Vooper Werribee: ?
[14:44] Hipster Triangle: He would not be my Friend
[14:44] Hipster Triangle: or actin like he was
[14:45] Vooper Werribee: Ok - so you would not be freinds with Robert De Niro because of the role he played i nthat film?
[14:45] Hipster Triangle: just for the Hit
[14:45] Medea Warwillow: He means Robert De Niro the actor....not the character he plays in the movie.
[14:45] Medea Warwillow: Would you deny him friendship just because of the role he played in the movie?
[14:45] Vooper Werribee is not good friends with Bob De Niro either BTW :)
[14:45] Cursa Charisma grins
[14:46] Hipster Triangle: no,cause im sure if he was a real friend,he would have told me ,what was comin,and i would have been prepaired
[14:46] Medea Warwillow: Hmm, I don;t think you are understanding the question.
[14:46] Cursa Charisma: I've come in late, sorry. Forgive me if my questions have already been answered. Many sims that use combat meters also have rules forbidding attack on other players without prior ooc agreement and justifiying ic play. Was there a rule like that in this case, and was it broken?
[14:47] Hipster Triangle: no,Cursa,it was anything goes
[14:47] Cursa Charisma: OK
[14:47] Hipster Triangle: dont takd me wrong
[14:48] Hipster Triangle: I Love RP
[14:48] Hipster Triangle: but,It can be Hurtfull
[14:48] Cursa Charisma: But the role play setting was Gorean, and people were attracted to it by the ethos of warrior codes of honor, correct?
[14:48] Cursa Charisma listens
[14:49] Hipster Triangle: yes,Honor,cept for the Black Caste,sighs,but Friendship guess didnt apply,as i found out the hard way
[14:50] Medea Warwillow: Hipster, let me give you an example of a roleplay that occured. In it, I killed Cursa's character. It had been discussed by us, and was carried out in roleplay. As you can see, we have remained friends. Was it only the fact that he did not tell you of his plans that offended you?
[14:51] Hipster Triangle: yes
[14:51] Hipster Triangle: excatley
[14:51] Cursa Charisma: But that was not metered combat, Medea. In that case, I wanted my character to "die", and you agreed to help play it out
[14:52] Medea Warwillow: True.
[14:52] Medea Warwillow: Was there no option to have the roleplay made null and void?
[14:52] Cursa Charisma: So, Hipster, in your case, if the guy had asked you in IM if it was OK to kill you, what would you have told him?
[14:52] Medea Warwillow: Or, if it was simply a combat, as Cursa pointed out, would there be an option to make that void?
[14:52] Hipster Triangle: no,ya had to accept death
[14:52] Cursa Charisma: Was it permadeath? That character was gone?
[14:53] Hipster Triangle: I would have told him Yes,cause i considered him a friend
[14:53] Reiko Soyinka: /blink
[14:53] Cursa Charisma: You would have told him that you didn't want the combat because for you, it violated friendship?
[14:53] Medea Warwillow: Was it merely a fight that you lost, or was your roleplay character made permanently dead?
[14:54] Hipster Triangle: no,I would have accepted the Death
[14:54] Hipster Triangle: the Death only lasted 3 days
[14:55] Cursa Charisma nods
[14:55] Cursa Charisma: OK, I see
[14:55] Hipster Triangle: but it was my "Friend",that did it
[14:55] Medea Warwillow: So the roleplay betrayal of his character was enough to end an out of character friendship?
[14:55] Vooper Werribee: well, to be more specific - it was 'a character who's role your freind was playing' that did it
[14:56] Hipster Triangle: If you want to kill me,dont pretend to be my Friend,unless we are RP'n
[14:56] Medea Warwillow: Sorry, but that seems a contradiction.
[14:56] Sojourner Starship: Did your griend have any way of knowing how you would accept being killed prior to the act?
