Monday, May 24, 2010

May 16, 2010 Topic "The Force is With Us"

On May 16, 2010, Keith Ringgold, owner of Nar Shaddaa Star Wars role playing sim in Second Life, gave a talk at the Role Play Nexus entitled, "The Force Is With Us", followed by questions and discussion.

In attendance were:
Alexxis Olivieri
Allen Kerensky
Cursa Charisma
Fleche Xeno
Jade Ushimawa
Joan Vhargon
Keith Ringgold
Kishoshima Dragonash
MistressBrazen Bondar
Nikolai Indigo
Reiko Soyinka
Thaiis Thei

(transcript begins)

[17:55] Cursa Charisma: Welcome, Joan, Brazen, Jade, and Kishoshima
[17:55] RCS-Jade Ushimawa: Jade Ushimawa's RCS has been removed
[17:55] Kishoshima Dragonash: ty
[17:56] MistressBrazen Bondar: Hi Kishoshima
[17:56] MistressBrazen Bondar: Joan, Reiko
[17:56] Kishoshima Dragonash: hey MB.. ltns
[17:56] MistressBrazen Bondar: hey Thaiis
[17:56] Reiko Soyinka grins at Brazen.
[17:56] Joan Vhargon: Hello Brazen
[17:56] Thaiis Thei: Greetings Brazen
[17:56] Jade Ushimawa: Thank you Cursa
[17:56] MistressBrazen Bondar: welcome Fleche and Keith
[17:56] Joan Vhargon: Hello everone who said hello first
[17:57] Map as TP hub: Reiko Soyinka, Flotsam Beach is a great example for RP places to learn from
[17:57] Reiko Soyinka: Hi, it done?
[17:57] MistressBrazen Bondar: we have about 5 mins or so before we begin
[17:57] Joan Vhargon: We need "Hello Protocol rules posted.
[17:57] Reiko Soyinka waves at Keith and Kish.
[17:58] MistressBrazen Bondar: hey Allen..didnt see you there
[17:58] Reiko Soyinka: Hihi, Allen.
[17:58] Joan Vhargon: Got all my grades posted. Now I get to avoid my e-mail from students who think they deserve a better grade.
[17:59] Kishoshima Dragonash: hi Rei
[17:59] MistressBrazen Bondar: can you ever avoid that?!
[17:59] Joan Vhargon: I can and I do.
[17:59] Keith Ringgold waves back to Reiko!!
[18:00] Kishoshima Dragonash: lol they dont harrang you about it at school, or do you strictly do e-classes
[18:00] Reiko Soyinka grins at Keith.
[18:00] Keith Ringgold: Thanks Brazen... missed your post!.. *waves*
[18:00] MistressBrazen Bondar waves back at Keith
[18:01] Jade Ushimawa waves to everyone just cause
[18:01] MistressBrazen Bondar: Ok. I', going to help Cursa out tonight and open the meeting
[18:01] MistressBrazen Bondar: As you all know this Nexus where e gather to talk about rle play
[18:01] MistressBrazen Bondar: oops sorry I see I have crumbs again
[18:01] MistressBrazen Bondar: :)
[18:02] Joan Vhargon: A little heavy on that side
[18:02] Reiko Soyinka restrains Hoover from dashing over and cleaning up the crumbs.
[18:02] MistressBrazen Bondar: Tonight we have for your enjoyment Keith Ringgold who owns Nar Shaddaa sim
[18:02] MistressBrazen Bondar: which is part of the Star Wars role play community
[18:02] Thaiis Thei claps
[18:03] MistressBrazen Bondar: They've had some interesting experiences there and recently reformulated a bit
[18:03] MistressBrazen Bondar: Keith our format is that you can give your comments (up to 30 mins) and then we open for questions.
[18:03] MistressBrazen Bondar: People may have questions along the way also
[18:03] Keith Ringgold nods
[18:04] MistressBrazen Bondar: A transcript is being made and will be available after the meeting
[18:04] MistressBrazen Bondar: and for anyone who wants to comes by later and picks it up
[18:04] MistressBrazen Bondar: sometimes griefers come
[18:05] Kishoshima Dragonash: they're so much fun
[18:05] MistressBrazen Bondar: If you are being griefed in IM, please let me know and I will take care of it
[18:05] Kishoshima Dragonash: we'll just let jade loose on them
[18:05] Kishoshima Dragonash: lol
[18:05] MistressBrazen Bondar: eh...what can you do with the simple minded
[18:05] MistressBrazen Bondar: :)
[18:05] Kishoshima Dragonash: dangle car keys
[18:05] Keith Ringgold laughs
[18:05] MistressBrazen Bondar: so unless there are any questions, I'll turn it right over to Keith
[18:06] MistressBrazen Bondar: welcome Nikolai
[18:06] MistressBrazen Bondar: We are just about to start
[18:07] Nikolai Indigo: Em Hotep once and all
[18:07] Keith Ringgold: Thanks Brazen..!
