Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feb.28 2010 Nexus Topic "Exploring the Self - Heart and Mind in Companion Guild Training"

On Sunday, February 28, 2010, the Role Play Nexus hosted a talk by Varahi Lusch, entitled, "Exploring the Self - Heart and Mind in Companion Guild Training"

Attending were:
Abraham Redinamus
Anastasia Horngold
Bakitus Enderfield
BriAria Mirajkar
Calina Tereshchenko
CoolLuke Sands
Cursa Charisma
Dee Firefly
Emberzzz Mendelsohn
Falcon53 Neox
Hipster Triangle
Joan Vhargon
Rahn Au
Reiko Soyinka
Tabitha Diesel
Tillery Woodhen
Varahi Lusch
Vooper Werribee

(transcript begins)
[13:48] Cursa Charisma: Welcome
[13:48] Abraham Redinamus: hey
[13:48] Abraham Redinamus: thanks
[13:48] Cursa Charisma: Tillery, good to see you!
[13:49] Tillery Woodhen: hey Cursa
[13:49] Cursa Charisma: Falcon-dono!
[13:49] Cursa Charisma bows formally
[13:49] Falcon53 Neox: hi long time no see
[13:49] Cursa Charisma: Yes, indeed
[13:49] Cursa Charisma: And the lady of the hour
[13:50] Varahi Lusch smiles
[13:50] Falcon53 Neox: greetings
[13:50] Varahi Lusch: hi
[13:50] Abraham Redinamus tips his hat
[13:50] Varahi Lusch curtsies
[13:50] Tillery Woodhen: hey Varahi
[13:50] Varahi Lusch: just doing a bit of admin then we are set ^^
[13:51] Cursa Charisma: That's fine, Varahi, we're still early
[13:51] Varahi Lusch: and you are all rezzing slowly
[13:51] Varahi Lusch: hi tillery :))
[13:51] Cursa Charisma: SL weekend lagg
[13:52] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Rahn
[13:52] Rahn Au: hi
[13:52] Tillery Woodhen: hey vooper
[13:52] Cursa Charisma: And Vooper
[13:53] Splintered Rock [Announcement]: Varahi Lusch giving RP Nexus Talk - For Your Information: Varahi will be giving a talk entitled 'Exploring the Self - Heart and Mind in Companion Guild Training' starting NOW (2PM SLT Sunday 28 February). IM Vooper Werribee for a LM if you would like to attend.
[13:53] Tillery Woodhen: thanks.... i think
[13:53] Vooper Werribee: hello everyone - nice to be here for a talk again :) appreciate the earlier timing :)
[13:53] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Calina
[13:54] Tillery Woodhen: hey calina
[13:54] Abraham Redinamus: sure pal
[13:54] Calina Tereshchenko smiles "Thank you and hello everyone"
[13:54] Abraham Redinamus tps hi hat
[13:55] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Vooper, we're attempting to teach by example on having various times to catch people in various zones
[13:55] Cursa Charisma winks
[13:55] Autopilot canceled
[13:55] Autopilot canceled
[13:56] Autopilot canceled
[13:56] Vooper Werribee: it's a good idea - the only problem with the 'Gobal Village' is thatthe inhabitants work on different 'shifts' :D
[13:56] Autopilot canceled
[13:56] Cursa Charisma: Exactly
[13:57] Vooper Werribee: hey Falcon - how goes it?
[13:57] Falcon53 Neox: ahh well soumethings have not been what I would want but ok on the whole
[13:58] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Dee
[13:58] Dee Firefly: hello there
[13:58] Dee Firefly: thought I would come and listen in
[13:58] Varahi Lusch: hello dee :)
[13:59] Dee Firefly: hello Varahi my dear *smiles*
[13:59] Varahi Lusch smiles at Calina
[14:00] Calina Tereshchenko smiles and bows her head respectfully "Greetings, Priestess."
[14:00] Varahi Lusch shuffles her notes looking a little nervous
[14:00] Dee Firefly smiles
[14:01] Vooper Werribee: don't be nervous - ain't nobody here but us avatars :) (the people behind the avis have all gone to watch TV, eat or pee! ) :D
[14:01] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Anastasia and Emberzzz!
[14:01] Anastasia Horngold: Hello all
[14:01] Abraham Redinamus: ((LOL))
[14:01] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: ndos.
[14:01] Dee Firefly chuckles, or at least bathing in the aftermath of a really good chinese meal :)
[14:02] Anastasia Horngold: Oh Vooper, I didn't see you there!
[14:02] Anastasia Horngold: Didn't mean to be QUITE so friendly
[14:02] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Joan
[14:02] Varahi Lusch giggles.
[14:02] Tillery Woodhen: i don't think he minded
[14:02] Vooper Werribee looks flustered
[14:02] Joan Vhargon: hello everyone!
[14:02] Anastasia Horngold smiles
[14:02] Vooper Werribee: erm don't move on my account :)
[14:02] Tillery Woodhen: hey Joan
[14:02] Falcon53 Neox: hi Joan
[14:02] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: what was that Cursa?
[14:03] Tillery Woodhen: are we IC here?
[14:03] Anastasia Horngold: Maybe next time!