[14:56] Cursa Charisma: So, if I understand correctly, Hipster feels that the guy used ooc friendship to set up an ic killing for ic game goals
[14:57] Hipster Triangle: oh god,maybe ya'll,have never experencied true friendship
[14:57] Vooper Werribee: possibly true - but I doubt it
[14:57] Hipster Triangle: Yes.Yes,Cursa
[14:57] Hipster Triangle: I was Used,In RP
[14:57] Cursa Charisma: Got it
[14:58] Hipster Triangle: in a ooc way
[14:58] Hipster Triangle: and thats what i was wantin ta get accross here tody
[14:58] Cursa Charisma nods
[14:58] Reiko Soyinka: That doesn't sound like what your friend did...because he would have behaved the same way if he had never met you.
[14:58] Hipster Triangle: today*
[14:59] Hipster Triangle: remember,there are Real People,with Real Feelings,even in RP
[14:59] Cursa Charisma nods
[14:59] Medea Warwillow: That is true...which is why OOC communication can be such an important part of roleplay.
[15:00] Hipster Triangle: tyvm,for lettin me speake my peace
[15:00] Medea Warwillow: But, on the other hand, there must be a distinction between IC and OOC doesn't necessary reflect the other...
[15:00] Cursa Charisma: That's true, Medea, but what Hipster is talking about is the deliberate manipulation of people, real people, by deceit to get in-game benefits (loot or whatever)
[15:00] Medea Warwillow: Yes, I understand.
[15:00] Hipster Triangle: Yes,Cursa
[15:01] Hipster Triangle: for there Gain
[15:01] Cursa Charisma: So even carefully made rules won't prevent someone from abusing others that way, not completely
[15:01] Sojourner Starship: Excuse me.. I'm really new to RP. What's the difference again between what happenend with you anf a game of cowboys and indians? I thought at the end of the day.. everyone gets off the ground and plays again the next day
[15:02] Vooper Werribee: Actually - this topic has cut right to the core of roleplay - ESPECIALLY online roleplay
[15:02] Reiko Soyinka: Sojourner...we have a thing called permadeath...
[15:02] Vooper Werribee: oh - please go ahead Sojourner
[15:02] Sojourner Starship: where the character cannot come back. yes
[15:03] Reiko Soyinka: We usually have rules to cover accidental death for just that reason.
[15:03] Sojourner Starship: but can't thay find a way o be resurrected.. in Role?
[15:03] Medea Warwillow: That would depend on the setting....
[15:04] Medea Warwillow: Many people use a permadeath as a way to leave a roleplay, or kill off a character to create a new one using the same avatar.
[15:04] Reiko Soyinka: Resurrection depends on if you are playing more or less realistically
[15:04] Sojourner Starship: So this death ment that the character essentially could never come back to play again?
[15:04] Cursa Charisma: OK, so we're talking about rules, which is great. Let's just distinguish that from the issue of people faking ooc friendship to get ic loot. Two different topics, both important.
[15:05] Hipster Triangle: nods
[15:05] Medea Warwillow: The faking of friendship would come down to judgement of character really...there is little you can do to detect someone with those motivations.
[15:05] Cursa Charisma: I want to thank Hipster for sharing his experience with us, it's obviously very personal, and it's very important to keep in mind. We play games *using* SL, but SL itself is *not* a game. It's a communication tool between real people
[15:06] Medea Warwillow smiles
[15:06] Reiko Soyinka: Very good point, Cursa.