[18:07] Cursa Charisma applauds
[18:08] Keith Ringgold: First.. I want to thank Cursa for inviting me to speak..
[18:08] Cursa Charisma nods politely
[18:09] MistressBrazen Bondar notes that Keith's smoking has been a bad influence on Fleche
[18:09] Keith Ringgold: I took on Nar Shaddaa.. several months ago.. before that I was just trying to help the previous owner Eraed Sands get things moving... but he needed a break... as I have found out... running a sim is a LOT of work
[18:10] Cursa Charisma nods
[18:10] Joan Vhargon: Yup.
[18:10] Reiko Soyinka: yup
[18:11] Fleche Xeno: ((it's okay, they're low -resolution smokes.))
[18:11] MistressBrazen Bondar: ((chuckles))
[18:12] Keith Ringgold: Nar Shaddaa already belonged to a group that involved many SWRP sims.. but due to several issues.. it broke apart... I continued to belong to that group Galactic Unity until it was decided that we disband.. by that time, there were only two of us left
[18:13] Keith Ringgold: I was a bit behind a rock and a hard place... GU had gotten a lot of bad press and for our sims to survive... we needed to move past that
[18:13] Thaiis Thei: GU?
[18:14] MistressBrazen Bondar: Galactic Unity
[18:14] Keith Ringgold: We tried reinventing our Sim group.. but that didn't work...
[18:14] Reiko Soyinka: Galactic Unity
[18:15] Keith Ringgold: ultimately I was to have our sim stand alone... and when that happened.. thats when we started trying new things
[18:15] Cursa Charisma listens
[18:15] Keith Ringgold: but... let me back up a bit...
[18:16] Keith Ringgold: I had this sim... which I believed was dripping with potiental... what we lacked was people...
[18:17] Keith Ringgold: people in the sim RPing.. and people managing the sim
[18:17] Keith Ringgold: I have to say... I am a very lucky man..
[18:18] Keith Ringgold: We overcame both issues
[18:18] Reiko Soyinka: You didn't wave a magic wand?
[18:18] Kishoshima Dragonash: we tried that.. it fizzled
[18:18] MistressBrazen Bondar smiles
[18:19] Keith Ringgold: The first thing I did.. with a lot of support from people I had met within GU and out.. was align myself with some dedicated, hardworking people
[18:20] Keith Ringgold: Nova Reich was the first one... He became my new builder
[18:20] Keith Ringgold: we looked at the sim and slowly enhanced its look...
[18:20] Keith Ringgold: and at the same time... started prim economizing
[18:22] Keith Ringgold: With Nova's help we managed to clearly add more interesting RP environments within the sim.. and actually reduced the number of prims used while keeping the integrity of the overall look of the sim
[18:24] Keith Ringgold: If there's not a lot of interesting common areas for the players to go to... they won't want to play there.. and at the time.. my big push was to give people a reason to play
[18:24] Joan Vhargon: Amen to that.
[18:24] Keith Ringgold: Secondly... I needed a solid staff.. a management staff
[18:25] Cursa Charisma nods
[18:25] Keith Ringgold: staff that I can trust to keep the same visions
[18:25] Keith Ringgold: that was my second biggest break....
[18:26] Keith Ringgold: Through an associate from GU, I was able to bring on Kishoshima Dragonash as my lead Admin
[18:27] Keith Ringgold: we all know drama happens.. OOC drama that is... and Nar Shadda needed firm but fair management to handle those issues once traffic started happening
[18:28] Keith Ringgold: I really owe Achtai Coronet "allowing" me to "steal" her best man
[18:29] Kishoshima Dragonash: pfft
[18:29] Keith Ringgold: lol
[18:29] Jade Ushimawa mumbles.. "Kishos an ashoe.." =p
[18:29] Kishoshima Dragonash: lol
[18:29] MistressBrazen Bondar: hehehe
[18:30] Keith Ringgold: These two people, Kisho and Nova, made up a HUGE foundation..
[18:30] MistressBrazen Bondar: Keith can you give us a sense of the changes made in the role play
[18:30] Keith Ringgold: it really allowed me to focus on issues like rental boxes... etc
[18:31] Keith Ringgold: Sure Brazen... now I think a lot of this came down to timing...