[14:03] Varahi Lusch: im not
[14:03] Varahi Lusch: lol
[14:03] Cursa Charisma: No, this is not an ic event
[14:03] Tillery Woodhen: shiny
[14:03] Varahi Lusch: hahahaha
[14:03] Cursa Charisma grins
[14:03] Varahi Lusch: i will do a bit of both
[14:03] Abraham Redinamus: seems like so
[14:03] Varahi Lusch: but it is my world for now so thats ok
[14:03] Varahi Lusch giggles.
[14:03] Joan Vhargon: Tilleryt You're Healed, You can walk!!!
[14:03] Tillery Woodhen: LOL
[14:04] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: so sorry dee. ddi'tn meant to sit on yo.
[14:04] Dee Firefly smiles oh don't worry at all, :)
[14:04] Vooper Werribee: ooo - this is quite a crowd!
[14:04] Tillery Woodhen: i'm gonna see if i can get some med treatment. like artificial nerves or something
[14:04] Dee Firefly: I never mind *chuckles* friendly is shiny !
[14:04] Varahi Lusch: so you wont be in the wheelchair anymore?
[14:04] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Vooper, we seem to have a very nice group today
[14:04] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: :)
[14:05] Tillery Woodhen: i'd still be on crutches for a while
[14:05] Joan Vhargon: Don't ask for a donation from me. I'm on my last nerve.
[14:05] Varahi Lusch: interesting ^^
[14:05] Cursa Charisma: Alright, it's five after the hour, so... welcome, Bakitus
[14:05] Bakitus Enderfield: Hi
[14:05] Tillery Woodhen: hello
[14:05] Varahi Lusch smiles
[14:05] Abraham Redinamus: howdy
[14:05] Bakitus Enderfield: Didn't know I'd end up in the middle :\
[14:06] Cursa Charisma: ... let's begin
[14:06] Cursa Charisma: On behalf of the SL RPG Developers group and the Cairnlow Falcons, our hosts here at Mul, welcome to the Role Play Nexus
[14:06] Abraham Redinamus: alright
[14:06] Cursa Charisma: Today, we are blessed to have a talk by Varahi Lusch, entitled, "Exploring the Self - Heart and Mind in Companion Guild Training"
[14:06] Varahi Lusch: ^^
[14:06] Cursa Charisma: The Nexus looks very nice at Midnight, and we have a new-agey "World" channel on the music stream
[14:06] Cursa Charisma: We request that you hold your questions until after Varahi's talk, when we will have a moderated discussion
[14:07] Joan Vhargon: Can I ask for a courtesy Rule before we start?
[14:07] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Joan?
[14:07] Joan Vhargon: Please do not IM the presenter during the presentation. Its too confusing.
[14:07] Cursa Charisma: And everyone, we will be keeping a transcript of today's discussion for the benefit of those who cannot attend
[14:07] Cursa Charisma: Ah, yes, Joan, thank you
[14:07] Varahi Lusch smiles
[14:07] Cursa Charisma: If there are any concerns or questions during Varahi's talk, please IM *me*
[14:08] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[14:08] Cursa Charisma: Without further ado, let us welcome Varahi!
[14:08] Cursa Charisma bows formally
[14:08] Varahi Lusch: thank you cursa
[14:08] Varahi Lusch: hello everyone
[14:08] Varahi Lusch: so exploring the self...
[14:08] Varahi Lusch: i myself have a background of theatre
[14:09] Varahi Lusch: so even though when i came to sl looking for a fresh start
[14:09] Varahi Lusch: moving into rp was a logical step for me
[14:09] Varahi Lusch: i found in sl lots of people either exploring themselves or trying not to
[14:10] Cursa Charisma grins
[14:10] Varahi Lusch: but i witnessed many events that really worked a path for those inside the wheel of Second Life
[14:10] Varahi Lusch: Roleplay is an interesting way of exploring the self in my opinion
[14:10] Varahi Lusch: lots of actors are often asked 'did you become that character when you played it'
[14:11] Cursa Charisma nods
[14:11] Varahi Lusch: some say.... 'no way! i am not that person' and distance themselves from the character
[14:11] Varahi Lusch: others are method actors and really make a point of getting inside the mind of the person
[14:12] Varahi Lusch: whatever people say the middle way is that the actor is definitely affected by the character they play
[14:12] Varahi Lusch: and for those who are interested in themselves and their self development
[14:12] Varahi Lusch: this is the main reason why they do it!
[14:12] Varahi Lusch: When i was young i enjoyed hiding behind the characters i played
[14:13] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[14:13] Varahi Lusch: was very nervous in reality and did not like stages
[14:13] Varahi Lusch: but... my character did what they did and used my body for a while
[14:13] Varahi Lusch: like the way you have left your av vooper and gone off to watch tv
[14:13] Varahi Lusch winks
[14:14] CoolLuke Sands: HELLO LADIES!!!!!
[14:14] Cursa Charisma: (welcome, Tab, Luke, please have a seat)
[14:14] CoolLuke Sands: and Gentlemen
[14:14] Varahi Lusch: hello :)
[14:14] Abraham Redinamus: ((LOL))
[14:14] CoolLuke Sands: Rezzing
[14:14] Varahi Lusch: later in my life i embraced a practice of Buddhism and watching my mind...