[15:06] Hipster Triangle: Yes,thank you so much,finally someone understands,ty
[15:06] Vooper Werribee: So yes, like I say Hipster has raised a great topic that is at hte core of online RP
[15:06] Cursa Charisma nods
[15:06] Vooper Werribee: the use of RP to manipulate others
[15:07] Vooper Werribee: When we're roleplaying we're creating a shared story and reality
[15:07] Cursa Charisma: That sounds like the reverse of what Hipster encountered, Vooper
[15:07] Hipster Triangle: some have feelings.some do not
[15:07] Cursa Charisma: People who are in RP just to get their jollies yanking people's chains
[15:07] Vooper Werribee: there's a certain level of trust involved
[15:07] Vooper Werribee: But in ALL online environments especially there are people who enjoy manipulating others just for the power kick they get from it
[15:08] Cursa Charisma nods
[15:08] Cursa Charisma: Yes
[15:08] Cursa Charisma: That is a form of griefing
[15:08] Vooper Werribee: Online environments mean they can usually get away with such behaviour with very few repucusions
[15:08] Cursa Charisma nods
[15:08] Hipster Triangle: again,ty so much ,for lettin me run my mouth,must go now
[15:08] Cursa Charisma: Hipster, thank you very, very much
[15:09] Vooper Werribee: So I think it is our duty as players to protect ourselves from such people
[15:09] Reiko Soyinka: and others?
[15:09] Vooper Werribee: no-one else will do it for us at the end of the day
[15:09] Cursa Charisma: And our duty as people to help protect others where and as we can
[15:09] Cursa Charisma: Mainly with information
[15:09] Reiko Soyinka: agreed
[15:10] Vooper Werribee: yes help others where you can - but when the oxygen inthe cabin fails - the first thing you need to do is put your own mask on
[15:10] Cursa Charisma: Absolutely
[15:10] Vooper Werribee: I see a lot of roleplayers - especially those new to roleplay (winks at Sojourner) who think they have to accept everyhting that others suggest
[15:11] Vooper Werribee: and there are even roleplay sims where this is encouraged
[15:11] Reiko Soyinka: Nononono...
[15:11] Reiko Soyinka: that's really bad.
[15:11] Medea Warwillow grins
[15:11] Vooper Werribee: But if you do that then you're basically just asking to suffer the same awful expereince that Hipster suffered
[15:12] Medea Warwillow: (Have to run, looking forward to reading the remainder of this discussion :) )
[15:12] Reiko Soyinka: at the risk of sounding like Obi your feelings.
[15:12] Vooper Werribee: The momen tyou feel uncomfortable with the way a roleplay is going you have to drop out of character - even log out if it is really that bad - whatever is needed to call a 'time out'
[15:13] Sojourner Starship: Thank you all so much for allowing me to join the discussion. I do have to go... but it was nice to meet and hear :)
[15:13] Cursa Charisma: In a freeform environment like SL, it is as Sojourner says, like kids playing cowboys and Indians - but people don't all come in knowing or sharing the same rules. One comes in thinking if you say "Bang, bang, you're dead", people have to fall down, and another thinks that no, you don't
[15:13] Cursa Charisma: Oops
[15:13] Reiko Soyinka grins at Cursa.
[15:14] Cursa Charisma: Anyway, Vooper, it's great to see you out so late at night, your time
[15:14] Vooper Werribee: it's another 'early' Nexus session - sin't it?
[15:14] Vooper Werribee: :)
[15:14] Cursa Charisma: Thanks to Daylight Savings, I lost the hour that made 2pm SLT barely "doable" for me
[15:14] Cursa Charisma: Yes, for the next 6 months, early times will be hard for me
[15:14] Cursa Charisma: :(
[15:14] Vooper Werribee: ah! US has switched to Daylight Savings!
[15:15] Cursa Charisma: Yes, a month earlier than in my day
[15:15] Cursa Charisma: I'm still getting taken by surprise
[15:15] Vooper Werribee: Ok - that's good to know - Europe doesn't get there until the end of the month
[15:15] Reiko Soyinka: /nod
[15:15] Reiko Soyinka: as we used to do, Vooper.
[15:16] Vooper Werribee: That was a great subject for a talk today
[15:16] Reiko Soyinka: Yes, but I think it should be redone...