[18:32] Keith Ringgold: but once Nar was more free to break away from our traditional ways of GU... I started a process of steady changes..
[18:33] Kishoshima Dragonash nods "massive changes"
[18:33] Keith Ringgold: First... I added a secondary combat system allowed for use on NS
[18:33] Reiko Soyinka: Explain, please?
[18:34] Kishoshima Dragonash: I can field that one if ya want boss
[18:34] Keith Ringgold: Please do Kish
[18:34] Kishoshima Dragonash: ty
[18:34] Kishoshima Dragonash: basically it boils down to the old Combat System wars from round about 3 to 5 years ago
[18:34] Kishoshima Dragonash: DCS vs RCS etc
[18:34] Kishoshima Dragonash: who's is better
[18:35] Kishoshima Dragonash: for a long LONG time the GU pushed the DCS because they wanted to use that as a way to unite the sims under one banner
[18:35] Kishoshima Dragonash: Keith and I talked about it for WEEKS when he started looking at the numbers
[18:36] Kishoshima Dragonash: the RCS was the DCS number one competitor.. there were just as many sims if not MORE that used that system over the DCS, so he said screw it.. why are we gonna shoot ourselves int he foot. Let's open it up to BOTH AND allow Free Form Combat... old school text combat.. as well
[18:36] Kishoshima Dragonash: as soon as that happened, and as soon as he lifted the time line restrictions we literatlly went from traffic of 8 to 8000 over night
[18:37] MistressBrazen Bondar: everyone hates that DCS2 lol
[18:37] Kishoshima Dragonash: The funny part of the whole situation is that we still have a primary user group of DCS on the sim
[18:37] Kishoshima Dragonash: no.. that was the funny part
[18:37] Kishoshima Dragonash: the DCS crews started swarming the sim
[18:38] Reiko Soyinka: Have any clue why?
[18:38] MistressBrazen Bondar: ah! maybe they felt their place threatened
[18:39] Keith Ringgold: I think it was a combo... less is more.. you take away the players right to choose.. and you inadvertantly take away the player....
[18:39] Allen Kerensky: well sure, that devalues the players investment in system-specific attachments
[18:39] Kishoshima Dragonash: Thats what we figure happened, there was also a lot of political strife going on within our rival sims which helped us out a lot. But I think our biggest asset and our biggest bonus, is the fact that we have a game plan and we stick to it.. First off, we force the players to resolve issues themselves.. if they come to us the situation goes from discussion to arbitration, and we impress upon the players that its in THEIR best interest to try to work things out
[18:40] Keith Ringgold: you give them a little bit of a choice.. and add some rules to deal with that.. which was Defender Choice on combat.. and suddenly they are empowered
[18:40] Kishoshima Dragonash nods
[18:40] Allen Kerensky: sounds like a nice way to balance it
[18:41] Kishoshima Dragonash: that one rule change opened the floor to a LOT of interaction. The old rule was worded in such an ambigous manner that it could be twisted and manipulated.. the way Keith worded it was simple.. You start the fight, you use THEIR preferred method of combat.. period. You goad them into a fight, that counts as starting it. Cut a lot of drama out right there
[18:41] Kishoshima Dragonash: *ambiguous
[18:41] Keith Ringgold: We gave the players power.. but also limits...
[18:42] Joan Vhargon: Very smart.
[18:42] Kishoshima Dragonash nods
[18:42] X-LANG 7.0 DEMO: Alexxis Olivieri - XLANG DEMO, XLANG DEMO, XLANG DEMO
[18:42] Reiko Soyinka: anyone else getting that "X-LANG"?
[18:42] Jade Ushimawa: Yes
[18:43] Keith Ringgold: my BIGGEST thing was ... Have fun, but be mature... we literally Made them do that
[18:43] Kishoshima Dragonash: We also forced the players to come up with RPs on their own, rather than the old GU format of having US come up with it for them, again that appealed to the old schoolers and brought even more traffic in. We made it clear that we wont get involved unless you try to change the overall storyline of the sim, or blatently try to take it over
[18:43] Keith Ringgold: once they couldn't... only THEN do we step in
[18:43] Kishoshima Dragonash: aye
[18:44] MistressBrazen Bondar nods, likes the idea of freedom
[18:44] Jade Ushimawa: I learned a long time ago that giving people a script to run by is never any fun, rather then having things happen spontaniously in a anything could happen at anytime type enviroment..