[14:14] Tabitha Diesel: ((will sit as soon as i can see :P))
[14:15] Varahi Lusch: and felt my characters would be more full if i knew myself better
[14:15] Varahi Lusch: so i left acting and rp for a bit for an inner journey
[14:15] Varahi Lusch grins
[14:15] Cursa Charisma nods
[14:15] Varahi Lusch: so here now as High Priestess of the Companion's Guild
[14:16] Falcon53 Neox: nods
[14:16] Varahi Lusch: i assist others with their inner journeys
[14:16] Varahi Lusch: no point hiring a Companion who is all over the place!
[14:16] Cursa Charisma grins
[14:16] Varahi Lusch: and nice also to revel in the space roleplay gives us to explore ourselves
[14:17] Varahi Lusch: roleplaying a school is an interesting thing
[14:17] Varahi Lusch: it needs balance and to be long term, consistant...
[14:17] Varahi Lusch: and yet responsive to each student
[14:17] Varahi Lusch: particularly when you are teaching and opening their awareness of love in the worl
[14:17] Varahi Lusch: d
[14:18] Varahi Lusch: so from being a rather scatty and free avatar...
[14:18] Varahi Lusch: i have become rather organised
[14:19] Varahi Lusch: so what do we do at the Companion Training House at Saona?
[14:19] Varahi Lusch: how does a Companion become registered?
[14:19] Varahi Lusch: and why bother hiring one?
[14:19] Varahi Lusch smiles
[14:19] Cursa Charisma grins
[14:19] Varahi Lusch: the training takes place during four stages
[14:20] Varahi Lusch: and as we grow i am writing these things down more and more to become systematic with the wider verse and second life
[14:20] Varahi Lusch: when i train a companion i want him/her to have a real experience
[14:20] Varahi Lusch: some explore real close to character
[14:21] Cursa Charisma nods
[14:21] Varahi Lusch: others are looser with not so much experience of the rp world
[14:21] Varahi Lusch: i try to embrace each method as one becomes the other so easily
[14:21] Varahi Lusch: and vice versa
[14:21] Varahi Lusch: we have new bugs...
[14:21] Varahi Lusch: who have the tag 'Companion Acolyte'
[14:22] Varahi Lusch: they are settling in and bonding with the community
[14:22] Cursa Charisma winks at Calina
[14:22] Varahi Lusch: our teaching are rather like games
[14:22] Varahi Lusch: with focus on enjoyment and relaxation
[14:22] Calina Tereshchenko chuckles
[14:22] Varahi Lusch: touching on the vibe we would wish to share with future clients
[14:23] Varahi Lusch: we focus on the breath at the beginning of the session
[14:23] Varahi Lusch: and then let ourselves fly exploring things like gazing at the sky, building things, communication practice and making jokes and expressing ourselves
[14:24] Varahi Lusch: settling ourselves into the verse and into the things second life offer us also
[14:24] Cursa Charisma nods
[14:24] Varahi Lusch: then we have Peacock Acolytes
[14:24] Varahi Lusch: they have younger brothers and sisters and learn to take care of others
[14:25] Varahi Lusch: again with flexibilty we would wish with clients
[14:25] Varahi Lusch: (dealing with constant needs and also those of the 'where were you this past month' people)
[14:25] Varahi Lusch giggles.
[14:25] Varahi Lusch: Flamingo Acolytes explore teaching
[14:26] Varahi Lusch: making up for the fact i cant teach in the other timezones or i'd go crazy
[14:26] Varahi Lusch: and the Phoenix Acolytes are the last type
[14:26] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[14:26] Varahi Lusch: these have much more focussed teachings
[14:26] Varahi Lusch: where they learn a map of activities they can apply as a Companion
[14:26] Varahi Lusch: just before they embark on their career
[14:27] Varahi Lusch: as you can see the four different stages challenge the character and individual in different ways
[14:27] Varahi Lusch: changing things to keep the mind awake and also to open it when it is
[14:28] Varahi Lusch: the lovely thing about rp and second life is that it is full of human beings
[14:28] Varahi Lusch: and they do such random stuff everything is constantly on the move
[14:28] Varahi Lusch: so one of my main jobs
[14:28] Varahi Lusch: aside from all the organisation and admin
[14:28] Varahi Lusch rolls her eyes and smiles
[14:28] Cursa Charisma grins
[14:29] Hipster Triangle: havin probs here,smiles
[14:29] Varahi Lusch: is loving my students and being there for them when crazy or not so crazy things happen for them
[14:29] Varahi Lusch: being ready for them to have issues
[14:29] Varahi Lusch: and having an open mind about them as even though we are close they are constantly changing and developing
[14:30] Varahi Lusch: our island Saona on paquin is open to all, as is our teachings apart from the closed Phoenix ones
[14:30] Varahi Lusch: so my students vary a lot
[14:30] Varahi Lusch: and the more heart ones find themselves dealing with people very new to sl
[14:30] Varahi Lusch: which helps everyone to find their ways...
[14:31] Varahi Lusch: old and new
[14:31] Varahi Lusch smiles
[14:31] Varahi Lusch: so....
[14:31] Varahi Lusch: i think that is enough ranting
[14:31] Varahi Lusch: ^^
[14:31] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[14:31] Varahi Lusch: i am happy to answer any questions now one at a time
[14:32] Falcon53 Neox: I honor your compassion in your training
[14:32] Varahi Lusch smiles at falcon
[14:32] Varahi Lusch: thank you
[14:32] Varahi Lusch: compassion is enjoyable what can i say
[14:32] Varahi Lusch giggles.