[15:17] Cursa Charisma: So, Hipster's case seems to support the idea that in a freeform environment, two main rules are needed: 1) distinguish ic from ooc; 2) get permission in IM before attempting to seriously affect another person's char
[15:17] Reiko Soyinka: Poor Tipster.
[15:17] Reiko Soyinka: hipster.
[15:17] Cursa Charisma: I think it's a great case to refer to in future discussions
[15:18] Cursa Charisma: As with Sojourner's example, people have to have the same basic ground rules, or there will be tears
[15:18] Reiko Soyinka: Cursa, how did you deduce that it was for IC gain?
[15:18] Vooper Werribee: I believe that some RP 'cultures'/'styles' in SL actively try NOT to distinguish IC and OOC ... ie try to always remain IC
[15:18] Cursa Charisma: Hipster was clear enough that he perceived it to be a setup to get gold
[15:19] Cursa Charisma: Maybe missing the first part of the talk made it easier to catch
[15:19] Reiko Soyinka: Well, it may also be that to me, friendship is not achieved in a day or two.
[15:20] Reiko Soyinka: So, that I didn't understand his usage of the word.
[15:20] Cursa Charisma: As in all types of human relationships, sometimes things seem to "click" and develop quickly. And there are people who use that - what's called "social engineering" nowadays
[15:20] Reiko Soyinka: ((kill the comma))
[15:21] Vooper Werribee: yes - he seemed to be saying that he thought he had found a true freind (online, in a couple of days ... hmm well I guess it *could* happen)
[15:21] Cursa Charisma: Vooper, your point about perceived impunity is important, connected to the Total Fuckwad Theory
[15:21] Total Fuckwad Theory: Cursa Charisma, Penny Arcade is the source for this important piece of wisdom. The article references a learned thesis, which can be read online
[15:22] Vooper Werribee is a big fan of TFT
[15:22] Cursa Charisma nods
[15:23] Cursa Charisma: For people new to online communications, it is an understandable response for them to perceive intimate friendship when they can quickly share intimate personal topics with a new acquaintance
[15:23] Cursa Charisma: Naive, but understandable
[15:23] Cursa Charisma: If we are stone cold, we can say it's like falling for a 419
[15:25] Vooper Werribee: I think that sharing an imagined reality is also perceived as a stage towards 'intimacy' so probably strengthens any such bonds
[15:26] Cursa Charisma nods
[15:26] Cursa Charisma: Absolutely
[15:26] Reiko Soyinka: Similar to the out of reallity experience of the foxhole.
[15:27] Cursa Charisma: And that's distinct from the social effect of being able to talk about topics that offline, if brought up, would bring scorn
[15:27] Cursa Charisma: If Hipster wants to talk about the importance to him of warrior codes of honor, for example, with his workmates, he runs enormous risks
[15:27] Vooper Werribee: yes
[15:27] Vooper Werribee: wow - the internet is a scarey place
[15:28] Reiko Soyinka: Yes, but overall, worth the risk.
[15:28] Cursa Charisma: Whereas in a Gor sim, the first thing he talks about with a new acquaintance might be something like that
[15:28] Cursa Charisma: Something that answers a deeply held pent-up need
[15:28] Vooper Werribee: I really wish there wa s away of warning people about RP without puting them off
[15:29] Vooper Werribee: I've heard quite a few horror stories - worse than Hipsters- although for him it seemed pretty bad
[15:29] Vooper Werribee: people who just created a character and within a couple of days found they were the 'wife' of another character and subjected to rape scenes
[15:29] Cursa Charisma: People need to be warned about online communication *first*, before and separate from any discussion of RP
[15:29] Reiko Soyinka: I'm still not convinced that Hipsters was a horror story...I think it may have been just pathos.