[18:44] Allen Kerensky: would like to hear how you balance a sim-storyline there
[18:44] Kishoshima Dragonash: This is why we made the storytellers part of the administrative group.. it gives them the freedom to help mold the stories on the sim... or even walk up and add an envitornmental emote to spark RP when ppl are just standing around
[18:45] Allen Kerensky: mostly curious where you are drawing the lines
[18:45] Kishoshima Dragonash: Nar's an easy case
[18:45] Keith Ringgold: Btw... Jade here.. is Nar's storyteller... or RP Facilitator...
[18:45] Kishoshima Dragonash: Its always traditionally been run by the Hutts with a puppet government that the outside world sees
[18:46] Kishoshima Dragonash: as long as someone doesnt walk in and say "All the hutts work for me, Nar is now under MY rule" we let them do whatever
[18:46] Allen Kerensky: like the old "No Paul Atreides" rule in Dune Project
[18:46] Kishoshima Dragonash: kind of, yes
[18:46] Jade Ushimawa: The Hutts rule, they have their hands in all the crime on the smugglers moon.. currently there is politcal strife between Nar Shaddaas crime and the government from Coruscant... which may lead to war later on..
[18:46] Kishoshima Dragonash: no Muadib
[18:46] Allen Kerensky: who gets to play Hutts?
[18:47] Kishoshima Dragonash: anyone that can pull it off and clears it with Jade
[18:47] Allen Kerensky: okay so you do have a sim veto on that sort of thing
[18:47] Kishoshima Dragonash: yes
[18:47] Allen Kerensky: like the old Dune Project story team
[18:47] Keith Ringgold: We currently have Two Hutts on sim.. and two more that are NPCs
[18:47] Allen Kerensky: makes sense to me then
[18:47] Allen Kerensky: thanks
[18:47] Kishoshima Dragonash: yw
[18:47] Thaiis Thei: How is your sim financed?
[18:48] Kishoshima Dragonash pulls Keith's wallet out of his back pocket
[18:48] Keith Ringgold: well.. you know.. if you make it.. they will come... and rent
[18:48] Keith Ringgold: lol
[18:48] Allen Kerensky: Keith - permission to steal your defender's choice rule?
[18:48] Thaiis Thei: but does rent really cover costs?
[18:48] Keith Ringgold: Please do.. its not really mine... lol
[18:49] Keith Ringgold: well.. with an empty sim... no
[18:49] Fleche Xeno: do you have your own currency, on top of your rental model?
[18:49] Kishoshima Dragonash: as in RP currency?
[18:49] Fleche Xeno: yes
[18:49] Kishoshima Dragonash: no
[18:49] Jade Ushimawa: Not right now
[18:49] Keith Ringgold: but currently I have 66 rental boxes (hipporentals) spread throughout the sim
[18:50] Thaiis Thei: what percentage of your costs do they cover?
[18:50] Kishoshima Dragonash: that was tried in the GU and it failed because it was abused.. Ive looked over the numbers and the only way RP currency would work.. at least for us, is if we designed it ourselves and made our own system for it
[18:50] Keith Ringgold: theses all vary in price.. but nearly all have a 4 to 1 ratio Lindens to Prims per week
[18:50] Thaiis Thei: why not use Lindens?
[18:50] Allen Kerensky: yeah RP currency can be tricky, speaking from experience with HTCS
[18:50] Allen Kerensky: can't gamble with Lindens =D
[18:51] Jade Ushimawa: I'd like to say that I think RP currancy is a mistake in my opinion... for the reason it can be abused on clique type basis
[18:51] Allen Kerensky: can gamble with spacebux
[18:51] Fleche Xeno: when I advise spliter rock, I had said their currency ssystem should incude a awy to earn them
[18:51] Fleche Xeno: by harvesting spices from within the sim
[18:51] Fleche Xeno: which would be a dynamic that peopel can understand
[18:51] Fleche Xeno: and enhance the gameplay
[18:51] Allen Kerensky: Vooper never included that from what I can tell
[18:51] Kishoshima Dragonash: there's that, an the fact that it's real money you're playing with when it comes to lindens and would give ppl with a high amount of burnable cash an unfari advantage
[18:51] Fleche Xeno: due to its centrality in story
[18:51] Fleche Xeno: no, vooper never did.