[14:32] Falcon53 Neox: smiles
[14:33] Cursa Charisma: Alright, as Varahi has said, we'll have an orderly discussion today
[14:33] Cursa Charisma grins
[14:33] Abraham Redinamus: ((need to run out off, thanks for those kind words, see yoou all later))
[14:33] Anastasia Horngold: I'm impressed with your description of the program. I didn't know the group was doing anything so "serious", if you'll pardon the term!
[14:33] Cursa Charisma: Thank you for coming, Abraham
[14:33] Vooper Werribee: Thanks for a great insight into your Second Life and The Companions, Varahi - I have a question
[14:33] Cursa Charisma: We'll have a transcript of the full talk and discussion posted here, and online
[14:33] Cursa Charisma: OK, Vooper
[14:34] Hipster Triangle: whats the online thing,where i can get a transcript?
[14:34] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: what do you find the greatest challenge in creating the environment of a "school" in sl when so many of your "students" have a high degree of variation in their goals? Do you find this something that makes retention difficult or does it in fact provide variety that increases the continuation of studies?
[14:34] Cursa Charisma: HOld that thought, Em
[14:34] Cursa Charisma: Vooper's got a question atm
[14:34] Emberzzz Mendelsohn Grabs thought with both hands
[14:34] Vooper Werribee: I've been to a couple of your sessions Varahi, and both included meditation and in one case an exercise where I found my self having to react as myself ...
[14:35] Varahi Lusch giggles.
[14:35] Varahi Lusch: excuse me!
[14:35] Reiko Soyinka: You may have to repeat that question...
[14:35] Dee Firefly: welcome back Varahi :)
[14:35] Vooper Werribee: I'm one of these roleplayers who keeps quite a divide between myself and my character ...not the like the 'method' actors...
[14:35] Vooper Werribee: so being myself was actually quite a novelty and enjoyable expereince
[14:36] Varahi Lusch smiles
[14:36] Hipster Triangle: yeah,believe it or not,I am what ya see,just me
[14:36] Cursa Charisma nods
[14:36] Vooper Werribee: I actually found myself being quite calme by the meditation sessions for example, even though all I was doing was sitting at my screen :)
[14:36] Varahi Lusch: and to Anastasia... when i came to the Guild we did not have any training
[14:37] Anastasia Horngold nods
[14:37] Varahi Lusch: but i had some background experience with meditation and had founf Inara very inspiring
[14:37] Vooper Werribee: But anyway ... my question is - do you think there are any dangers in mixing RL explorations of self and roleplay ?
[14:37] Varahi Lusch: so i was determined that if something was worth doing it was worth doing well ^^
[14:37] Varahi Lusch nods at vooper
[14:37] Hipster Triangle: yes,sometimes,I get way to involved
[14:38] Varahi Lusch: i personally do not think we have the choice vooper
[14:38] Varahi Lusch: we have one mind
[14:38] Reiko Soyinka raises her hand.
[14:38] Varahi Lusch: and i think sl is an experience of mind
[14:38] Cursa Charisma: Please wait, Reiko
[14:38] Varahi Lusch: so i dont feel there is any danger
[14:38] Varahi Lusch: as whether we empathose with our character or not the experiences we have will have an effect on us
[14:39] Vooper Werribee nods - that's a good answer - it's made me think!
[14:39] Hipster Triangle: what about the real feelings of those in SL?
[14:39] Dee Firefly nods thoughfully
[14:39] Varahi Lusch: in fact there may be a plus to it as we are fully acknolging what is happening for us
[14:39] Varahi Lusch: do you mean those around us Hipster?
[14:39] Falcon53 Neox: as I have had to learn
[14:40] Hipster Triangle: no,im talkin bout real people,with real feelings
[14:40] Cursa Charisma: Alright, let's let Varahi answer that
[14:40] Varahi Lusch: hmm im not sure i understnad the specifics of your question hipster
[14:40] Varahi Lusch blushes
[14:40] Hipster Triangle: not just a keyboard
[14:40] Varahi Lusch: well we are all real people in feeling
[14:41] Varahi Lusch: so in the training i do i take that in consideration
[14:41] Varahi Lusch: and being ready to support rl or sl feelings
[14:42] Hipster Triangle: they are one an the same
[14:42] Varahi Lusch: indeed ^^
[14:42] Hipster Triangle: we are real People
[14:42] Varahi Lusch: reiko had a question?
[14:42] Cursa Charisma: Actually
[14:42] Reiko Soyinka: Actually, at this point, I'd prefer to defer to emberzzz.
[14:42] Varahi Lusch: ok..
[14:43] Cursa Charisma: Thank you, Reiko, you're next after Em
[14:43] Varahi Lusch smiles at her and turns to emberzz
[14:43] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: smiles.
[14:43] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: I was just asking about like, how you find with all the different goals your "students" (players) have
[14:43] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: what you see is valueable in keeping them retained .... especially in the framework of a "school"
[14:44] Varahi Lusch nods
[14:44] Varahi Lusch: well we all have different goals when we are in one place in rl work and school for example...
[14:44] Varahi Lusch: i find that some come because they feel the wide open nature of sl
[14:45] Varahi Lusch: and like some community and structure
[14:45] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: nods.