[15:30] Cursa Charisma: And then, yeah, any given RP thing needs to be up-front about the nature of its setting
[15:30] Vooper Werribee: and of course - these peopel didn't realise they were being horribly manipulated
[15:30] Vooper Werribee: they just thought this was how you 'did' roleplay
[15:30] Cursa Charisma: Whether Hipster misinterpreted his experience is not relevant, except to him
[15:30] Cursa Charisma: Right, Vooper
[15:30] Reiko Soyinka: /nod
[15:30] Cursa Charisma: That is the case for the majority of people who get roped into Gor, imo
[15:31] Vooper Werribee: yes ... although this wasn't actually a Gorean sim where this happened
[15:31] Cursa Charisma: People tend either to import their ideas from other things (such as MMOs or FPSs) or just accept the first thing they're told
[15:31] Vooper Werribee: But while we're talking about Gorean sims - can I share a couple of anecdotes
[15:31] Cursa Charisma listens
[15:31] Reiko Soyinka: listens
[15:32] Vooper Werribee: First one - I was invited to a French RP convention in SL to talk about Splintered Rock
[15:32] Vooper Werribee: I attended the talk before mine out of curtesy
[15:32] Cursa Charisma nods
[15:32] Vooper Werribee: it was a Gorean sim (or something based along those lines)
[15:32] Vooper Werribee: The presenter started with:
[15:32] Vooper Werribee: 'Our sim has everyhting that one expects from roleplay...'
[15:33] Cursa Charisma grins
[15:33] Vooper Werribee: 'Swordplay, Rape and Torture'
[15:33] Cursa Charisma laughs
[15:33] Vooper Werribee: That was the essence of good roleplay :)
[15:33] Vooper Werribee: Anecdote two
[15:33] Cursa Charisma: In SL, that is the mode
[15:34] Reiko Soyinka blinks.
[15:34] Vooper Werribee: there was a keen Gorean player who also used to come to Splintered Rock
[15:34] Cursa Charisma: Only one?
[15:34] Vooper Werribee: one day they turned up looking very depressed
[15:34] Reiko Soyinka: hehehehehe
[15:34] Vooper Werribee: turns out they had been playing on a new Gorean sim only to find out it was Gay Gorean!
[15:34] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[15:35] Vooper Werribee: and they were really no longer happy with what their master had asked them to do :)
[15:35] Vooper Werribee: my response did not go down well however...
[15:35] Cursa Charisma: So to speak
[15:35] Reiko Soyinka waits for it...
[15:36] Vooper Werribee: I told them that I had always had my suspicions about the Priest Kings ... Ithought the fact they took rather too much of an interest in interior design should have bee na warning sign !
[15:36] Cursa Charisma laughs
[15:36] Vooper Werribee: I never saw her on the sim again :)
[15:36] Reiko Soyinka: hehehehehe
[15:36] Cursa Charisma: So many people in SL take Gor so seriously
[15:37] Vooper Werribee: yes - I shouldn't have been so callous tho :)
[15:37] Cursa Charisma: Well, that depends
[15:37] Cursa Charisma: It goes back to the question of perceived intimacy
[15:37] Vooper Werribee: The fact that they were somehow 'outraged' at Gay Gorean but not standard Gorean was sooo funny I couldn't resist it
[15:38] Cursa Charisma: If you were running a pub and someone came in with problems like that, you'd read signals from tone of voice, facial expression, body language
[15:38] Cursa Charisma: And I quite agree on that one, lol
[15:41] Cursa Charisma: Alright, I need to get some breakfast, but once the transcript is compiled and edited, I think this will be a good addition to the body of Nexus knowledge
[15:41] Reiko Soyinka: Ahhhh, Hipster may not be what he presented himself as...speaking about manipulation.
[15:41] Vooper Werribee: Well, I think it's time for me to do another litter patrol of Splintered and then log :)
[15:41] Vooper Werribee: oooo
[15:42] Cursa Charisma: Nobody may be as he presents himself, especially online
[15:42] Vooper Werribee: the plot thickens
[15:42] Cursa Charisma bows formally
(transcript ends)

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