[18:51] Allen Kerensky: Baroun and I did build that into HTCS but its not formally adopted there
[18:52] Fleche Xeno: but it was a way to mak curenty part ofthe PR dynamic
[18:52] Allen Kerensky: sorry don't want to hijack convo, please continue Keith
[18:52] Keith Ringgold: RP currency is a tricky thing... its currently being tried again on Coruscant... but I personally have big doubts... its also been tried at with FCRS
[18:52] Cursa Charisma: ((excuse me for a moment, I'll be back))
[18:53] MistressBrazen Bondar: ((k hb))
[18:53] Kishoshima Dragonash: the biggest problem is abuse
[18:53] Kishoshima Dragonash: you have to keep in mind that 90% of the ppl that RP these days are of the WoW generation
[18:53] Kishoshima Dragonash: win win win win win
[18:53] Kishoshima Dragonash: me me me me me
[18:53] Keith Ringgold: my biggest experience here is... too much structure drives people away.. not enough... they run amok
[18:53] Fleche Xeno: how do you keep everyone informed about the overall mnarrative of the sim?
[18:53] Fleche Xeno: notecard?
[18:53] Fleche Xeno: like progress?
[18:53] Kishoshima Dragonash: we have an RP group that we send notices through
[18:53] Fleche Xeno: ah okay
[18:54] Jade Ushimawa: Mostly through notices through all the RP groups
[18:54] Kishoshima Dragonash: it's open invite and we kill the chat and notice abilities so that it's not abused
[18:54] Fleche Xeno: I have some experince with MCM
[18:54] Fleche Xeno: that Id be glad to share
[18:54] Keith Ringgold: We have a land group.. and an RP group for non land renters
[18:54] Joan Vhargon: I question those demographics. Think SL is drawing an older audience.
[18:54] Jade Ushimawa: When ever there is a news report... or something.. we typically use a NPC news network to spread news
[18:54] Allen Kerensky: NPC news network?
[18:54] Kishoshima Dragonash: it is now, but back 18 mos ago, that was the case with us
[18:54] Jade Ushimawa: As if its a reporter giving you the information
[18:54] Jade Ushimawa: As if on scene
[18:54] Kishoshima Dragonash: button mashers and clickers vs RPers
[18:54] Fleche Xeno: I thnk LL's demogrpahic report's really off.
[18:55] Reiko Soyinka: What is the demographic report's take?
[18:55] Jade Ushimawa: Like I typically use Mike Whitely from Weasle news to spread information.. the same from GTA 4 lol
[18:55] Keith Ringgold: we are also lucky enough to have some of us belong to SWRP Unity which allows us to Notice to a wider group of RPer that may not belong to either of our own groups
[18:55] Kishoshima Dragonash: Last I looked, and I could be wrong, their demos suggested an age group of 18 to 30 as their primaries
[18:56] Kishoshima Dragonash: personally, I run into more ppl 35+
[18:56] Joan Vhargon: So do I.
[18:56] Fleche Xeno: the demograhic wont' really be helpful
[18:56] Fleche Xeno: the key is finding yoru genre group
[18:56] Kishoshima Dragonash: right
[18:56] Kishoshima Dragonash: and watch the players
[18:56] Fleche Xeno: one reaosn why dune's a bit hard
[18:56] MistressBrazen Bondar: agree with Fleche
[18:56] Kishoshima Dragonash: learn who they are, learn their habits
[18:56] Fleche Xeno: b/c there arent' that many quality duen stuff out
[18:56] Fleche Xeno: where at starwar's still pumping life into the franchise
[18:56] Kishoshima Dragonash: I miss Dune
[18:57] Allen Kerensky: the DUNE lawyers actively killed any DUNE participation by fans
[18:57] Joan Vhargon: So do I
[18:57] Kishoshima Dragonash: I have been a frank herbert fan since I was 5, I fell in love with the book and the movie
[18:57] Fleche Xeno: yes, allen, I rmember reading that
[18:57] Kishoshima Dragonash: the original movie from the 80s with Patric stuart
[18:57] Fleche Xeno: kisho, but that's the problem
[18:57] Allen Kerensky: so, go team Star Wars - Tattooine goodness
[18:57] Keith Ringgold: RP management.. is kinda like... fishing... you KNOW they are out there... but where.. and how do you catch them...
[18:57] Fleche Xeno: the newer generaiton wont have contact with dune
[18:57] Kishoshima Dragonash: aye
[18:57] Fleche Xeno: so demogrpahic wont help
[18:57] Kishoshima Dragonash: Demos are skewed anyway
[18:57] Allen Kerensky: we all know Sarlaac is Lucasspeek for Sandworm
[18:58] Kishoshima Dragonash: lol
[18:58] Fleche Xeno: for dune, yo almost wnat to have a bok club
[18:58] Keith Ringgold: I worry less about the Demos.. and more about the environment...
[18:58] Fleche Xeno: before you have the rp sim. :)
[18:58] Joan Vhargon: But the same is true with SW. When did the last movie come out?
[18:58] Jade Ushimawa: The tough part of Star Wars is the extended universe...