[14:45] Varahi Lusch: but also although i explained the structure earlier
[14:45] Varahi Lusch: i myself like to andlets face it
[14:45] Varahi Lusch: have to be flexible
[14:45] Varahi Lusch: people need to take things on in their own time
[14:45] Hipster Triangle: Friends?
[14:45] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: Well I personally have been to some classes and events, and I found that I was very impressed how you incorporated important SL knowledge with the rp.
[14:46] Varahi Lusch: and also some have a difficult computer and are gone for a month
[14:46] Varahi Lusch smiles
[14:46] Varahi Lusch: thank you emberzz
[14:46] Hipster Triangle: sorry
[14:46] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: simply true Varahi.
[14:46] Varahi Lusch: personally i like to feel people can feel their own way
[14:46] Varahi Lusch: and if they just want the one time experience it is fine for me
[14:46] Varahi Lusch: if they on the other hand...
[14:47] Varahi Lusch: want me to manifest as the 'mother' of the house
[14:47] Varahi Lusch: i will do that
[14:47] Varahi Lusch: some peoples training i speed up or slow
[14:47] Varahi Lusch: when i see they have a preference for either
[14:47] Varahi Lusch: :)
[14:47] Cursa Charisma: Alright, let's have Reiko's question, and then Joan's
[14:48] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: :) thank you Varah.
[14:48] Reiko Soyinka: I'd like to mention that some recently published studies show that rote learning has merit...and this that your character repeats often can influence your real life thinking. I have experienced that. Done.
[14:48] Varahi Lusch: thank you Reiko, it is nice to know of that
[14:48] Varahi Lusch: :))
[14:49] Vooper Werribee: Would you be happy to share the details of that Reiko?
[14:49] Varahi Lusch: yes it would be great if you would
[14:50] Reiko Soyinka: I played a priestess in a different game...that which we "taught", to anyone who would listen, has changed how I view the world.
[14:50] Reiko Soyinka: done
[14:50] Varahi Lusch: :)
[14:50] Cursa Charisma: Perhaps, Reiko, you would like to give a talk here in the future on your experience
[14:50] Cursa Charisma: Alright, now to Joan's question
[14:50] Joan Vhargon: Varahi. Thank you for your presentation. I have a question about the customer's experience.
[14:51] Joan Vhargon: Part of what you are doing is training your companions to interact with other Avatar persons. Can you describe what happens during an average interaction between a companion and a another avatar person? That might help us envision what you are teaching.
[14:51] Varahi Lusch nods
[14:51] Joan Vhargon: **
[14:51] Varahi Lusch: when i recieve an application it stipulates what kind of experience the client requires
[14:51] Varahi Lusch: so there is no blurred line
[14:51] Varahi Lusch: (eek)
[14:52] Cursa Charisma: eek?
[14:52] Hipster Triangle: But,Who are we to Judge Others?
[14:52] Varahi Lusch: then i find the right Companion for the appointment, one who rp limits fits
[14:52] Hipster Triangle: there mind,there thoughts?
[14:52] Varahi Lusch: there are three main methods of interestion
[14:52] Varahi Lusch: interaction
[14:52] Varahi Lusch: sorry
[14:53] Cursa Charisma: (new word, yay!)
[14:53] Varahi Lusch: all appointments start with the tea ceremony
[14:53] Varahi Lusch: this gives the two a chance to get to know one another
[14:53] Varahi Lusch: during his/her training the Companion has learnt more about themselves
[14:54] Varahi Lusch: and has trained in having a balanced non judgemental mind
[14:54] Varahi Lusch: who can love the new qualities in the client
[14:55] Varahi Lusch: this will then be practiced with the client through the tea ceremony... dancing, massage and sex.. whatever has been agreed on by both before the appointment
[14:55] Varahi Lusch: some clients will be one off others longer term roleplay
[14:56] Varahi Lusch: and some will have short booking but request the same particular Companion each time
[14:56] Varahi Lusch: i have been making good effort to strength the guild with structure
[14:56] Varahi Lusch: so everyone knows where they stand
[14:56] Varahi Lusch: and once stood can then relax
[14:56] Varahi Lusch smiles
[14:56] Cursa Charisma nods
[14:56] Varahi Lusch: does that answer your question joan?
[14:56] Joan Vhargon: yes. Thank you
[14:57] Varahi Lusch: anyone else?
[14:57] Cursa Charisma: Alright, does anyone have a question waiting?
[14:57] Varahi Lusch smiles around the room
[14:58] Cursa Charisma: Alright, thank you very much, Varahi
[14:58] Anastasia Horngold: How many are in your group?
[14:58] Varahi Lusch: hmmm good question
[14:58] Varahi Lusch: ^^
[14:58] Hipster Triangle: raises hand
[14:58] Cursa Charisma nods to Hipster
[14:59] Reiko Soyinka: raises hand...
[14:59] Varahi Lusch: we have about 29 students at present
[14:59] Varahi Lusch: all at various stages
[14:59] Varahi Lusch smiles at Hipster
[14:59] Anastasia Horngold nods
[14:59] Hipster Triangle: it is better to have loved an lost,than to have never known Love at all
[14:59] Varahi Lusch: yes that is true Hipster :)
[15:00] Reiko Soyinka: Thats debatable.