[18:58] Fleche Xeno: but Sw has the animated series
[18:58] Kishoshima Dragonash: 06 I think
[18:58] Fleche Xeno: and books
[18:58] Allen Kerensky: nod Keith you said you made specific RP areas - can you expand that?
[18:58] Fleche Xeno: and video game.
[18:58] Jade Ushimawa: How many people can tell me who Revan was?
[18:58] Kishoshima Dragonash: true, but those arent considered cannon
[18:58] Allen Kerensky: how did you decide what RP areas to create and how did you set them up?
[18:58] Keith Ringgold: you make it worth their while.. and they WILL come
[18:58] Jade Ushimawa: Compared to how many can tell me who Vadar was?
[18:59] Joan Vhargon: Its the stories, the worlds and the characters that really count. Not when the last movie came out.
[18:59] Jade Ushimawa: So you got to find a line between the fanatics who know the entire universe.. vs. the people only have sen movies
[18:59] Jade Ushimawa: seen the movies
[18:59] Keith Ringgold: One big thing SWRP has done forever is stay away from too much Canon... it restricts the RPer...
[19:00] Kishoshima Dragonash: The sim, as far as RP areas go.. was basically designed around the Nar Shadda from KOTOR II
[19:00] Allen Kerensky: not everyone can be Luke Skywalker - tell your own story and move on
[19:00] Kishoshima Dragonash: with a few nuances here and ther eto make it our own
[19:00] Reiko Soyinka: Well, there is the other extreme, too.
[19:00] Kishoshima Dragonash: wb
[19:00] Jade Ushimawa: Yes.. we cant allow people to develop a new all powerful force power thats their... 'win button'
[19:00] Cursa Charisma: ((tks))
[19:00] Keith Ringgold: the movies and books gives RPers a great feel for what they can expect to see.. but not what they can expect to do
[19:01] Joan Vhargon: Exactly
[19:01] Reiko Soyinka: Over in Al Raqis, we have 40K and Halo players who want to play canon...
[19:01] Keith Ringgold: and THAT is where the line has to be drawn...
[19:01] Reiko Soyinka: And in Nubia, we have Goreans who want to play....
[19:02] Keith Ringgold: otherwise we have 1000 boba fetts out there
[19:02] Allen Kerensky: the ever popular Sith Mandalorians
[19:03] Allen Kerensky: strangely... we mostly got lost Stormtroopers in SR
[19:03] Keith Ringgold: also.. one more thing
[19:03] Jade Ushimawa: Dont get me started on Mandalorians with force powers -.- lol
[19:03] Reiko Soyinka: Yeah, some bright grad student should write a paper on why Mandalorians are more popular than Darth Whosits.
[19:03] Kishoshima Dragonash: lol
[19:03] Allen Kerensky: its the machismo of the armor. done.
[19:03] Kishoshima Dragonash: Mandos are usually more popular with the wanna be rebels bad asses and the clickity clickers
[19:04] MistressBrazen Bondar: lol
[19:04] MistressBrazen Bondar: but hey we needed that suit during the plague
[19:04] Keith Ringgold: Nar Shaddaa... is VERY fortunate in having an open-ended history... its sorta timeless.. which was another reason why timelines for Nar was a waste
[19:04] Allen Kerensky: min maxers of the Empire
[19:04] Kishoshima Dragonash: they see Boba fett act all tuff and they wanna emulate that, what they DONT get is the fact that he's a lot deeper than the attitude
[19:04] Reiko Soyinka: Ok, back to the idea of RP areas...
[19:05] Kishoshima Dragonash nods
[19:05] Reiko Soyinka: What were the basics for those areas?
[19:05] Kishoshima Dragonash: four walls and a roof, really
[19:05] Kishoshima Dragonash: I know that sounds like a funny haha answer, but it's the truth
[19:05] Keith Ringgold: well.. we needed to emulate a city... decaded...
[19:06] Allen Kerensky: decadent?
[19:06] Keith Ringgold: the upper levels more shiny and rich.. and the lower you go... the more filth and crime...
[19:06] Allen Kerensky: or decayed?
[19:06] Keith Ringgold: lol... both
[19:07] Kishoshima Dragonash: I told him to fire his typing monkey but he doesnt listen
[19:07] Allen Kerensky: rented hands can be a pain
[19:07] Keith Ringgold: heheh
[19:07] Cursa Charisma: As opposed to a "happy ending", Allen?
[19:07] Allen Kerensky: have to threaten your ghost writer with crossing the streams
[19:07] Kishoshima Dragonash facepalms
[19:07] Kishoshima Dragonash: lol
[19:07] Kishoshima Dragonash: in all honesty...
[19:07] Keith Ringgold: Nar is a city riddled with crime... Controlled by crime..
[19:08] Allen Kerensky: i hope you are taking notes Reiko
[19:08] Kishoshima Dragonash: the number one key to our success, is our communication between the staff
[19:08] Allen Kerensky: nods to that
[19:08] Kishoshima Dragonash: no matter what happens, we TALK.. constantly
[19:08] Allen Kerensky: I've told several sim admins to always keep other admins informed
[19:08] Keith Ringgold: and yet usually neutral to the affairs of politics and jedi/sith...
[19:08] Kishoshima Dragonash: it cuts off alot of this crappy mommy daddy bs hopping from GM to GM, admin to Admin
[19:08] Allen Kerensky: clean up litter, ban people, whatever - let the rest know
[19:08] Kishoshima Dragonash: yep
[19:09] Kishoshima Dragonash: and dont be afraid to admit you screwed up
[19:09] Allen Kerensky: or just demonstrate it a lot to remind people, which is what I do
[19:09] Allen Kerensky: "sorry I returned the most important building in sim"
[19:09] Keith Ringgold: we want to keep that impression.. without leaving people a chance to RP there
[19:09] Kishoshima Dragonash: I returned half of Keith's sim a few weeks ago
[19:09] Keith Ringgold: hell... I returned ALL of it one time
[19:09] Kishoshima Dragonash: tried to get rid of a grief tool and ended up wiping 1/2 the buildings out
[19:10] Kishoshima Dragonash: you're the owner, you can do silly stuff like that lol
[19:10] Allen Kerensky: well, few people know the TRUE story of why Splintered Rock suddenly appeared out of the old Arrakeen sim...
[19:10] MistressBrazen Bondar: oh my
[19:10] Kishoshima Dragonash: lol
[19:10] Keith Ringgold: If I may... I would like to talk about one VERY VERY important issue
[19:10] Allen Kerensky: please
[19:10] Joan Vhargon: yes.. please
[19:10] Keith Ringgold: its the most important...
[19:10] Kishoshima Dragonash: no.. I told you I wont have your.. oh wait, nm
[19:10] Kishoshima Dragonash: :P
[19:11] Kishoshima Dragonash: <-- Im also his comedic releif
[19:11] Keith Ringgold: and its simply.. Trust and communication
[19:11] Allen Kerensky: is this where we get the darkside cookies that they keep lying about?
[19:11] Kishoshima Dragonash: yesh
[19:11] Allen Kerensky: ah, I assume you mean trust and comms with everyone?
[19:11] Kishoshima Dragonash nods
[19:11] Keith Ringgold: our staff what we built and continue to build.. is about those two things
[19:11] Kishoshima Dragonash: communcation and cooperation
[19:12] Allen Kerensky: trusting players not to ______?
[19:12] Allen Kerensky: trusting players to _______?
[19:12] Kishoshima Dragonash: basically, yes
[19:12] Kishoshima Dragonash: they get spammed with the rules as soon as they walk in
[19:12] Keith Ringgold: we have an Admin group.. we use it intensely
[19:12] Kishoshima Dragonash: there's a prim at the front door that says "You agree to follow the rules"
[19:12] Kishoshima Dragonash: if they dont, I deal with them
[19:13] Keith Ringgold: we HAVE to share issues among our admin group
[19:13] Keith Ringgold: everyone HAS to know whats going on...
[19:13] Kishoshima Dragonash: I try to be nice, I try to do my best to be hospitable, but Im not gonna spend two hours dealing with somoene that wants to be an ass... if I can settle it, I settle it, if not they get 24 hours to cool their heels
[19:13] Keith Ringgold: I think our traffic peaked around 18K+
[19:13] Kishoshima Dragonash: if they say "go ahead and ban me" I ban them
[19:14] Reiko Soyinka grins
[19:14] Allen Kerensky: well yeah, happy to oblige
[19:14] Allen Kerensky: get a few mute with every ban too
[19:14] Allen Kerensky: -few +free
[19:14] Kishoshima Dragonash: I dont mute them
[19:14] Allen Kerensky: me either
[19:14] Keith Ringgold: if we don't talk to one another.. we have nothing but chaos
[19:14] Allen Kerensky: I let them think I did
[19:14] Allen Kerensky: then laugh while they spew their worst thinking I am blind
[19:14] Kishoshima Dragonash: Im an investigator in RL... the one thing Ive learned is that if you just let ppl talk, they'll tell you everything you want to know and you never have to ask a question
[19:15] Kishoshima Dragonash: you find out who their alts are
[19:15] Allen Kerensky: that sounds like an interesting talk waiting to happen
[19:15] Kishoshima Dragonash: what theyve done in the past
[19:15] Kishoshima Dragonash: how important they think they are
[19:15] Kishoshima Dragonash: Ive turned over underage players to LL because they told me they were 16 or 17
[19:15] Cursa Charisma: Yes, Kishoshima, would you like to give a talk here on that - the application of offline investigative techniques to online rp admin?