[15:00] Varahi Lusch: one thing i have found as a polyamorous person in sl
[15:00] Varahi Lusch: which some of our Companions are obviously
[15:00] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[15:00] Varahi Lusch: is you never have to really say goodbye to anyone
[15:00] Thaiis Thei: Greetings
[15:00] BriAria Mirajkar: unless you kick them out of the guild.
[15:00] Varahi Lusch: hi thaiis
[15:00] Hipster Triangle: I meant that as a metafore
[15:00] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Thaiis
[15:00] Varahi Lusch smiles at Bri
[15:01] Cursa Charisma: And thank you, Hipster
[15:01] Varahi Lusch: you are always welcome as a client and a sister Bri... we spoke about this
[15:01] Varahi Lusch: :-p
[15:01] Cursa Charisma: And I believe Reiko had a question
[15:01] Varahi Lusch: i dont condone murder much... doesnt tend to be an expression of love
[15:01] Varahi Lusch: ^^
[15:01] Varahi Lusch: yes Reiko
[15:01] Thaiis Thei splutters her coffee
[15:02] Reiko Soyinka recovers from fit of giggles...
[15:02] Varahi Lusch sidesmiles at Thaiis
[15:02] Reiko Soyinka: No, I didn't...sorry. Done
[15:02] Varahi Lusch: :-p
[15:03] Cursa Charisma: Alright, Thaiis, as always, there will be a full transcript available here and at Medea's blog
[15:03] Thaiis Thei: thanks Cursa... its ungodly early here so I coudlnt make it sooner
[15:03] Anastasia Horngold: Thanks Varahi, that was interesting and informative
[15:03] Hipster Triangle: sayin goodbye,is the hardest thing,ive ever had to do
[15:03] Varahi Lusch nods at Hipster
[15:03] Cursa Charisma nods
[15:03] Varahi Lusch: it is very hard, and at the heart of many a drama
[15:03] Hipster Triangle: specially,if ya really care
[15:04] Cursa Charisma: Yes, indeed
[15:04] Reiko Soyinka: BEcomes easier with practice.
[15:04] Tillery Woodhen: and we're done just in time for me to make dinner
[15:04] Varahi Lusch: thank you all for listening
[15:04] Vooper Werribee: Thanks Varahi
[15:04] Calina Tereshchenko applauds
[15:04] Hipster Triangle: Reiko,seems cold
[15:04] Joan Vhargon: claps.
[15:04] Tillery Woodhen claps his hands
[15:04] Varahi Lusch: and do feel free to come to Saona for a wander or for some teachings and fun
[15:04] Dee Firefly: Thank you Varahi, really clear summation and most enjoyable
[15:04] Falcon53 Neox: thank you for for time and the insight
[15:04] Cursa Charisma: Alright, thank you very much Varahi, and now...
[15:04] Anastasia Horngold nods
[15:04] Varahi Lusch smiles
[15:05] Tillery Woodhen: i need to go myself. later all
[15:05] Varahi Lusch: it has been fun talking to you all today
[15:05] Reiko Soyinka smiles at Varahi.
[15:05] Cursa Charisma: I'd like to open the discussion to particularly ask for offers, requests, and suggestions for future events here at the Nexus
[15:05] Tabitha Diesel applauds varahi
[15:05] Varahi Lusch sits down ^^
[15:05] Thaiis Thei: maybe someone would like to talk about the SL 2 viewer
[15:05] Cursa Charisma: We're trying to keep this civil, Thaiis
[15:05] Cursa Charisma winks
[15:06] Anastasia Horngold: lol
[15:06] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: The new SL Vie-ewww-er
[15:06] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: you mean
[15:06] Cursa Charisma: That's the one, Em!
[15:06] CoolLuke Sands: chuckles
[15:07] Anastasia Horngold: How about techniques for effective/creative improvisation?
[15:07] Thaiis Thei: they have ballsmaking this much noise abotu releasing a beta!
[15:07] Falcon53 Neox: still using emerald must down load it and have a look
[15:07] Thaiis Thei: its strange Falcon, keep emerald
[15:07] Reiko Soyinka: Anastasia, that IS a good one.
[15:07] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: Until they ban emerld.
[15:07] Cursa Charisma: So, Thaiis, are you offering to give us a talk next week on the new LL beta viewer 2.0?
[15:07] Vooper Werribee: excellent suggestion, Anastasia
[15:07] Thaiis Thei: BWAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahaha
[15:08] Thaiis Thei coughs politely
[15:08] Thaiis Thei: No
[15:08] Cursa Charisma: Noted, Anastasia. Would you like to give the talk, or can you suggest a speaker?
[15:08] Hipster Triangle: yes,i need much to learn bout 2.0
[15:08] Anastasia Horngold: That's something I struggle with--I love the RP environments but don't do it very well
[15:08] Tabitha Diesel: we have to take off and take care of some things...have a wonderful afternoon all :)
[15:08] Anastasia Horngold: I don't have any suggestions for a speaker, I'm afraid, but I'll keep an ear to the ground
[15:08] Cursa Charisma: You're concerned mainly with improvisation, Anastasia?
[15:08] CoolLuke Sands: Take care all. We have to go
[15:08] Cursa Charisma: Thanks for coming, Tab, Luke
[15:08] Dee Firefly smiles , I need to go, best wishes to you all, will keep an eye on future talks here *waves*
[15:08] Hipster Triangle: RP is in the Mind of the beholder
[15:08] Anastasia Horngold: Bye guys
[15:08] Varahi Lusch: bye bye people
[15:09] Varahi Lusch: :))
[15:09] Thaiis Thei: bye
[15:09] Cursa Charisma: Thank you for coming, Dee
[15:09] Emberzzz Mendelsohn: bye guys.
[15:09] Hipster Triangle: whatever your mind can stand
[15:09] Dee Firefly: thank you, excellent forum :)
[15:09] Joan Vhargon: Bye
[15:09] Anastasia Horngold: Yes, since in these RP environments we are usually improvising
[15:09] Falcon53 Neox: I'm slowly coming back to RP so I have little to say
[15:09] Cursa Charisma: See you soon, Em
[15:09] Tabitha Diesel waves and poofs
[15:09] Anastasia Horngold: ...rather than having any kind of fixed script
[15:10] Cursa Charisma: We talked a bit about the relationship between pre-established and planned material and improv last week
[15:10] Anastasia Horngold: I'm sorry I missed that one--was sick. But I'll read the transcript.
[15:10] Cursa Charisma: Touch this poster behind me to get a transcript
[15:10] Cursa Charisma nods
[15:10] Cursa Charisma: np
[15:10] Open Discussion Nov. 22, '09: Anastasia Horngold, here is the transcript of this Nexus talk
[15:10] Anastasia Horngold: Got it; thanks
[15:11] Cursa Charisma: And the topic of *how* to improvise is a fresh one that deserves a talk
[15:11] Open Discussion Nov. 22, '09: Falcon53 Neox, here is the transcript of this Nexus talk
[15:11] Varahi Lusch: im gonna go sit on the top of a mountain i think
[15:11] Varahi Lusch: more teaching tomorrow
[15:11] Cursa Charisma: Was I standing in front of the wrong poster?
[15:11] Varahi Lusch giggles.
[15:11] Cursa Charisma: We appreciate very much your coming and sharing with us, Varahi
[15:11] Varahi Lusch: nice to share ^^
[15:11] Varahi Lusch: take care ya'll
[15:12] Joan Vhargon: Thank you again Varahi.
[15:12] Varahi Lusch curtsies
[15:12] Falcon53 Neox: take care
[15:12] Cursa Charisma: Everyone, if you have not yet experienced one of Varahi's tutorials, I urge you to do so
[15:12] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Svetka
[15:12] Cursa Charisma: You just missed Varahi
[15:12] Svetlana Pleides: Salyut everbody
[15:12] Cursa Charisma: But we're talking about topics and speakers for future events
[15:13] Falcon53 Neox: must go I await the next talk
[15:13] Thaiis Thei: i'd be willing to do a technical talk....
[15:13] Cursa Charisma: Thank you for coming, Falcon, very good seeing you
[15:13] Cursa Charisma: Excellent, Thaiis
[15:13] Cursa Charisma: On building?
[15:13] Falcon53 Neox: we will talk soon
[15:13] Thaiis Thei: eveyone likes machines right?
[15:13] Cursa Charisma bows formally
[15:14] Svetlana Pleides: da.. love machine.
[15:14] Reiko Soyinka: I don't like machines that make noise.
[15:14] Svetlana Pleides whispers: machines.. :)
[15:15] Thaiis Thei: and I have seen so few workign ones in sl
[15:15] Thaiis Thei: I coudl do a talk abotu machine I have made
[15:15] Thaiis Thei: and how to do it
[15:15] Cursa Charisma: That would be excellent, Thaiis
[15:16] Cursa Charisma: And as speaker, you can set the time
[15:16] Cursa Charisma winks
[15:16] Thaiis Thei: bloody oath
[15:16] Cursa Charisma laughs
[15:16] Cursa Charisma loves the sound of Strine in the morning
[15:16] Thaiis Thei: I could start at about 4
[15:16] Cursa Charisma: 4pm SLT?
[15:16] Hipster Triangle: I'd like ta give a real talk on RP, because,i dont think some sont relize,its not for the weak at heart
[15:16] Cursa Charisma: Excellent, Hipster
[15:16] Thaiis Thei: it smells like.... colloquialism
[15:16] Reiko Soyinka: Agree Hipster.
[15:17] Vooper Werribee: Anastasia - I'm guessing you've thought a lot of about improv RP - would you be willing to talk about your thouhts o nthe subject - even if you're not going to tell us how to 'do it properly' :) ?
[15:17] Cursa Charisma: "RP - Not For the Weak of Heart", by Hipster Triangle
[15:17] Hipster Triangle: Its a Soul thing,been from my Soul,anyway
[15:17] Anastasia Horngold: "Colloquialism"--the new aftershave for real men.
[15:17] Cursa Charisma nods
[15:17] Calina Tereshchenko laughs
[15:17] Anastasia Horngold: I'm happy to share thoughts but I doubt it's enough for a real talk
[15:17] Cursa Charisma: OK, we usually have these talks on Sundays, in the afternoon SLT, but you can tell me the day and time that works best for you
[15:18] Thaiis Thei: anyday
[15:18] Hipster Triangle: Like I said,Not for the Weak at Heart,an Mind,smiles
[15:18] Vooper Werribee: I think it would be a great discussion-starter Anastasia
[15:18] Cursa Charisma: Well, Anastasia, some speakers have lots of personal experiences to share, but for a good discussion, all we really need is to introduce the topic and frame some of the important questions about it
[15:18] Thaiis Thei: what day/time works for everyone else?