[19:16] Kishoshima Dragonash: sure, Id be more than happy to share anything and everything I know
[19:16] Reiko Soyinka: That would be cool!
[19:16] Joan Vhargon: That would be a great talk
[19:16] Allen Kerensky: much like this one ... very interesting to see the anarchy of a star wars sim and how it was tamed for RP fun
[19:17] Kishoshima Dragonash: if you guys want an idea of how I operate, take a look at my pics under the Nar Shaddaa tabs
[19:17] Allen Kerensky: can see the sim lucked out in Keith being there, and Keith lucked out finding some dedicated support
[19:17] Kishoshima Dragonash: I lay out my MO right there for everyoen to see
[19:17] Kishoshima Dragonash: As far as that goes, I consider myself lucky
[19:17] MistressBrazen Bondar: so Kish get with Cursa and lets set a date for that
[19:17] Allen Kerensky: so it sounds like the old D&D adages about picking your GM carefully and finding good tables to play at actually can hold up in SL
[19:18] Jade Ushimawa: I need to head out... thanks for having me here everyone =)
[19:18] Kishoshima Dragonash: night Jade
[19:18] MistressBrazen Bondar: thanks Jade
[19:18] Keith Ringgold: Staff, environment, freedom with limits... bottomline.. THATs how Nar is surviving..
[19:18] MistressBrazen Bondar: well thats a great note to end on Keith
[19:18] Cursa Charisma: Excellent!
[19:18] MistressBrazen Bondar: Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us
[19:18] MistressBrazen Bondar applauds
[19:18] Cursa Charisma: Woo-hoo!
[19:19] Thaiis Thei: thanks
[19:19] Cursa Charisma applauds
[19:19] Keith Ringgold: Thank you all for having us!!
[19:19] Kishoshima Dragonash: Thank you, all of you for inviting us here tonight
[19:19] Joan Vhargon: Thanks Keith
[19:19] Kishoshima Dragonash: if any of you need anything or have any questions, PLEASE feel free to IM me
[19:19] MistressBrazen Bondar: it was great and I hope you will come back for other Nexus talks
[19:20] Kishoshima Dragonash: I look forward to it
[19:20] Thaiis Thei: I must away
[19:20] MistressBrazen Bondar: we'll have a tanscript soon and everyone on the roup will receive it
[19:20] Cursa Charisma nods
[19:20] MistressBrazen Bondar: bye Thaiis ..good seeing you again
[19:20] Thaiis Thei: lovely to see you all
[19:20] Cursa Charisma: The transcript will be available here and online once it's prepared
[19:21] Joan Vhargon: Cursa. may I make a shameless sales pitch?
[19:21] MistressBrazen Bondar: that was reat Keith and Kish thanks
[19:21] Cursa Charisma: Go right ahead, we're all done and wide open
[19:21] Kishoshima Dragonash: Thanks for inviting us MB
[19:21] Fleche Xeno: and depending on Joan, I might be more shameless ;)
[19:22] Joan Vhargon: I fund the Al Raqis and Wadi Emet sims by renting out land. I have a 1/4 homestead for rent. If anyone is looking for a 1/4 of a private estate please send them to me.
[19:22] MistressBrazen Bondar: lol
[19:23] Kishoshima Dragonash gave you OOC - Nar Shadda Observer Tag.
[19:23] Fleche Xeno: I was invovled with MCM for a while, and did thieir community build with yotube video. most peopel find it an intersting way to make sure people are kept up to date
[19:23] Fleche Xeno: thats a sample
[19:23] Fleche Xeno: be gald to talk to anyone interested ina service
[19:23] Fleche Xeno: or a consutation ;)
[19:23] Kishoshima Dragonash: with those, you guys can walk around the sim and check it out to your heart's content
[19:23] Fleche Xeno ends shameless self-promotion
[19:23] Kishoshima Dragonash: Ive also got a set of the rules if youd like to read over them, feel free to pull whatever you like or need from it
[19:24] Kishoshima Dragonash: we borrowed from the GU, LME, anything and everything we could find to help us
[19:24] Cursa Charisma nods

(transcript ends)

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