[15:18] Hipster Triangle: sometime,leaves you very empty
[15:18] Cursa Charisma nods to Hipster
[15:19] Reiko Soyinka: anytime Sunday, SLT.
[15:19] Cursa Charisma: Next Sunday, March 7, at 4pm SLT work for you, Thaiis?
[15:19] Anastasia Horngold: I think I could do that.
[15:19] Cursa Charisma: Excellent, Anastasia
[15:19] Cursa Charisma: Hipster, is there a date and time you want to claim?
[15:19] Thaiis Thei: sure Cursa
[15:19] Joan Vhargon: I like 4pm. How is that for the europe people?
[15:20] Vooper Werribee: nicht gut!
[15:20] Hipster Triangle: Sunday,uh,8 sl time is great for me
[15:20] Svetlana Pleides: If you excuse.
[15:20] Vooper Werribee: 4pm is 1am for most Europeans
[15:20] Cursa Charisma: OK, Hipster, we've got Thaiis for March 7, would you like to talk on March 15?
[15:20] Anastasia Horngold: Bye Svetl
[15:20] Thaiis Thei: 4pm is 11 am for me
[15:20] Cursa Charisma: Peace, Svetka
[15:20] Hipster Triangle: yes,tyvm,
[15:21] Cursa Charisma: I got up at 6:30am for this one, hehe
[15:21] Anastasia Horngold: ouch
[15:21] Thaiis Thei: I didn't :)
[15:21] Cursa Charisma: Good, we have our next two talks locked in
[15:21] Cursa Charisma: Anastasia, do you have a date and time that would work well for you? Would March 21 be OK?
[15:21] Anastasia Horngold: Actually, yes
[15:22] Anastasia Horngold: ...believe it or not!
[15:22] Vooper Werribee: 2pm, 2pm, 2pm
[15:22] Hipster Triangle: I might blow peoples mind,or piss em off,i just tell what i see,ok?
[15:22] Hipster Triangle: I see the feel
[15:22] Anastasia Horngold: Anytime in the afternoon is fine for me--i'm close to SL time.
[15:23] Anastasia Horngold: So pick your best compromise between Cursa time and Europe time
[15:23] Vooper Werribee: 2pm would be good eh Anastasia?
[15:23] Cursa Charisma: OK, is 3pm SLT a decent compromise between Euro time and Far East time?
[15:23] Anastasia Horngold laughs
[15:23] Thaiis Thei: no
[15:23] Joan Vhargon: I'm off to the desert. Thank you all for a wonderful talk.
[15:23] Anastasia Horngold: Great minds
[15:23] Thaiis Thei: its evil
[15:23] Anastasia Horngold: Bye Joan
[15:23] Anastasia Horngold: 3 is fine for me
[15:23] Keepin' It Virtual: Calina Tereshchenko, the line between role-play and offline relationships is one of the dilemmas of Second Life
[15:23] Cursa Charisma: Great!
[15:24] Vooper Werribee: that's a nice line-up of talks
[15:25] Vooper Werribee: RP Nexus is rockin' :)
[15:25] Vooper Werribee: well, I gotta shoot
[15:25] Anastasia Horngold: Nice work, Cursa
[15:25] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Vooper, it's going well, and the thanks should go to Varahi
[15:25] Vooper Werribee: bye all
[15:25] Calina Tereshchenko: Take care Vooper
[15:25] Anastasia Horngold: Bye Vooper
[15:26] Cursa Charisma: Vooper's off to bed
[15:26] Hipster Triangle: safe paths ,everyone,till we meet again
[15:26] Cursa Charisma: But notice that he was here at 3:30pm SLT
[15:26] Cursa Charisma: Thank you, Hipster
[15:26] Hipster Triangle: ty
[15:26] Cursa Charisma: Welcome to the Nexus
[15:26] Cursa Charisma bows formally
[15:27] Cursa Charisma: Thank you all for today
[15:27] Anastasia Horngold: All this lovely midnight is making me sleepy--off to find some sunshine!
[15:27] Cursa Charisma: lol
[15:27] Anastasia Horngold: Bye all, see you next time
[15:27] Cursa Charisma: Thanks, Anastasia, and we'll chat about your talk
[15:27] Cursa Charisma grins
[15:27] Anastasia Horngold: kk
[15:27] Reiko Soyinka: bye Anastasia.
[15:28] Calina Tereshchenko: That was good. Thank you for this forum, Cursa. I didn't know it was here.
[15:29] Cursa Charisma: We started up last autumn
[15:29] Cursa Charisma: And had to stop listing with SL Events because we became a nice target for griefers
[15:29] Cursa Charisma: A bunch of grown-ups sitting around talking about playing make-believe
[15:29] Calina Tereshchenko: Nice....
[15:29] Cursa Charisma smiles broadly
[15:29] Cursa Charisma: Thaiis will be talking next Sunday at 4pm SLT
[15:30] Cursa Charisma: Hope to see you then, if not before
(transcript ends)

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